Tuesday, November 10, 2009

♫ Tuesday's Agenda

I didn't blog today. And I felt sooooooooooo guilty, I thought I'd write you a quick one.

Things I both did, and will do, before this day is over.


Work. Hard, actually. I come in contact with approximately 7,000 people a day at my job. It's true. Of course by "in contact", I mean virtually, on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Today, was especially nuts because we have something up our sleeves for Black Friday...and it's going to be awesome. I might tell you about it tomorrow.

Went for a walk with Julie. For some reason, Wyoming changed its mind about giving us NO Autumn at all, and has given us literally days in a row of it. It was 63 degrees today, and perfect get off your flat cube ass and walk weather.

Drove 88 miles, exactly, to see Brandon. To really awesome music, that I didnt even know I owned.

Played Rock, Paper, Scissors with Brandon over Subway.

Sat on his couch watching...something...whilst writing you a blog, waiting for our favorite couple to arrive to go laugh with.

Things I'm going to do tonight:


Here is a preview:

And....cuddling with these two is also high on the agenda:

Oh! I just remembered, I'm watching Dirty Jobs. That guy is my hero. I love his show. I pretty much have a crush, and do not envy him a bit. He just showed me, and anybody else who cares to watch his show, his thumb nail. That is no longer there. Gross.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Busy days are always good for a person! Keeps a person from getting bored and thinking about other stupid stuff! Enjoy the Comedy show tonight...never been to one, but that guy looks hilarious!

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