Wednesday, November 18, 2009

♥Smooth Away Review

You know that informercial about the little buffing pad which is supposed to remove unwanted hair painlessly and easily? Yes, I tried it. I did not spend money on it, mind you, I used a friend's. Anyway, I thought I'd provide a little review on the item as I know a lot of my girlfriend always ask, "I wonder if that really works?"

The answer (drum roll, please) is: yes, it does.


I would never pay money for it. Here's the deal. You have to sit there and rub and rub and rub and rub and... you get the idea. In the amount of time that it took to rid one leg of hair (and not even that well) I could have shaved my entire body. SRSLY. Apparently, it's supposed to last longer than shaving. But, I doubt it. After about ten minutes of circular, upward motions I could still feel that stubble feeling. I'd put my money on one of those razors with five blades or waxing.

So, there ya go. If anyone has tried it and got different results, please share! I'd love to know if there is a little trick out there...




Anonymous said...

Nope never tried it. At my age...I do the permanent route...electrolysis. Hurts like hell, but so worth it to never, ever have to shave again....*down there*!

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