Thursday, April 30, 2009

♫ Escaping Life

It seems, whether we are a single mom, a busy mom, a college student overwhelmed with life, a newlywed, a party animal, or a multi-tasker of any sorts, we tend to forget to find time for ourselves. I’ve gotten to an expert-level of not finding me-time. It’s all too easy to come up with excuses. You’re tired, you don’t have time, you don’t have the money, you have no way to escape, etc.

I have a goal, of finding more time for me, a way to release some stress, before falling asleep, every single night. Im hoping some of my ideas, will encourage you to do the same.

It’s been proven that high stress levels can have an effect on your sleep patterns, your skin (three cheers for adult acne! Ra! Ra! Ra!), your weight (usually gain), your eating habits, your work ethic and performance, and your hobbies. While it’s also been proven that exercise helps lower stress, raise your hand, if you like to exercise when life sucks. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

So, in an effort to help out all my loves that are over-killed on life, I found the following foods actually help lower stress. That’s right, eating the right things, helps.

Asparagus: this {ah hem..usually disgusting} greenage, is really high in folic acid. For those of you that are clueless what that means, it’s a mood stabilizer. The body releases hormones that affect moods when youre stressed, and this, is some great blockage for those traveling hormones. That’s right, blockage, only in a good way!

Beef: {I cant help but hear Sam Elliot’s oh so sexy voice saying "Beef it’s what’s for dinner" every time I hear that word} Beef is full of zinc, iron, and vitamin B. You’ve heard me rant about Vitamin B before, Im telling you, stock pile on this stuff. Beef is actually more nutritious than chicken, just don’t include the fat.

Milk: Milk is extremely high in antioxidants (all the rage for a healthy immune system, energy building, and cancer fighting goodness). It’s also loaded with Vitamin B, Calcium, and Protein, which happens to be a magic recipe for relaxation. So that old wives tale about a warm glass of milk before bed, is actually true.

Cottage Cheese AND Fruit: Cottage Cheese is a cousin to milk, so read above. Fruit (sounds like a horrible mixture with cottage cheese) is packed with Vitamin C (which, is blessed with antioxidants, see above).

Blueberries: MMMMM. These high-fiber, low calorie cuties are not only great for turning your entire mouth blue and begging you to take a picture of it, but full of stress combaters. According to the websites I checked, they were recommended twice to be mixed with cottage cheese. Who are these people?!

Tuna: Another force against stress, armed with Vitamin B and Protein, assists weight loss (protein rocks!), and the Vitamin B benefits go to battle for you at the same time!

Alright, so you’ve got your healthy diet. Do me a favor and don’t mix it all together, or at least, don’t talk about it. Im near gagging already at the thought of cottage cheese (already a too-textured-food for this kid) mixed with anything. ;)

Simple activities to get those happy endorphins pumping to help you get either your nights sleep off to a good start, or your day bursting with good instead of life’s overwhelm-ences. Because, I cant write a blog without making up at least one word.

#1. Bubble baths. Gross. Sorry. Cant help but saying that. Baths make me want to get up and shower. But, for the general public, the heat, smell and feeling of the right sea salts and bubble bath, the candle-lit bathroom, the good book, the journal, the Kenny G (or other awesome flavor of music) and your own little self...seem to literally melt away life’s weights.

#2. A long drive. This one works wonders for me. Me, alone in a car, driving down an abandoned road (not the city, it’ll make it worse people!), with the right music, and letting my brain run rampid and sort things out, is the perfect way for me to relieve every feeling that gets me down. There is just something about it. I totally relate to the way a dog feels when he’s hanging his head out a window going 80 down the road. If I could pull an Ace Ventura stunt and drive by myself and get that done, it would happen.

#3. A journal. Im working on this. I take one with me everywhere I go, but am not very good at doing it daily. Apparently, getting things out on paper, helps get things out of your head. Really, my blog is my journal, so, hey, thanks for snooping. Jerks. Oh wait, I guess I left it out, all unlocked and everything, so im to blame. Fine. Read away.

#4. Cleaning. Or maybe, cleaning just helps me. But something about cranking up some AC/DC so loud that my brain is forbidden to think, and scrubbing hard on something stubborn, does the trick.

#5. Exercise. Once I actually get to the gym, this totally works. Something about lifting weights, beating your anger out on the treadmill, or watching some guy bench twice my weight...or Well anyway. It’s been proven that this gets all the good things pumping, and releases bad energy. Get yourself to the gym, you wont regret it.

With the economy the way it is, a lot of us are feeling the crunch. I know money is tight, finals are driving you college kids crazy, the mercury in retrograde is making our men nuts, and most women feel like theyre doing the job of twenty and are underappreciated...try to take your stress out on something besides the people closest to you though. I’d really like some more ideas on how to get this done too, so if I missed something, do tell!

Yours Truly,

PS. If all else fails, try this:

**The best article I found on stress-relieving foods:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

♫ Books and Quotes

These blogs lately are a bit deep, offensive, or emotional lately huh? So, on a lighter note, let me share some of the things that have been occupying my time in my "me time".

Three of the best books I’ve read recently:

#1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book was the most inspirational, heart wrenching, and emotional connecting book I’ve ever read. Im not sure that it will be for every single person, but the words she wrote, couldn’t have been better said for myself. It’s a non-fiction book about a woman’s journey to finding herself. She wakes up in the middle of her life, and realizes that it’s not what she ever thought it would be, and she wasn’t happy about it. She took three huge steps to turn it around, and will inspire to un-root yourself. If you feel in a rutt, unhappy, or out of place with where your life is right now, read it. It will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to leap.

#2. Leven Thumps by Obert Skye

As quoted by the girl that got me hooked on them: "It’s the new Harry Potter!". I cant agree completely, because I’ve never gotten around to reading Harry Potter. I can tell you, that these books will drag that inner child out of you, and make you imagine and dream things you never thought possible. They’re written with a child’s imagination, but in a very grown-up language. They’re a quick read, with a few cool illustrations to help your imagination to come out and play. They’re a series of five I believe, Im on book three, and officially addicted.

#3. My Daily Dose of Quotes

Not really a specific book, or even a specific website. I try, every day, to find a new quote that I love. Mister Emerson is probably my favorite of all time. I keep a running list of quotes, in both my hard-cover journal that travels with me everywhere I go, and my computer journal.

A few of my latest favorites:
"Prince charming can kiss my ass. Unless of course, he sweeps me off of my feet. We shall see..."

"The moment we cease to change is the moment we stop living."

"There's always something waiting at the end of the road, if you're not willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn't be out there..."

"When you’re forced to stand alone, you realize what you have in you"

"Dance as though no one is watching you; love as though you have never been hurt before, sing as though no one can hear you, live as though heaven is on earth."

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

If any of those inspired you, made you smile, or made you think you, you, my friend, need to find a new addiction to quote-age.

What are your favorite quotes? Books? Other things to do in your down-time?

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

♫ You & Your Man Funk Can Watch Us Walk

Another blog for the gents. Because I never really get tired of talking to you, about you, or for you. I’ve got to say, y’all are upsetting the majority of my girl friends lately, and I don’t really like it. So, some pointers, to help clear my mind a bit, and maybe help everybody out.

Point A: Once a breakup is over, don’t continue to call or text, especially intoxicated, in the middle of the night. Now im sure that alcohol has convinced you that it is a superb idea, and is sure to win us over, but contrary to its awesome opinion, we don’t really think it’s charming. And we’re probably either getting angry, or making fun of you with all our friends. Quiddit. (This is not any of my ex's. If the right guy is reading this you know who you are...please continue to do it. I dare you.)

Point B. If you have, what we all like to call, "man-funk", find a way to get rid of it. Im sorry that we’re pushy about you being clean prior to...umm...mattress dancing, going out, or just hanging out...but really, think about the things you touch all day, and ask yourself if you’d like that stuff, anywhere besides your hands. I know, we’re getting a little risqué here, but give us a break ok? It’s not that we don’t want more of you, we just want only you. NOT your work, not your play. Not only do we ask that you have clean hands (and body), but your man funk seems to be contagious in your car, bedroom, and bathroom. We love ya. We do. And it’s extremely common, Lord knows we’ve all experienced it, and there is nothing to really be ashamed of. Is it really too much to ask for you to clean yourself, and the place where you’d like us to "dance", up a bit?

Of course there are benefits to these type of guys...I mean, there's always awesome treasures in their couch:

Side note to brag a bit: my guy is a rarity, and is awesome about being funk-less at all times. Ha.
Downfall: I never find cool things in his couch.

Point C. We. Need. Romance. We’re not asking you for flowers all the time. Or fancy dinners. Or anything over-the-top. But it would pretty much rock if you remembered special dates, ditched your buddies or the gym just for us, or helped out around the house. As much as we want to your best friend, we’re a little bit more (to coin a term recently brought in to my life) fragile (pronounced fragileeeee). Im not sure that im speaking for all girls here, well I know im not, because Im not generally like this (and at the moment, totally spoiled), but I see the suffering of a lot of my ladies because you forget to blow them kisses, open their doors, get them little things for no reason, appreciate the "mattress dancing" rather than just getting it over with, actually being the one to suggest cuddling, etc.

Funny, that as I was writing this, my "Daily Om" came in (as mentioned in yesterdays blog), telling me that I need to learn independence. So, this blog is taking a bit of a turn to speak to the ladies for a bit.

Yes, we’ve got our peeves, as mentioned up there. And we can hope that the gents actually heed to our requests and advice. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work like that does it? So, a request for you too.

Try to be less dependent, and more independent. It’s like God built us with a need for men. Or at least a companion. And for some odd reason, they don’t seem, or at least show, that they NEED us. That’s probably our biggest gripe in our men right? I think, until we can find complete self satisfaction, we’ll never be in any way satisfied in a relationship. Until we can fulfill our own needs, it’s not really fair of us to ask someone else to try, because we’ll never really be happy. I know odds are against us, but when that guy crosses your path with a drunken phone call, filled with man-funk and degrading names and wrestling moves instead of hugs, find a way to shove him off, and see yourself better off without him in that moment. Im not telling you to break up with that guy, or telling him to beat it, just realize you don’t really need him if he’s not doing everything your pretty little heart desires. He’ll learn pretty quick that you’ll make yourself happy, and either try to move that direction with you, or not. Either way, at the end of the day, you my dear, are all you’ve got.

Yours Truly,

Monday, April 27, 2009

♫ Daily Ommmmmm

Bloggers block has hit, and a bad case of it.

I think, it’s more due to recent ac
tivity, than lack of things to write about. It’s all too easy to point fingers at the world around us, and blame them for our crappy emotions, our lack of productivity, our bad moods. It’s easy to take somebody’s words to heart and turn them from what was written, to what you heard. It’s easy to take somebody’s pain, and blame yourself. It’s all too simple to react loudly, and dramatically, so you have an army of people feeling the same way you do. It seems easier to shout to the world your misery, than to point out things that make us happy. Our moods are heavily contagious, especially when shouted to the world through emails, "private" messages, text messages, and Facebook/MySpace/Twitter updates. Why aren’t we so willing to literally share laughter, as willing as we are to share anger and sadness?

I had a hard time getting started on a blog today. Heavy hearted mostly. Then, thanks to some inspiration from two of my favorites ladies (thank you Facebook!), I was told to realize that people will move on with their feelings, or they wont. And, kindness, is the best way to heal brokenness. Then, my daily dose of Om came in. For those of you that love
horoscopes, books, music, and all things good for mind and spirit, you should really sign up for your daily dose of Om. Im not huge in to horoscopes, but this site has a way of emailing me at the right time of day, and instead of saying crap like "you will soon be rich and happy", it encourages me to look a different direction, listen to a different song, or point out ways to better my walk of life. We’ll call them, inspirational. Check it out here: Daily Om

Today’s Scorpio horoscope, said quit looking
at everyone, and everything else around you, and reflect on you. And to quote exactly: "Your insights can then provide you with a template with which you can deduce how you will react in situations that have not come to pass".... Ah. All too grand. So, in order to try and get a new outlook on things, im going to blog about happy. Things in my life that make me happy...or...things that have recently made me sad, but im forcing to turn around for the better:

#1. My angels.
Probably a given, but really, I don’t know where I would be without them. Sometimes, a lot of times even, I criticize my ability to be a mom. I look around at all these other moms that should get awards for being so amazing. I wonder, why God would put m
e in charge of two amazing little beings, and let me have the ability to ruin, or bless their little lives. I get discouraged, thinking my way of living, is affecting theirs in a negative way. And then, I realize, that God has control of their hearts, and in the physical realm, im doing the best I can with what I’ve got to work with. I cant believe how many times a day they make me, and the people closest to me, smile and laugh.

Quotes from this month alone:

"Mamma, you're my puppycake". -Leyna

Mamma: "Kyanne dont fall down the stairs." Kyanne: "im dont'n". -Kyanne

I mean, who can stay
angry or disheartened at this face:

Or have any state of boredom with this mischievous-ness (which is a word):

#2. My sister.

This girl and I, couldn’t stand each other growing up. We got pretty close right after I moved out of high school, and then she moved away. And then she came back, and due to some life trauma in my personal life, we had a hard time getting close. Lately though, man we’re growing. I cant get enough of this girl! She’s up for anything, she’s a shoulder to cry on, she’s willing to use mine. She’s inspirational, a high achiever, a
nd always good for a laugh. You will never ever meet somebody with such a contagious smile. Plus, she’s the best auntie ever. She’s pictured here, with the coolest brother ever. None of us were planned kids. Not a single one. We were all great big "OOOPS’s". But who could have ever invented such great siblings (duh. Awesome parents.)?! I couldn’t picture my life without either of them::

#3. Brand-it .

Actually, his name is Brandon. And, he came in to my life when I wasn’t expecting him to. Dead-set against men in general, he came in and took charge, changed my perspective...he’s good at that. Im not going to go on and on, for fear of blushing in public, but I will tell you that he’s growing on me. ;) That’s right. I admitted it. Not only does
he have every ability to make me smile when I need it most, but he can wrap me up like nobody can. He is willing to step up to the challenge of this life, and my life. He’s the strongest person I know, for oh so many reasons. Plus, he lets me drive his truck. Correction. He let me drive his truck once. Which, for those of you that don’t know him, is a big deal . And he has the cutest puppy ever. Brandon, wont let me get a picture of him...and even if I had a few (don’t tell him, please?!), he’d kill me for posting them. So, you get one of the cutest puppy ever instead:

I know I left people out. Again. This blog, isn’t who is or is not in it though. None of them are, really. The point is, when it seems like life is getting you down, stop looking directly at what is getting you down, and realize how many things surround you that can help you make the best of it. We all find ourselves in moments of weakness, places that we don’t feel good enough, or even the one behind the finger pointing at everybody else’s flaws. We sure need to learn to smile more, realize that one person, no matter how hard they try, can never be the end of the world.

Yours Truly,

Friday, April 24, 2009

♫ Doris and the Show-Stoppers

Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. -Benjamin Franklin

I get the most random blog inspirations. Most of them, come from my good friend Twitter. Like that quote.

Those of you closest to me have met Doris (yes, that's right, Doris the Taurus), my life-saving car. She really is too. She came in to my life at the perfect moment-when the rest of the world was falling apart. My other car decided to bail on me at that point too. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s paid for. She’s been known to talk in her own language, be more stubborn than the average mule, lock people our that I don’t care for-even with her inability to lock, and rumor has it she can do back flips.

That last one isn’t yet proven. I may put it to the test someday.

Doris is officially the oldest (I think?) car I’ve ever driven. As of this morning, she has 237,000 and some miles on her, and continues to get me to Colorado about every other weekend. Im pretty sure that’s only because that’s home to her, and she misses it. She makes an exception for my best friend westward too, but only if I promise to go at least 90, at least once. She’d probably protest if I went any other direction.

The interior of miss Doris is this super awesome red color. The amazing part, is that whoever decided to make her seats red, also thought it would rock to make all the plastic, the dash, the doors, and even the carpet, that love-ly color. She rocks the red though.

The point? I heart Doris. I really do. But Im ready to give her a vacation. I don’t plan on ever getting rid of her, lighting her on fire for the heckof it, or anything of those sorts. She will be around for as long as I can keep her, because she’s huge memorabilia. I just really want something that I can know, beyond a doubt, that my angels are safe in. Though Doris has never left me stranded, im waiting for the day she protests forever.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a blow to the ego, and still can be on some days, to see all my friends in nice cars after just giving up mine. I just keep reminding myself that she has way more personality than yours, and doesn’t cost me a dime (besides the $26 dollars a month in insurance). Plus, she makes my girls happy. See?!

In the mean time, if anybody knows of anything for sale that’s safe, and comes without a large payment, let me know. I don’t want payments, I want to pay outright for it, or at least a few small payments. Something reliable. Four wheel drive would be awesome, but not a requirement. If it could be decked out completely in red too, that would be stellar.

Yours Truly,

PS. For those of you that havent ridden in Doris in the last few days...DISCLAIMER. Her door finally fell off. The one you were worried would, did. You know, the inside panel on the passenger door? So, in order to come play with me, you get granted the mission of sliding across my drivers seat, or sitting between the girls in the back. Because she rocks like that. I think, she prefers i stay entertained, that's all.

*edited to put in the PS for my tortured sister.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

♫ Spring Cleaning! The OCD's Guide to Fresh!

Spring cleaning is probably my favorite season. No wait, spring cleaning is my favorite thing about my favorite season!

There are lots of things that make spring grand.

For one, it’s the end of winter. I love winter, I love the cold, I love the snow, but by April Im like enough already!. Spring brings in all things the smells of summer. Fresh cut grass, fresh cut hay, rain, dirt, campfires, and flowers. Flowers start to bloom, creek beds start to run, and baby animals are prancing everywhere you look. No doubt, spring is a sign that God loves us, and rewards us for surviving the gloom that makes it all happen.

Spring cleaning though, is what makes it for me. (Yes, Im a nut, we’ve covered that already).

My list of things to do to get this underway and done:

#1. Clean out the closets and dresser drawers.

This clutter phobe goes nuts on all the things I’ve stockpiled in the closets and dressers all winter long. The process:

Remove EVERY SINGLE thing. I lay it all out in front of me, Clorox or Lysol the empty shelf, and put back only what we NEED to keep. Put the leftovers in a happy "I get to go to Goodwill!" pile. Or trash the crap that nobody would want, such as used towels, single earrings, half empty bottles of lotions and makeup, etc.

I also recycle all paper and magazines on my desk/file cabinet that are no longer needed. Buy a shredder, get rid of it. RECYCLE!

#2. Clean the corners!.

All corners. The corners in the room that gather junk - rinse, lather, repeat, above process. The corners in the floor that the vacuum did such a swell job of avoiding all year. The corners in the bath room that have so nicely gathered all hairs that fell, and the corners on the stove underneath racks. This step, requires un-fun hands and knees time, and is probably the most tedious of all of the steps.

Rent a shampooer and get those carpets clean. You’ve tracked in mud than you realize!

#3. The bathroom.

There isn’t too much to my bathroom cleaning. I keep it pretty clean year round. I highly recommend everyone buy one of these fancy shower cleaners that does all the work for you. Click here for picture, and coupon! The Must Have Im not one for gimmicks, but this thing works. Magic in a bottle. Seriously. You’ll never have to scrub again. Probably one of my best investments, ever. Plus, it smells awesome. They managed to bottle the smell of "Fresh" and make it powerful enough to make any rooms in the near vicinity smell like it.

Shpeal over. Back to bathroom goodness.

Besides the corners, the only extra attention the bathroom gets in the spring is the drain. Eewwwww. Maybe it’s because im a girl, and live with two more, that the drains get extra nasty. Drain-o gets a play date with me in the spring, and after I know it’s do-haired and de-clogged, vinegar and baking soda get to romp all the way down. They, together, make this really cool bubbly affect on the drain and not only make it extra shine-y, plus disinfect it AND deodorize it. Use it. On all drains. It’s the cheap way to make things happen fast, plus, it’s like reliving your sixth grade volcano science fair project. You just sprinkle the drain with baking soda, then slowly dump about a tablespoon of vinegar over the top of it. Watch it fizzzzzzzz! Then scrub it after it’s all gone. Works like a charm!

#4. The Kitchen.

Like its bathroom cousin, the drains get extra attention. The corners on the floor and stove get a big run-over.

On top of that, the old Tupperwear gets thrown out completely and new stuff gets bought. The cupboards get a wipe-over with a bleach and/or ammonia and water mix, and the refrigerator gets cleaned out of old condiments and shelves SCRUBBED. I pull out the fridge and clean underneath too. EWWWW. Amazing the crap you’ll find under there. Mister Microwave gets scrubbed and out with the bleach and/or ammonia mix just like the fridge and cupboards. hint: fill a cup with water and a little bit of vinegar and let it boil in the microwave before scrubbing. The moisture from the water will loosen all those spots, and the vinegar will help deodorize your vents

The best thing you can do for your house in the spring is clean your curtains that have been hanging over all your windows, and scrub (gently) the shades that have kept the gloomy cold out all winter. While they’re washing, open your windows. The fresh air that’s been hibernating needs to come in and meet all your walls again. The sun and fresh air are natural air fresheners for your home and will work magic on it, making everything shine and smell amazing.

If you’re feeling extra motivated, bust out a fresh coat of paint in the house too, man is that a facelift in a hurry!

Hope my list helps you out. Of course, Im always up for hire...I'll even do it for free. This nut is always dying to be let loose to get all klepto on your germs. Pllleeeezzze??

Let me now if I missed anything!

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

♫ We Might As Well Dance

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
~Japanese Proverb

It’s become really apparent to me recently, both by the new people in my life lately, and my kids getting to that really overly honest age, that as we mature, we lose our ability to be honest, fresh, and real.

I don’t think this statement is completely true, nor does it span all people, it’s just a general observation. As we get older, we learn and are taught to, apply filters. We’ll call them "social cue’s".

I think we’re taught most of our lives not to be rude. Be honest, but sugar coat it. Offending people, hurting people, is not ok-even if it’s unintentional. When we’re little, we say things like "whoa, that is BIG lady", and we are quickly shushed or slapped for it. We learn that shouting "mamma! Why does that man only have one arm???", is cruel and none of our business. We realize that expressing "I hate doctors, shots, veggies, and all forms of torture so much I am going to scream and fight as big as I can until it ends!", is useless, because we’re going to be forced to visit the doctor, be poked by needles, and eat our veggies QUIETLY, regardless of fight. We are taught to deal with it.

I want to know why.

I don’t understand why honesty, has to be covered up by a compliment in order to keep someone from getting hurt feelings. I want to know why, as we get older, we get more sensitive to comments from older people. With the exception of one awesome dude that recently got offended by a five year old, everyone I know takes what kids say and think as humorous, entertaining, and honest covered by cute. We take it to heart, but because it was a "awww she’s only five and doesn’t know better" comment, it doesn’t sting.

I’ve mentioned before that "special needs" kids hold a special place in my heart. This probably has something to do with the way I was raised. My mom has loved them for as long as I can remember, and continues to focus on the really young ones in her position in the schools. The point is, these kids have always amazed me with their honesty. Like, God put this block up for them that doesn’t let them put filters on. And I LOVE it. I love, that they have the ability to express what we’re afraid to. I wish the world would learn from them, instead of trying to teach them. They never ever lose that light in their eyes when they’re excited, even with age. Their passion, never dwindles for both the things they cant get enough of, and the things they hate. They could care less what you think of it too. They express love, like nobody’s business.

My point of this whole blog, is that I don’t understand why we cant always be kids at heart. Why, as we age, are we taught to apply these filters on our thoughts, our actions, our voice, and our passions? Why is it rude to be curious about someone’s deformities? Especially since most of them, when asked, are happy to tell their story? Why is it rude to point out obesity? The media does it. And, maybe an extra dose of honesty, would get some motivation in play. It seems more rude to me, to whisper and hide it, then to be outright and tell them. Why cant we scream and kick at the doctors? They have enough staff normally in the room to hold us down. I would think they’d be grateful for making things more interesting.

You know that guy on Patch Adams? The grouchy old man in the hospital that screams at the nurse’s and throws bedpans at anyone that enters the room??? I am so gonna be that guy (well, girl, obviously) when I grow up. He’s my hero.

So...when we’re young enough to not have a care in the world, or privileged enough to never grow up, or old enough that life has broken our "give-a-damn", our filters don’t exist. My goal? To be more like my girls-innocent and brave, more like the special needs-always young at heart and ever-so-passionate, and the "OLD"-the ones that have unburied their young-at-heart that they worked so hard to bury. We need to be less afraid to look foolish, and realize we are the fools.

Yours Truly,

PS. My girls have manners. I don’t plan on pointing out everyone’s flaws, or letting my girls. I just want to be less afraid of honesty. Leave the filters on, but don’t let the passion die.

PSS. Eat your veggies. Scream all you want, but get’r done.

PSSS. Watch Patch Adams. Even if you’ve seen it, we can learn a LOT from that man, and every character in it.

I'm Becoming My Mother!

When I was younger, I feared this day more than any others. More than the first day of my period, more than the first day of school- you get the idea- I did not want to be like my mom.

For some reason (probably because we are so much alike, ironically!) our relationship was never strong enough for me to be proud of our similarities. We fought like cats and dogs and I tried, at the tender age of seven, to move out at least a dozen times.

I know a couple reasons for our strife:

My mom’s personality is one that requires things to be just so. Example: crafts. When we would sit down together to get our creativity on, she would paint, stitch, apply, cut out and sew together her project flawlessly- and it would turn out so perfect and beautiful. I, one the other hand, would slap, smudge, spill and haphazardly assemble my project together in a way that would, inevitably, make her cringe and threaten to never have crafty-time with me again. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle my abstract tendencies, just that when she tried to show me how to properly do something, I would cross my arms, point my nose in the air and huff at her coaching.

Hind’s sight is 20/20, as they say. I can clearly see, now, what I should not have refused. Mom tried so hard to domesticate me like a good mother does. I refused to do my own laundry when she brought me out and showed me how the washer worked; I tuned out when she attempted to teach me how to sew; I ignored her when she urged me to practice my piano lessons and I disregarded her advice on cooking.

Geez, I was a brat.

Now, of course, I wish more than anything that I had listened to her! When I want to hem a pair of pants, I have to pay money when I could do it myself! I’m a horrible chef and know that, at least, I would have some basic skills had I been a patient and quiet listener! I would be able to compose beautiful, heartfelt, songs for my mother had I obeyed her when she advised me to practice my piano lessons.

Fast forward to today- regardless of said skills that I struggle with, I am surely becoming my mother. And each day that I discover a new part of me that comes from her, I get more and more excited!

For one, I have a new-found enthusiasm for crafts- in fact, I usually host a crafty par-tay each month (yes, my mother was practically speechless when I informed her of my new hobby).

Second (and this is by no means something only my mother does): I have been drinking more and more coffee each day! A main memory of my mom, growing up, is watching her drink her 1-3 cups of coffee each morning, while reading the Bible, newspaper or book of her choice. I wasn’t allowed to have any, but it smelled oh so good! Now, without my morning jolt, I feel like a zombie.

The most important and impacting similarity: motherhood. If ever I doubted her love for me, I know now that I was a foolish and dramatic adolescent. Have a child and you will know that the love for any other human being pales in comparison to the love you have for your own. Neither of are perfect by any means (patience was scarce at times and is for me, too) but it does not affect the pure concentration of love a mother hold in her heart. When I think of how much I love Malachi and how much my mom loves me, I want to cry. I feel that the greatest gift I have been given, besides salvation, is my son. If my mom feels the same about me, there is nothing that can convince me otherwise.

I am becoming my mother! Thank you, Jesus! There is no other woman on the face of this planet that I would rather personify. My mother is a gentle, wise, funny, honorable, honest, patient, caring, fun to be with and is a beautiful woman of God. I’d be blessed to end up with her character!

To my mom: I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for your selflessness and endurance during these last 24 years- I couldn’t have become the person I am today without your guidance and unconditional love.

I love you!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Mine is a story that is in no way uncommon or unique. But, I believe that my outcome is. Not often do you hear of a flower emerging from the ashes of a fire. And even less often do you hear of that flower being the result of divorce.

The Bad, The Ugly:

My parents split during my senior year in high school- a pivotal time in any young person’s life. Although I had seen it coming and was surrounded by tell-tale signs of suffering all around- I was devastated and caught off guard. They had promised me that divorce was to be the final option.

I cannot begin to tell you the mental and emotion anguish that engulfed me during that year. I went from a carefree teenager to a girl laden with the burden beyond her years. My heart and mind slumped into a state of such depression that I began to take out my anger on myself- desperate that it would give me the attention I so needed. I refused to feed myself, instead hunting down any type of diet pill I could find; I would exercise and run until my insides felt like they were about to implode. The TV and computer were my closest friends, although I can honestly tell you that I do not remember interacting with either one. And those who should have been my closest friends had left me aside, too caught up in their own social life to recognize a sinking Titanic. There is no blame there, young people rarely look beyond themselves; it just goes with the territory of being young.

Although I did not miss my main graduation (I was dually enrolled in my private school and public school), I missed my graduation picnic from the performing arts school I attended and completely spaced my public school graduation. The summer following my parents’ separation is a blur with little blips of memory here and there. But, for the most part, I was just a shell.

I swore that I would never, again, allow myself to feel the warmth of love and risk being forsaken.

Their separation affected my spiritual growth, as well. For a season, I stepped away from what the Lord had planned for me and did my own thing. Which mainly involved hanging out with those who were not positive influences; those who would not only allow me to wallow in my sorrow, but make a party of it. I became a Peter, sort of, denying all that I had been taught in my elementary years- the goodness of the Lord. It had become a sweet candy, turned sour, in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out. After all, what had God done for me? He only allowed my world to be torn apart at the seams; throwing me into a downward spiral, toward inevitable doom.

Still, there was that candle flame that He would not allow to be snuffed out. That little flicker of hope- so tiny that only He could sense it and keep it safe from the turbulent winds of my stormy life.

The Good

Graciously and faithfully (and ever so gently, as a doctor nurses a patient back to health) He brought me back to Himself and taught me this:

"He will never leave me nor forsake me."

A side note: like the good God that He is, He sent a man whom I have looked up to, all my life, drive from the farthest part of America to Sun Valley, Idaho; stop in the very deli that I worked at and told him to tell me how great Christ’s love is for me. Cliff Graham said himself, “I have no idea why I am here in Idaho- I just felt that I needed to come here” and the next day, “I figured it out! The Lord wants me to tell you how much He loves you! GO TO BIBLE SCHOOL!”

In the last 8 years since the divorce, I have battled with not being a part of a whole family and dealing with a step-parent whom I had no say in whether or not she could join my family. Getting married and having a baby of my own only compounded my sadness and understanding of what had happened all those years ago. But, because He is so good, God did not stop teaching me. He has also spoken, sweetly, to my spirit:

"Only I can complete you the way you need to be completed."

At the end of the day, I know that God, my Father, took a horrible situation and turned it into an opportunity to show His love, grace and providence over me. He is the Master Mixer. He can take the good, the bad and the ugly parts of life and can bring them all together, making them into something so full of potential and beyond imagination or expectation that you will be in awe of His love for you.

Beyond Good!

Keeping to His word, He does not just heal our pain and leave it at that. He takes us, makes us whole, sets our feet upon a solid path and points our vision toward His future for us!

He also showed me this- that my parents were not born perfect, but they are covered in the blood of His son, Jesus. In all that they went through and all their pain, He held them just as close as He held me. He has mixed their lives into His will.

Philippians 1:6:
“I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Romans 8:28:
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Amen! What an AWESOME God we serve!

Monday, April 20, 2009

♫ I Hate Sunglasses.

I Hate Sunglasses.

I do. I hate everything about them.

Ok, not everything. I hate the following things about them:

#1. I cant see your eyes when you’re talking to me. See, Im a big people-reader. And it drives me absolutely crazy to make any kind of contact with somebody when I cant see their eyes. I get all twitchy, and wont look at you, and can barely stutter out a conversation.

I know people love sunglasses. I understand why too. Im not asking you to change this stylish, healthy, love, im just asking you not to get offended when I start twitching and stuttering like an idiot. My bubble grows too. I’ll probably back off a few steps.

We all have figured out already, that nomz is strange right? But if I wasn’t unique (because it’s a much nicer way of pointing out my flaws), you’d probably be bored, or at least less humored.

#2. They touch my eyelashes.

I love my eyelashes. They’re naturally fake-looking. They’re probably my favorite thing about my face. Except when it comes to me trying to be pro-active in saving my eyes. That’s the weirdest sensation. Every time you blink (which happens a lot outside because your eyes have a tendency to dry out, you know, out there), they brush along the inside of those lens just right to make you blink again. It tickles, I guess is a better way to put it, in a really uncomfortable way.

#3. I look awful in them.

Really. At least, every single pair I’ve tried on, I disapprove of.

Apparently, my love-ly oval shaped face is perfect for any haircut. According to all those fabulous fashion magazines that I never have time to read, I can pull of everything but the G.I. Jane look with this face (which is more and more tempting all the time).

BUT. I cannot pull of the shades. Not the super-cool sporty ones. Not the massive celebrity ones. Not the ones that look like fly eyeballs. Not the sexy cop lenses. Doesn’t matter color or shape, it just doesn’t happen. Not for lack of trying either. Those of you that know me really well have probably gone sunglasses shopping and said "ooooh no that's not true, try these on, I bet they look great!", and I do, and you give me that look right before saying "they look different, but let’s look for something that hat!". I love my honest friends.

Now, goggles I can make look HOT. Not really. Nobody can look hot in goggles, that’s probably why nobody cares what you look like in them. When it comes to protective eye-wear to keep me safe while playing on things with four wheels, two wheels, things that fly over water, big guns, and skydiving (not yet, but it’s gonna happen), count me in.

So, I will continue prowling over the Sunglass Hut in hopes that one day somebody will make shades for us long-ated faces. And I will continue to let my bubble enlarge and make me twitchy when you wear yours. No offense, just thought I’d write up a quick explanation so you don’t wonder next time we play outside together.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

♫ I'm a Horrible Girl

But Im getting better. Really I am. Proof=this sappy, long, girly blog.

My whole life, I’ve been one of the guys. The majority of my friends have been male. I didn’t get along with my beauti-mus sister until she moved away. My mom and I have our tiffs. I tend to have ONE good girl friend, and duck and cover from the rest of the females wandering the planet. Enough bad experiences has taught me that they can be two-faced, jealous, emotional, drama-queens. Plus the maintenance. No matter how hard I try, I cannot take longer than a half an hour (hour tops for special occasions), getting ready for anything. I don’t understand HOURS of shopping on a nice day. I cant grasp owning hundreds of pairs of shoes.

But Im starting to get it. Better late than never right?

Here’s the thing. Because I’ve had enough crappy experiences with girls, I’ve managed to spend the better part of my life avoiding them like the plague, assuming they were all so un-cool. Ive found recently though, if you look hard enough, some girls actually rock. Even in packs. Like, just because some crowds of girls are constantly clawing each other with all above said qualities, there are actually ladies that can handle themselves in a uncompetitive, unbiased, group.

The blasts from my past:

**Disclaimer: pre-juinior high doesn’t count. The drama was at a minimum, and at that point, nobody even looked like girls, much less acted like them. So Beth (my best-est best friend from elementary school), you rock dear. Thanks for being my first tom-boy girlfriend, I miss you so much).

Ah hem. Junior High.

Life found me in Cody, Wyoming. Sixth grade. Brand new town, new Junior High School, NO friends. I hated my parents for pulling me away from my perfect little home in the middle of the biggest time of my life (totally was then, you know). Little did I know, that no matter where life took me in the future, they were moving me to my home. Cody is still home for me. Sixth grade is a cruel time anyway, much less when you’re brand new. There is no way I could name every girl that has come in to my life, especially the ones filled with awesome in Cody. Among all of them though, are two that stand out more than any.

Ashley, and Sarah. There aren’t enough words to tell you two how much you’ve meant to me. It’s been years, and I still miss you so much my heart hurts, and I love you and all our memories, as if they all happened yesterday.

These girls were tough. I mean, like, Sarah used to play chicken with me, walk the man-killing great danes in the snow, chase the cowboys that broke our hearts, and protected me with everything in her. Ashley and I rode our bikes to work (about 20 miles/day), cleaned hotel rooms (this takes guts and stomachs of steel by the way), and held my hand when things fell apart and life became real.

Fast forward:

Parents moved me right before my 16th birthday to Cheyenne, WY. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wyoming, and I love the people I’ve met in Cheyenne, but I do not love Cheyenne. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Two girls again:

Bex. And Kara. Becky brought out the girl in me for the first time. We hated each other when we both lived near paradise, and have always had plenty in common, but it took moving and our parents forcing us to get along to get us to connect. She showed me the love of God though, and cut my hair, and made me laugh. To this day, nobody can make me laugh like her. Her smile, forever contagious. Kara, is the toughest girl I’ve ever met. If there were soul mates out there for friends, she’s it for me. Side by side, we’ve had our battles. We’ve made each other stronger, shared milestones, and put each other back together after finding the other in pieces.

Fast forward again:


Yuck. Im an adult. Officially. And I still have all of these girls in my life, and then some. The three (you know who you are, and if you don’t, Im gonna wack you upside the head with my new shoes) I’ve met and got close to at work, and my beautiful friend I had to leave behind recently wayyyy outside of town. They all have something in common. All these girls. They’re always there for me. For the first time, Im surrounded by girls that want my happiness over nothing else. They’ve shown me that they accept me, regardless of the bad or good choices I make, how boy I try to be, how bad of a shopping companion I’ve proven to be. I learn something new from every single one of them every day. They make me laugh. They hold me up.

My sister. Lady, we have been down quite the road, and will continue to travel it together. The world will always spin around us, and Im glad that we're so close. I love that we've tripled the size of our family with cool people (Hi, Lori!). I love you, with a big chunk of my heart. You get prettier by the day-quiddit.

And my adopted moms. There are a few that I call mom out there, and more in the making I think. The women that are older than me, and continue to fill me up with the stories, advice, and puzzles of life they’ve figured out and are willing to share. They’re proof, that no matter what curves life throws at you, you’ll make it. These ladies are the elite of the world. ♥

For the first time in my life, both itty bitty, short, strong, bold, shy, random, girly, and beautiful, I am surrounded by girls. I cant get enough of you.

This is a sappier, probably more boring, blog than I usually write. The point is, regardless of gender, make sure you surround yourself with people that will be there for you when it feels like the world has walked out on you. You’ll be surprised where they pop up I think.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
-- Albert Camus

A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
-- Anonymous

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. ~Jeffrey Levy

Yours Truly,

PS-if you werent mentioned by name, I promise I didnt forget you. I just wanted to give a shout-out to my girls that have played a huge roll in my life recently.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pet my peeves, please.

Last Word Hit-and-Run:

Why is it that when two people argue, each always has to get the last word in? Where the heck did that originate? Or is it just pride that controls everyone? Okay, so maybe it isn’t the last word that bothers me so much… but what you do after you spill out your opposition. You quickly walk away. And the first thing I want to do is grab you by your hair and pull you back into our argument so that you can fight like a man- or woman. It might not even be an argument, but you’re still guilty of a hit and run with your mouth. Seriously, it’s like sucker-punching someone. Snap out of it, stand your ground and finish what you’ve started!

“You’re judging me”

Give me a break. Quit whining. How is a person ever supposed to grow and change if they aren’t called into accountability? This may sound a bit abrasive, maybe it is; but, I’m tired of being wishy-washy and trying to please everyone. I stick to my guns and I get blamed for being self-righteous and judgmental; so, I relax a little bit and feel convicted for submerging into luke-warm water. Excuse me, but I do not want to be spit out, as if I were vomit. So, when I tell you that what you’re doing is wrong- I am not relying on my own opinion or experience. I am relying on The Bible. If you can’t take it, then leave. Get the definition of “judgment” right, before you use it as a shield against the refining fire (P.S. I’m in that fire, too. Just to let ya know. I’m dying to self, too. Yeah, it sucks.) Judgment is the final say in someone’s end result. Example: The Judgment Seat, which only God can inhabit. He tells you whether or not you’re going into heaven. I’m not. All I’m saying is that what you’re doing is wrong… it’s not a determination of your salvation. And I’m just quoting- I didn’t make the rules.

“You don’t understand”

How you do know? Have you lived my life? Surprisingly enough, I probably do understand. I understand pain, disappointment, frustration, anxiety, excitement and fear. So, if you want someone to talk to and to empathize with you, don’t use your “you won’t understand” card. Keep it for the person who (does understand) doesn’t care.

ADD Movie Watcher

How do I say this nicely? Sit down, shut up and watch the movie! Please. If you can’t wait until the end to see the hero beat the bad guy and get the girl, don’t ask me to rent the movie; or even ask me to watch the movie with you. I would probably rather be outside, anyway, than trying to wrangle your butt onto the couch every ten minutes.

Too social to talk to you

It happens, I know. You call someone and then something happens in the room that contains your presence and you just have to deal with it. But, when you call me and say nothing beyond 'Hi' because you're too busy chatting up the other people surrounding you- I'm hanging up on you. And I won't even feel bad. Call back when you're alone and value my time enough to engage me in your current drama. Kthanksbai.

I have plenty more, but the day is just too beautiful to sit here and type. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the mall. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

♫ Why It'd Be Easier to be Male

I have a feeling, Im going to get some backlash on this one. At least I hope so. Men, you’ve been quite unresponsive to the blog lately, I miss you.

It’s official. I want to be male. Not in a creepy..."I want a sex change"...way, but in a, "I really wanna be able to pee outside!" way. I have a theory, that life is easier for the guys. Let me know if I’ve got this right.

Men can pee standing up.

You cant argue that. Any girl that enjoys the outdoors envy’s you with full force. You should watch sometime. Actually, don’t. You’ll probably get hit. Let me tell you the process.

First, we get to scrounge for toilet paper. And for whatever reason, it’s impossible to remember until you’ve hiked three miles to find the tree that’s five feet wide, clean, un-prickled, and never before used because it’s so far away from the campground. So, you fight yourself on "air drying", a leaf, or the hike back, in hopes that you find your perfect tree again.

Second. The squat. Honestly, im a pretty flexible person. But im convinced that even those most graceful acrobat, could not do this act in a attractive manor. You have to put your feet so far in front of you that you and spread far apart 1) so that you wont get wet, 2) wont get poked by nature, and 3) to balance to hold your pants up, your body up, and your back against the tree.

Third. The maneuver you have to perform to get BACK UP is ridiculous.

On top of all that, this is just one example. Y’all don’t just pee standing up when you’re camping in pretty weather, huh? No. You get to go in COOL places. You know, public parking lots, backyards, middle of the street, off the back of a pickup. And I know you draw cool things in the snow (PS-writing our name in the snow, is NOT romantic, it’s disgusting, and also brings up the irritation that we cant. ). Jerks.

Men don’t have feelings

Ok. Men have feelings. But they don’t explode all over everything whenever they want. They’re also buried a lot deeper, so they’re harder to reach, and thus, get in the way of life much less.

One fallback for men is, this is both a strength and a weakness. Those that DO have feelings, are called names. Your either a mamma’s boy, or gay. Sorry gents, women are cruel.

Men don’t have bathroom party’s.

If you didn’t read the blog about our most embarrassing moments, click here and read about my "Hallelujah! Bathroom party". It was humiliating, but also fact. Not only do we get emotionally unpredictable every month, but we have to be high maintenance and go to the effing bathroom every four hours, avoid sex, shower standing up (you know, instead of the laying down bath kind of cleansing), avoid hot tubs, become completely unpredictable eruptive bitches, and deal with you. Y’all complain about PMS, but don’t realize that we’re tortured by our own body’s once a month. Give us a break, aight?

If we didn’t like sex so much, we’d be lesbians- - and you’d still like us!

Confession: I stole that quote from one of the coolest girls ever.

Another confession: we all think it in some fashion.

No, we don’t like girls THAT much. We just hate you that least every so often. You play these mind games. Whether it’s intentional or not, you screw with our heads in a huge way with every single move you make. We think you’re in love with us, and then in the same moment, have the ability to think you’re abandoning us. You’re impossible to figure out, seem difficult to please, and as much as we encrypt our messages-we do tell you everything we want, and you stare at us blankly and keep moving on your way.

Women are pretty simple creatures. Correction. Most women are pretty simple creatures. Once a month, you buy us flowers and duck and cover. You make some effort in decrypting us and doing what we ask. Remember two dates: our birthday, and our anniversary. And you spoil us rotten. That’s it! It’s that easy, I promise.

Yours Truly,

Monday, April 13, 2009

♫ Life Changes, and Eyebrows, Rock

First, I’d like to apologize for my dramatic start to the day. The update on Facebook that made me sound whiny, the pout that I wore around all morning, and the gloomy face and attitude I’ve been outfitted with all weekend. Oh yeah, and Saturday’s tears that exploded all over the phone at everyone that called. I’d like to blame PMS, but that’s not even a factor, I take all the credit for my emotional disaster. And apologizing whole heartedly. As much as I’d like to hold everything in, it seems to ooze out of me without my control.

Second, Im not really sure what im writing about today. Im going to just write, go with the flow, and see what happens. Bear with me, as usual.

I was in that sour mood this morning, when a quote appeared on my Twitter account. "The really happy woman is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.".

It really made me slow my roll. Realize, that when life throws you a fork, you take it, and enjoy the new scenery, rather than getting agitated that your life has been altered and thrown off course. There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest challenges ever. But it’s something at least strive for.

Goal #1. Starting today: realize, that no matter how my mind likes to convince me that my life is in shambles, there are always people less fortunate.

I look around and think Im alone, only to remember that I am surrounded by people that love me. I feel weak, only because I don’t realize how many are holding me up. I feel broke, because I cant keep up with my friends gadgets, hoop-laws, outings, and shopping sprees, then realize that my girls are healthy-far from starving, and my house is warm, my blankets are cozy, and my job, secure. I am jealous in moments, of those that I think are happier than me, and realize I have things that make me laugh, every single day. I envy those with the perfect little house and perfect little family, and realize that they have moments of weakness and foundations that shake too. I am independent. I am strong-willed, and passionate. Things wont always go my way, thank God. And no matter how much that Devil inside wants to convince me otherwise, my life is far from quaked, and I cannot be broken. It could always be worse.

Goal #2. I will be more grateful for the people that show me love, and less hateful towards those that don’t.

I have had a horrible case of the "Poor Me’s" lately. Without mentioning names, I have complained about those that don’t care enough. That care in a way that hurts. I have been irritated that the universe turns on a completely different axis for some people and when it doesn’t, I bear the brunt. And that’s not fair of me.

I have my best friends, that realize when im having a bad day, and do everything in their power to fix me. My best friends are not limited to relation, amount of legs they stand on, length of time that I’ve known them, how often I see them, or even how far away they are. I am surrounded by people that love me, that barely know me. I know, that no matter how lonely I feel, I am never alone.

Goal #3. I will have a firm grasp on my finances, by the end of the summer.

This one is tough. It is more difficult than I ever could have imagined having three females (two that require a lotta food, daycare, and diapers), on one income. I miss having the luxury of "extra money". A slow process, but it will happen. In six months, I will have complete control.

Summary: My life is about to change. Not that I don’t have enough life change going on already, but it’s changing, in that I have a new outlook. I will rely less on you, and more on myself. I will be grateful for what I have, instead of yearning for what I don’t. God has blessed me with angels. Psh. What more could a girl ask for???

Yours Truly,

PS-I realized this weekend, that I have a thing for eyebrows. Random. But seriously, there is something about an expressive pair of eyebrows that holds my attention, makes me smile, and really changes a face completely. They’re not just awnings for eyeballs, they compliment them. Complete them. Make them POP. Help them come alive. Just saying. Im also uber-jealous that I cant raise them both...only my left one. Sigh. My right side is faulty or something. My left one, though, is super talented (notice the blog profile picture).

Can you raise yours?

Friday, April 10, 2009

** The “Skinny” on Dieting and Exercise

New Guest Blog! Let us know what you think!

I am a 43 year old woman who comes from a family of weight gainers. It’s called the “(insert last name here!)-BUTT”! That means we gained it in the rear area first and of course we never looked at our rears so we didn’t see the weight gain until it was too late.

I grew up watching my mother, sisters, aunts and cousins weights go up and down all the time. My mother had a closet full of pants hung in order from size 9 to size 32 and she just breezed through the different sizes, every year, like they were a smorgasbord!

My weight gain came in my late 30’s…luckily I was a “late bloomer” in that aspect. The weight gain was during Christmas one year…I will admit that I had an addition to eggnog and rum (and there are no ‘eggnog support groups’ out there, so I did have to kick this addition on my own…). I mixed and drank that evil drink like a person would drink ice tea with a sweetener during the summer…one after another. To make a long story short…I gained 30 lbs! I also should mention that I never get on a weight scale other than the one trip to the woman doctor every year…I just thought my husband was shrinking my pants in the dryer…denial!

Jumping ahead in time…exercise and diets did not and do NOT work…I don’t care who you are! I had to do something…size 5 to size 12 is not attractive, especially when it all goes to the BUTT area. The only nice thing about gaining weight is that my breast size went from a small A to a beautiful size B!!! But……the larger breasts weren’t worth the risks to my health due to the weight gain.

I have a great friend who is a personal trainer in Arizona who clued me into a way to shed weight fast and safely without a strict “eat this, eat that”. Thankfully, exercise was not a requirement….yippy!

What is this secret? PROTEIN and lots of it!

I start every day with a Whey Protein shake…a minimum of 50 grams of protein (the more, the better!). The whey powder protein is found at any Wal-Mart. Do NOT buy the premixed shakes…they contain too much sugar. Then as the day progresses, anything you eat should contain MORE protein, than sugar content (read the labels folks!). Also, remove as much white sugar and white bread as possible from your meals…throw out the buns at McDonalds and just eat the meat (if you must go there…yuk!). What other foods have good high protein in them you say? Tuna (straight out of the can…don’t add mayo!), oysters, pink salmon, peanut butter, fish, beans, nuts, bacon, eggs, white cheeses are good for you as well. If you crave anything else before dinner time, then drink another protein shake. You should be eating/drinking at least 145 grams of protein per day, always starting in the morning. Add in a multi vitamin, fish oil capsule and vitamin D…at least. Give yourself a week to get use to this high protein diet. You may feel like you are starving the first week, but let your body get use to the change and it will curb your appetite big time!

I STILL drink my skinny white chocolate double shot in the am…I STILL eat a big huge sinful dinner…I STILL drink my red wine etc…but have lost those 30 lbs in just a little over a year. I have now started a few exercise classes at the rec center…why? NOT to lose weight….but to tone up this hot 43 year old body and be ready for bikini season! (and to make people think might be in my 20’s or 30’s…LOVE being carded at the bar!!)

Maybe this is my own personal opinion….but dieting and exercise don’t work to lose weight…they are an emotional rollercoaster ride, that’s all! Change the way you eat NOW and you will enjoy your life the older you get!


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