Monday, November 9, 2009

♫ Random Monday: Breathe

I need to breathe. I am blogging, because the day has reached a climax, and I either need to walk or blog. Lucky you, I chose door number two.

We are going to call this the beginning of Random Mondays. From here, going forward, I am going to word vomit all over this blog on Mondays. A whole bunch of random. Sometimes you’ll understand, sometimes you wont. If you don’t like it, tune out on Mondays, I promise to love your eyes anyway.

~If you have a Twitter account, you know that Mondays are #MusicMondays. Today, I bring you the calmest song I’ve ever heard Pearl Jam sing. We’ll call it soothing and oh, so fitting. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

~New reason to get a Twitter account: You can help end hunger. Every time you post this tweet: “RT @MaltOMealCereal: We'll donate 10 bowls of cereal 2 people in need 4 each person to RT this message. #stophunger”, obviously, cereal gets donated to two people…10 bowls of it. Something that takes seconds, feeds two people!

~Confession: I love him. It’s been 10 months, almost, and I can say that with no ill regard or regret. I’m not telling you how long it’ll last, or where it’s going. I just know that he accepts me for everything I bring in. He is a superhero on a regular basis for swooping in on my emotional meltdowns. And he doesn’t just accept my girls, he wants to love this package deal. He…is rare.

~I have two blogs, and two journals. Blog number two is a secret, and unless a magical google search takes you there, you wont find it. My journals consist of quotes, vents, memories, goals, and prayers. I pray in a journal every single night. And I’m watching them come true.

~My girls have new pink carseats. Part of the superhero trick, he put aside his pride, and pushed said pink carseats around for me, just to make me smile. The new carseats come from miss Cindy, due to a minor incident…and they have cupholders. And lights. And big girl seats. And a button, it seems, that triggers hyper giggles the whole time they sit in them. I will show you them online, but you must ride in my car for full affect: Pink Magic Carseats! thank you miss cindy!

~My mom rocks. There are days that are really hard. For her, I mean. And as much as they drive me crazy or frustrate me, there are times she pushes her struggles aside for us. Example: despite hating crowds and loud rooms…she let us celebrate our birthdays at the loudest place in town. With 20 other people. And two toddlers IN HER SALAD all of dinner. That day? For her? Was a success.

~I love quotes. Quote of the day: "Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world." It’s true.

~I was contacted on Facebook a few weeks ago by a girl I haven’t talked to since elementary school. I haven’t talked to her since literally, fifth grade. The best part? We are right back to where we were 15 years ago. WAVES! HI CODI! I love Facebook

~It’s been brought to my attention that I have no life, because it seems I’m on Facebook an awful lot. Let me point out that if you’ve noticed that, you’ve been on Facebook a lot too. Let me also point out, that it’s actually my job. Really. My job, is to be a Facebook professional. So there

~I am surrounded by really pretty, great girls…who have crappy men in their life. Notice, that was plural, because there is more than one, I promise. And it takes everything in me to just support and love them, instead of kicking them all in the balls. You know who you are.

~My diet started Thursday. And with the exception of a few French fries last night at dinner, I’m winning. Thanks Julie, Cindy, and Linda for being the best support system, eva!

~I keep hearing about this marvelous thing called a “Neti Pot”. Somebody tell me they use it, and also that it’s safe for kids. I am this close to going out and getting one.

~My birthday is in 7 days. And I don’t want to talk about it. I hate birthdays. I don’t like feeling like a big deal. Plus, sadly, if you divide my 20's in half, I’m over halfway to 30. That scares me. You know, because that’s half way to almost 60.

~I am trying to exercise truth in moderation, and I am trying to figure out why.

~Everybody around me is having babies all of a sudden. I hope it’s not contagious. But I cant help but feel mildly envious. I don’t want anymore babies…but I really, really miss holding them. Is it creepy to walk up to every person with a newborn and say ”Can I hold your baby PLEEZE?!”?? I mean come on, it’s not creepy to touch their belly’s when they’re prego…what’s the difference anyway?

~I’m searching for a way to afford, and find, a great gymnastics or dance program for my little girls in our little Wyoming town. We bounced and pranced at a fabulous gymnastics birthday party this weekend, and the girls really need something like that in their life, officially. fingers crossed

~Is it just me, or is football much, much, much more exciting this year??? Maybe I’ve just been out of it the last 25 years. That’s very possible.

Well, it’s near quitting time. Which means I get to get my girlies, and go home, and roll around on the floor with their assistance (aka: Pilates). Wish me luck!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

No blogging at work, NAOMI! ;-)

Candy said...

I absolutely love the idea of random Monday! Simply because it seems this is when I too get life back in order and try to dispel all the random thoughts, projects, etc to get back into a groove. This Monday is especially true as it's been a long week since Wednesday!

PD said...

I'm trying to diet, too! Also, I just gotta say, touched preggo bellies is TOO creepy! If someone pulled that shit on my (hypothetical, of course) pregnant belly, I'd sissor kick them in the neck. Not cool :)

Lover of your BLOG! said...

What a totally AWESOME random, rambling Monday Blog Nomz! I officially deem this blog...YOUR BEST SO FAR!!!! Wow get better with age, time, love, happiness and that 'package deal'! You are one very lucky gal and I'm bursting with proudness for you and about you! Keep it up girl and hang in are so AMAZING!

Codi said...

I feel so honored that I made your blog! I love being back in touch with you! As sad as I am that we missed so much time together (and never knew how close you were), I am thrilled to have you again!

Anonymous said...

I tweeted! :)

Juliette Rule said...

Finally! An in on the Neti Pot. A discussion about nasal goop I didn't start. Love the Neti Pot. Life changing, as in, I'm no longer chained to allergy meds AND I get to pretend I'm a professional opera singer every time I use it. (Singers use them to ensure they have a crystal clear voice.)

I just use regular salt in mine -- no need to fall for the whole "packet of special" salt that's sold separately from Neti Pot. I probably should use non-iodized or whatever. I use what I've got to rid myself of the snot.

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