Thursday, November 5, 2009


A challenge for all you texture freaks out there (I belong to that group, FYI): Boba Tea. No really, it's one of those things that you will either hate or love. Me? I hated it for a few years; now, I love it. For my birthday, I would like a Boba maker. If they have those. You'll be my best.friend.ever. if you get me one.

So, what is this Boba, you ask?

Wiki says, "Boba tea, also called Bubble tea or simply Boba, is a tea beverage containing tapioca balls. It originated in Taiwan in the 1980s..." It's also called Pearl Milk Tea (which totally sounds like a mermaid drink, right?!). It comes any way: iced, blended or hot- I recommend blended- you can get it in a myriad of flavors: lavendar, green tea, honeydew, watermelon, strawberry, coffee, mocha, almond. You name it; they probably have it.

So, the texture issue: this large tapioca ball is gelatin and slimy (I do not use the word lightly, here, people) on the outside and slightly hard/slightly sweet on the inside. At first, it encouraged my gag reflex beyond humorous. I felt as if I were sucking down balls of snot. Lovely, eh? Now, though, it seems I can't get enough. I love it. I could have it everyday. It makes the perfect summer treat... and now that winter is upon us, it might be in competition with the seasonal eggnog latte.

Most coffee shops are starting to offer this cup full of win and the price will run you anywhere from three to five dollars. Which is normalish, right? Compared to the cost of Starbucks, anyway (and their drinks aren't even that cool).

So, like I said before, this is a challenge (to my dear co-blogger, NOMZ, especially) try Boba Tea. And let me know what you think. :)


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

*eye twitch*

RemarkablyTypical said...

I always thought it was blueberries in the bottom! And blueberries sound like a much better idea to me, haha.
What are the health benefits of Boba? Is it just a fun, pretty drink?

Sazaran said...

Ewwwww I hate blueberries!

I'm pretty sure there are no health benefits whatsoever (unless you get it in green tea, I guess) but it does taste good and is a fun treat!

Andrea said...

I would have to agree that Boba tea is super fun! I first had it at a little tea place at the Flat Irons mall near Boulder and it was love at first...slurp?

Synergy Cafe (in Cheyenne) has it and I recommend the honeydew flavor. I know probably doesn't sound much more appealing than the big 'bubbles' at the bottom but is truly amazing and my second daughter was HOOKED on it when she was in the womb... that is my story anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly confident all it is is a fruit smoothie with the tapioca balls at the bottom. In which case, you can make yourself easy. All the restaurants and cafes use just a regular blender and add the tapioca beads to it. They are heavy so they just go to the bottom.

theres loads of recipes online. Save yourself a few bucks and make it yourself with a blender :)

Lover of your BLOG! said...

Ummmmm....looks and sounds healthy to me! I don't care what's in it or the texture. I'll try it and let ya know what I think!

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