Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♫ Random Monday: Happy Hippies and Trampolines

How is it Tuesday already?!

My apologies, for completely skipping Random Monday. Hopefully, you can deal with the randomness a day late. Try to keep up. ;)

~Some things aren’t as they seem. Neither are people. Appearances are just the icing…and sometimes, icing is very misleading to what’s underneath. Get the full story before you assume what you’re going to bite off is what you’re expecting.

~IT Help Desk folks are lifesavers. But, God bless them anyway, are royal pains in the behind a lot of the time. While I completely appreciate their courage in touching every computer in the building, their intense skillz, and their brain power…the attitude seems to be contagious, and something that every single business experiences. Maybe it’s the higher intelligence level? Also? Rebooting three times doesn’t fix anything, I promise.

~I am excited about this Christmas more than past Christmas’s. I’m not sure if it’s the new additions in my life (friends, family, guys, etc.), or the lack of crap in my life…but this one is gonna rock. Plus, my girls are old enough for the first time to really get in to it!

~I don’t understand Twilight. It was pointed out though, that I’m not allowed to cast judgments until it has been given a fair trial…so I’m starting the first book next week. I’m hoping to find the magic, but I’m not optimistic. It’s just too trendy for me.

~I’m realizing that bad attitudes are contagious. If we all understood the power we have inside, the world would be in a lot of trouble. And either hostile, or hippy. I’ve never seen a hostile hippy, honestly. Only happy ones.

~I went to my very first Denver Bronco’s game this week with a fabulous family friend couple (we’ll call them fffc). Such a blast of a time! It wasn’t my first NFL game though, and it made me really happy that I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan. *wink* I do know, now, what it feels like to be inside of a blue and orange pop can. It’s echo-y, and loud, and full of flavor!

~ I tried on a trampoline today. Actually, it was a shirt made out of trampoline. Note: if a shirt says: 62% rayon and 38% nylon, don’t buy it, unless you want to jump on it.

~ I met an Australian this week, from Australia, and he shook my fingers instead of my hand. It was like a curtsey built in to a hand shake. Is that normal? Anybody wanna go there with me and find out?

~I’ve been busy this week, working on Sierra Trading Post Black Friday. If you love me, or black Friday, or Sierra Trading Post, you’ll click here, and leave a comment: Free Black Friday

~I can’t figure out why people have such a complexity about getting old. Speaking of getting old, listen to this song, because no Random Monday or Tuesday is complete without a song, right?!

I Wanna Grow Old With You by Westlife

~Life puts you in awkward situations to test your integrity. In my opinion, anyway.

~Quote time! It’s time to forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, and laugh uncontrollably.

Yours Truly,

PS. Picture of the week (sorry Facebook friends, I know, you get to stare at it every day.)


Anonymous said...

Nice 'randomness'!

Me? I LOVE getting old! I've embraced it, am 'workin' it' and enjoying every minute of it!

Love the song and the picture! :)

Anna said...

LOVE your writing. :) I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Do not give in to the urge to love Twilight. You aren't weird for not loving it. It's for teenagers. We are adults. :.D

Anonymous said...

Charles Manson: hostile hippy

Reese said...

Oh bogus about the Twilight comment. Harry Potter? Leven Thumps? The Giver? Anything Shel Silverstein?

All great books. All in the "kid" section.

I read the Twilight series in a weekend, and it's great. It fills that void for women... the need to feel wanted.... love at first site... dangerous.. etc.

I understand that it's "popular". You can wait to read it until it dies down (I did that with the Davinci Code), just don't diss it until you've read it. :)

Sazaran said...

I think you'll like Twilight... just because you have great taste in books. :)

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Starting Twilight book number 1...just to give it a chance. :) Wish me luck! I liked Lord of the Rings and Leven Thumps...we'll see!

Thanks for everyone's comments!


Anonymous said...

To be clear, I didn't say that only children could enjoy the Twilight books. I said you shouldn't feel bad if you DON'T feel the need to enjoy them. Since you've given in, I hope you like them very much. :.)

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