Wednesday, November 18, 2009

♫ Color Inside the Lines...Then Out.

"Coloring inside the lines may get you accepted. Coloring outside the lines may get you noticed. Coloring around them may help you actually get things done." I wish I could make this whole quote my blog title.

I don’t think we should teach our kids to color inside of the lines. In fact, I hate that it’s a developmental check point. I feel that there is a strong connection to coloring inside the lines being a requirement, and our lack of present-time Picasso’s.

I think we restrict our children by telling them when and where and what color things are supposed to be. Of course, because it is a requirement, I congratulate mine when they get it right.

Life is kind of the same way, when you think about it. We’re told there are certain things that you must achieve to survive, and thrive, in a civil manner. You live with your parents. You become a teenager. You get an email address and a Facebook account. You learn to kiss. You get a cell phone {times have seriously changed in the last ten years or so}. You learn to drive a car. You get a job. You graduate. You move out. You go to school some more. You kiss some more. You graduate again. You get a better job. You get a better car. You drive better. You work hard. You get paid more. You marry. You kiss less. You have kids. You kiss rarely. You retire. You buy a bigger house. Your kids follow your footsteps. You get grandkids. You get a better car. You drive worse.

Those that color outside the lines of life, are looked down on. Judged. Criticized.

Those that don’t graduate, have kids too soon, get divorced, can’t drive (I will always judge you), don’t get married, go to school for too long, don’t have Facebook, never have kids, have too many kids…are talked about. The thing is, those that color inside the lines ONLY, either lead very dull in-home lives, or don’t exist. I don’t see them out on the streets, or know any. And I know a lot of people. I also know a lot of people that are really good at pretending to be normal. Not impressed.

“I would rather be a messed up person, fixed, than a regret-less person wondering how “messed up” would feel.”

They say that your 20’s are your hardest years. I’d believe it. Not because life is generally harder than anybody else’s, but because of the confusion of where the lines are to color inside of, and so many opinions trying to help you figure just that out. My opinion? Very few people liked Picasso, and the dude is still famous. Worry less about what everybody else around you thinks, says, and does, and just be you. The less-stupid-driver-you. Teach your kids, or lack thereof, or excessive amounts, of kids…that it’s ok to color outside the lines, as long as you’ve mastered coloring inside the lines first. The basics. You know…learn how to operate a basic cell phone, and car…and finish at least one volume of school, then use your imagination.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE today's blog! So much so that I think I'll rate today's writing as your best yet Nomz!!

This blog makes me think of relationships or marriages in particular. And I could go on and on as to what I mean...but I won't. Re-read her blog if you don't understand what she is referring to...or what I'm referring to.

Great job Nomz!

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