Friday, November 6, 2009

**Weighing in on Exercise

Another great Ghost Blog! This ghost has filled us in on the why's and why not's to exercise. "Weigh in" by giving them your thoughts on this post! -Nomz and Sazaran

Exercise…it’s a love/hate relationship!

This blog is about exercise (that nasty 8 letter word)…
I must start off by saying that I HATE TO EXERCISE. I HATE it with a passion. Some days I just want to *PUNCH* exercise square in the face!
I’m a 5-day/week exerciser…some early mornings and sometimes after work. I am consistent with my routine and never miss a day, ever. Most of my friends might think I have a ton of energy, ‘love’ to work out and some may think of me as their idol or inspiration. I am NONE of that. I H-A-T-E to exercise!!!
I exercise ONLY because, at my age (mid 40’s), I need to, consistently and for the ‘health of it’…
• I want a strong heart
• I want to live longer (God willing)
• I don’t want to wait until a doctor tells me I must lose weight
• I don’t want to be reliant on medicine for my heart or cholesterol
• I want to be strong to avoid everyday lifting/moving injuries
• I want to gain muscle mass, to offset bone loss
• I want to avoid unnecessary medical bills/costs
• Exercise clears the mind and helps me avoid depression
I hate exercise because:
• It tries to control my life
• Gets violent with me and abuses my body
• Make me sweat hard and get really stinky
• Keeps me from sleeping in or relaxing after a long day at work
• Controls my eating decisions
• Make me constantly sore and aching
• Makes me cry or curse sometimes
• Some days, I feel like I’m pushed so hard, I might die, literally
But, exercise does…..
• Allow me to splurge on my bad eating habits from time to time…yay!
• Makes me take a 2nd look in that mirror…rawrrr!
• Allows me to buy new clothes that fit!
• Makes me all around….a very happy person!

It has taken me many, many years of ups and down in weight, attitude, and self acceptance…to get my mind in control enough to be wrapped around that 8 letter word called ‘exercise’ (that I despise so very much!).
I STILL wake to my alarm at 5am and spend 30 seconds arguing out loud with myself (coming up with every excuse why I should stay in bed…i.e. ‘I’m tired’, ‘I can make it up another day’, ‘It won’t make a difference’, ‘There is a foot of fresh snow out there’, blah, blah…and I NEVER, EVER win. I always get out of bed and head to the gym.
Exercise will NEVER be easy.
You will NEVER love exercise.
DO IT…for your health…and start NOW!


**Ghost Blogger


Anonymous said...

Oh man. Damn you ghost writer. That was just what I needed to get motivated again... Shiz. Looks like I better dust off my gym shoes.
Thanks. Thanks alot! :)

Junbzee said...

Yessssss, it does suck! I am happy to say I did start to work out again last night. I hate doing it but love that it can clear my mind and let me rest at night. Thanks for the motivation!

Lover of your BLOG! said...

Good to know that not everyone likes exercising...because I sure don't! But I do it anyway....grrrr! Great blog Ghost writer!

Sazaran said...

I may be TOTALLY wrong here... but, since I hate exersizing as much as Ghost Blogger, I would try to balance out that hate with a little love. For example- exersize definitely wouldn't control my diet. I'd say, "You know what exersize? Since I give you your time, everyday, I'm giving this hamburger, milkshake, french fries and big bar of chocolate their time. Ain't nothing you can do about it either."

Yep, that's what I'd say.

Nomz said...

I totally did that the other day.

*I worked my ass off today, I get pizza* And I did.

Sazaran said...

P.S. Excuse the horrible spelling. It's an off day for me. Apparently.

Lover of your BLOG! said...

Hey Ladies (or whomever)...that is what I do!!! I exercise so I can eat what I want. I don't feel bad drinking that wine, eating those cookies, blah, blah...because damn it...I worked out and I worked out HARD! Go girls! Do it for our happiness!

Juliette Rule said...

I don't know that it's natural to like exercise. Especially for westerners, who have access to incredible healing outside. But I do agree with ghost blogger that exercise makes me feel a little more human and a little less monster. As evidenced by my steady paycheck:)

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