Monday, November 16, 2009

♫Random Monday: Surprises!

It’s my birthday today. I’m 26. I’ll save you from asking.
As promised, it’s a Rambling Monday. Here goes.

~A sentence from my horoscope today: Because of the many blessings in our lives, it can be difficult to really identify with the pain and challenges that people less fortunate must face each day. The concern and kindness you feel toward those individuals can help you find the inner strength to sacrifice your time for and share your blessings with those who need it most. I love this. I actually thought about that today, when I saw a man walking to his car with a container of anti-freeze, I said a little prayer of thanks that it wasn’t me in that 13 degree weather, realizing that scraping 4 inches of snow and ice off my car this morning was pretty mild compared to things other people are going through.

~I am afraid of hitchhikers. Actually, every time I see them I just want to hug them and tell them it will be ok, but am so freaked out to get raped or murdered that I just keep driving. Something about seeing them on the side of the road makes me wish I had a boy, or a gun, in the backseat at all times so I could help them out and enjoy interesting conversation with a stranger. I’ve been warned though, it’s dangerous. However, if I ever see a female, you can bet she’s getting a ride. As long as she appears as though she’s been female since the beginning of time.

~Facebook seems to be a confusing tool for so many people. And because I find it easy to use, I get impatient. I’m working on it.

~I posted a quote on Facebook this week, and added to it. Here’s the thing in full: ...when life knocks you to your're in the perfect position to pray. When life knocks people down around me, strangely, I'm *still* in the perfect position to pray. Whether you’re attending church regularly or not, I really hope that you’ve found that prayer works. If nothing else, it’s nice that you can put faith in something that things will turn around for those that are making your heart heavy.

~People have caught on that I have a serious earring fetish, and it’s awesome.

~I’m not telling you everything that’s happened for my birthday, maybe tomorrow. Fact though? The people in my life rock

~Don’t try to reenact Balloon Boy with a dozen balloons. It doesn’t work. However…pictures DO.

~So many balloons happened in my cubical today, we could call it balloon day. It started with a friend and her guy, and continued through the day…

~The smell of lilies will never get old. EVER.

~Things at Victoria Secret, really are miraculous.

~My blackberry can survive on “low battery” for approximately 7 hours. What’s the point of the warning if you’re going to last that long, honestly? Impressed.

~I realize that there are times that you’ve done all you can do, and have to let things happen-train wreck or otherwise-all on their own. The problem for me, is figuring out how to let go and let it happen. I’m either too attached to people, or a control freak, but I really just want to keep playing conductor. Tips on how to get past that would be grand.

~What’s a Random Monday without music??? Listen to this please and if nothing else, notice her fantastic wardrobe:

Now picture my three and four year old singing it. They’re rockstars.

~Lunchboxes on the interstate are really random. Picnic? Rollover? Mad at your lunch? Mad at your wife that made your lunch and forgot you hated tomatoes? Either way, throwing your lunch box out the window is a little extreme, don’t you think?

~The book: Walking in Circles Before Laying Down is pretty darn good if you are a dog lover going through a mid-life crisis. Or just a dog lover.

~I have approximately 10 minutes before I’m due to stand in the Deee EmmmmM Veeeee line. weeeeeeeeeeee

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Great random Monday! Happy 26th Birthday girl! I think you should have a 'birthday week' and be spoiled all week long...hmmmm. Maybe I'll help you with that!

Danielle said...

I saw that same random lunch box ;) MAYBE he was mad at his wife for putting tomatoes on his sandwhich at the same time his CD player was playin their song? ;)

Glad you have an earring fetish I can feed. AND I got to come party with the balloons for a while.

Also? Can I play dress up with Carrie Underwood for a day please? We should totally do those old fashion salloon pictures with two boys. it would be awesome.

good luck with DMV line. Seriously. Better luck tomorrow morning than the time you went today.

maliaana said...

Nomz... Here's my Birthday gift/tip for you - don't ever pick up a hitch hiker > male or female. It's fantastic that you have compassion for them, but don't do it!

Anonymous said...

Just popped my Daily Offensive Random Monday cherry and it was fantastic.

I love it. What a cool idea. I should do this with my crazy pregnant brain thoughts. It has taken me 3 distracted hours to write half a post... maybe I should make it a random pregnancy thought post instead.... can I borrow your idea for my site?!

Anyways- because of the random nature of this post I have much to say. First I love your extended on your knees prayer quote. It really struck a chord with me today. (Find out why later on my blog-I'll link back to your quote)
And to keep this from getting any longer: LOL-Lunch boxes!

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