Monday, November 2, 2009

♫ Chewing on Shoes, and Advice

Sometimes, I look back at the way I was raised, and say self, whether you like it or not, there were some things that your parents were right about.

There were lots of things they said over and over again. Depending on my age at that time, I probably disagreed with the majority of them. Thank God, I was born normal. I’ll probably touch on a lot of them on this blog…obviously, they (being my parents) made me who I am.

A few to touch on today:

Broccoli, regardless of its tree-like appearance, actually does taste good…and…sadly…they were right when they said it was good for you. The more research I do on broccoli, the more I find that it’s loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium, and Fiber. It’s like a prenatal vitamin, only green, and less horse-pill like. Moral? Eat your trees. Cover them in cheese if you need to, but eat your trees.

Tomatoes: Cause Cancer.

Sigh. Ok, so that’s my own theory. It’s the one food that my mom will eat that the rest of us cannot seem to fit in to our mouths. And as much as the research tells me that they actually prevent cancer, I am holding to my theory that tomatoes.cause.cancer. Seriously, they’re like…juicy seeds wrapped in red leather. I’m pretty sure chewing on a muddy red high heel will give you the same nutritional value, and even taste the same or better.

Don’t eat too much candy, it’ll make you sick.

I’m pretty sure this is one of those things that every child believes is a mind game that parents use to steal your candy after you’ve gone to bed. And, being the smart kids that we are, test the theory after we move on to college. Sadly, this myth is not for the candy thieves, it’s completely true. Eat enough of your favorite candy, and the sugar actually seems to throw a little surprise party in your stomach.

Let’s dive deeper.

My parents told me all the time not to get lost in somebody too fast, and that I have to be completely happy and in love with myself, before I’d ever really find love or happiness with somebody else. I’ve been boy crazy since I was, literally, four years old. First kiss was with a guy named Jason under a trampoline, and it’s been a boy-crazed ride ever since. Every time I brought, or didn’t bring, a new boy around, I got the same talk. Nomz, you’re losing site of yourself again…this isn’t going to work… I was fast to scream: MYTH! BUT, they were right. Again. This is a big one for me. This is one of the ones I wish I would have learned at a younger age.

It took me losing a few incredible people, getting my heart stomped on and broken, and breaking a few myself, before catching on to this concept. Every time I got hurt, I’d leap in to another set of arms. Ah hem, notice I said arms. Not bed. I never found comfort in sex, please don’t assume I’m a hooker. ;) Kissing on the other hand….

The point is… I was stubborn enough these last few years that it took me making myself completely miserable, to find me. I was down there, at the very bottom…and once I found myself, I dug out of that hole, and figured out exactly how to make myself happy-regardless of who was or was not in my life, that’s when I found happy. I am happier today, right here, right now, than I ever have been. As much as I am surrounded by amazing people, I know so much of it is me making me happy…and with God in the driver’s seat, this is going to be one heckova ride. Between you and me…boys aren’t everything. If you can’t look in the mirror and like yourself for you, a boy is just going to make your reflection blurry-it won’t disappear.

Until you find yourself…you’re never gonna find anybody, entirely.

Yours Truly,

Also: Eat your trees, chew on shoes, and go easy on the candy.


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Great blog Nomz! Soooooo very true and I've always been the same way you so vividly describe in your blog today. ...Loving the opposite sex at a very young age and then running into the arms of 'others' when I was done with 'that one'...

A great friend told me once to read the book 'Eat, Pray and Love' during a time in my life when I was stressed out with my husband. The book is amazing and taught me to love myself first and foremost. I'm finally at peace with myself and do everything for ME first. If for some reason, in the future, I'm ever alone...I know I will be 'OK' (by myself) and do a lot of praying...because God will be the only one I need at that point.

My favorite quote...'A Woman's Heart should be so lost in God, that a man should seek God, to find HER'...

Sista! said...

#1- holy cute shoes. where did you find them?
#2- I still wont eat my trees, i prefer my daily horse pill, thanks!
#3- tomatoes DO cause cancer
#4- true story, I am a happy girl now for sure, and a lot of that has to do with my year of recovery to finding myself again! now, i am having a heckova ride too that I LOVE

good blog, good blog :)

Sista! said...

OH. and I do mean it's the ride I "LOVE", don't take that one wrong :) haha, i wrote that wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think 'Sista' wants those shoes for her upcoming 21st birthday! (nice hint Danielle!)

Junbzee said...

Awesome blog Nomz! It's so very true that we seem to get away from ourselves in breeze when we get caught up with a guy. I was the same way. I never really knew who I was, always trying to fit into some else's pretty little mold of what I should or shouldn't be. I have to say in the last couple of years I'm just now started to realize who I am as a person. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to express my emotions as they are instead of covering them up with fluffy yellow roses.
P.S. I love my little trees and I eat them almost daily. :) I want those red shoes to match my red purse to! And I never knew that about tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

[blinks/crys] WOW!!!

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