Monday, November 30, 2009

♫ Look! Karma gave me White Santa & Carhartt!

What would a Monday be without a Random Monday blog??

~Since I’m posting two blogs today, and Sarah and I worked our little blogging tush’s off this month, we’re setting a record in November for the number of blog posts. Are we driving you crazy yet???

~Finds it pretty awesome that the girls closest to me right now? Have pretty awesome guys…be them new or old…I am surrounded by good people, that have good things happening to them. *wishes she could say more*

~I believe more and more in Karma. What goes around, comes around. You don’t do things for people to get something in return, and if you do it with a pure heart and with good intentions, life will pay you back for it-I know it.

~I LOVE payday. Look what I got today! (birfday money is awesome) It’s so soft it practically purrrrrrs when you cuddle with it, plus it makes me wanna dress like a cozy country girl all winter. Anybody got a cabin I can borrow?

~I am a firm believer that whoever came up with “White Santa” parties, had a seriously awesome sense of humor. I hope I meet that person in Heaven.

~No matter how angry I am at somebody, when I know they’re out driving, or out drinking, or pretty much anywhere but near me…I still worry. Maybe it’s a mom thing. I lose sleep over you people.

~I have a secret, and it’s DYING TO GET OUT.

~We got our first “couples gift” this weekend. Somebody is giving “us” a TV. Actually it’s his rockstar of a grandma. And the TV is huge. And pretty. And plasma. And I totally get to control it Friday thru Sunday, unless football is on: we agreed.

~Nobody has cute sneezes. Nobody. Not even babies. Or kids. Or puppies. It’s gross. I don’t know what God was thinking when he decided to make that mechanism, but it makes my OCD twitch. It’s the only itch in the whole body that you can’t scratch without blowing spit all over the place. Why?!?!?

~What would random Monday be without a song?

Listen Carefully, single parents.

~And a quote, duh!

There are two types of people in this world: those that sit back and let it happen and those that reach out and make it happen

And a picture of the week:

My Leyna-Bug, on Aunt Linda’s porch, in her parade get-up.

Yours Truly,


Bri said...

The whole karma thing? And the being angry at someone but still worrying like a mother hen? Yeah, thats me...
I love Random Mondays <3

Meg said...

So, I must start by saying we have yet another thing in common. I am a simple country girl at heart too. I love Carhartt and the boots your little girl is wearing are the John Deere boots I coveted for my boys' first rodeo back in October (in green, not pink of course)
My parents have a few hundred acres of land with a little cabin smack in the middle of it. It is my favorite place in the world.
Your new shirt makes me want to go hiking at the cabin and then curl up with a cup of hot chocolate- despite the fact that chocolate makes me want to vomit right now. stupid morning sickness- and read a good book.
Your girl is adorable. If this next baby is a boy. Promise me you will put your daughter in pigtails for me and send me a pic. I love little girls in pigtails :)

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