Monday, April 13, 2009

♫ Life Changes, and Eyebrows, Rock

First, I’d like to apologize for my dramatic start to the day. The update on Facebook that made me sound whiny, the pout that I wore around all morning, and the gloomy face and attitude I’ve been outfitted with all weekend. Oh yeah, and Saturday’s tears that exploded all over the phone at everyone that called. I’d like to blame PMS, but that’s not even a factor, I take all the credit for my emotional disaster. And apologizing whole heartedly. As much as I’d like to hold everything in, it seems to ooze out of me without my control.

Second, Im not really sure what im writing about today. Im going to just write, go with the flow, and see what happens. Bear with me, as usual.

I was in that sour mood this morning, when a quote appeared on my Twitter account. "The really happy woman is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.".

It really made me slow my roll. Realize, that when life throws you a fork, you take it, and enjoy the new scenery, rather than getting agitated that your life has been altered and thrown off course. There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest challenges ever. But it’s something at least strive for.

Goal #1. Starting today: realize, that no matter how my mind likes to convince me that my life is in shambles, there are always people less fortunate.

I look around and think Im alone, only to remember that I am surrounded by people that love me. I feel weak, only because I don’t realize how many are holding me up. I feel broke, because I cant keep up with my friends gadgets, hoop-laws, outings, and shopping sprees, then realize that my girls are healthy-far from starving, and my house is warm, my blankets are cozy, and my job, secure. I am jealous in moments, of those that I think are happier than me, and realize I have things that make me laugh, every single day. I envy those with the perfect little house and perfect little family, and realize that they have moments of weakness and foundations that shake too. I am independent. I am strong-willed, and passionate. Things wont always go my way, thank God. And no matter how much that Devil inside wants to convince me otherwise, my life is far from quaked, and I cannot be broken. It could always be worse.

Goal #2. I will be more grateful for the people that show me love, and less hateful towards those that don’t.

I have had a horrible case of the "Poor Me’s" lately. Without mentioning names, I have complained about those that don’t care enough. That care in a way that hurts. I have been irritated that the universe turns on a completely different axis for some people and when it doesn’t, I bear the brunt. And that’s not fair of me.

I have my best friends, that realize when im having a bad day, and do everything in their power to fix me. My best friends are not limited to relation, amount of legs they stand on, length of time that I’ve known them, how often I see them, or even how far away they are. I am surrounded by people that love me, that barely know me. I know, that no matter how lonely I feel, I am never alone.

Goal #3. I will have a firm grasp on my finances, by the end of the summer.

This one is tough. It is more difficult than I ever could have imagined having three females (two that require a lotta food, daycare, and diapers), on one income. I miss having the luxury of "extra money". A slow process, but it will happen. In six months, I will have complete control.

Summary: My life is about to change. Not that I don’t have enough life change going on already, but it’s changing, in that I have a new outlook. I will rely less on you, and more on myself. I will be grateful for what I have, instead of yearning for what I don’t. God has blessed me with angels. Psh. What more could a girl ask for???

Yours Truly,

PS-I realized this weekend, that I have a thing for eyebrows. Random. But seriously, there is something about an expressive pair of eyebrows that holds my attention, makes me smile, and really changes a face completely. They’re not just awnings for eyeballs, they compliment them. Complete them. Make them POP. Help them come alive. Just saying. Im also uber-jealous that I cant raise them both...only my left one. Sigh. My right side is faulty or something. My left one, though, is super talented (notice the blog profile picture).

Can you raise yours?


You adopted mom! ;) said...

Awwwww are doing great! Your "down" moments just give us greater opportunities to visit with and bond with our "terrific" Naomi!

You always have been and always will continue to be a great mom and friend as time goes by! We are all here for you...forever and ever!

Hugs and loves!

Your adopted mom! ;) said...

No I can't raise my eyebrows without making my entire face look squinched up, forced and weird. I'll keep practicing! Lucky lady!

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