Thursday, April 16, 2009

♫ I'm a Horrible Girl

But Im getting better. Really I am. Proof=this sappy, long, girly blog.

My whole life, I’ve been one of the guys. The majority of my friends have been male. I didn’t get along with my beauti-mus sister until she moved away. My mom and I have our tiffs. I tend to have ONE good girl friend, and duck and cover from the rest of the females wandering the planet. Enough bad experiences has taught me that they can be two-faced, jealous, emotional, drama-queens. Plus the maintenance. No matter how hard I try, I cannot take longer than a half an hour (hour tops for special occasions), getting ready for anything. I don’t understand HOURS of shopping on a nice day. I cant grasp owning hundreds of pairs of shoes.

But Im starting to get it. Better late than never right?

Here’s the thing. Because I’ve had enough crappy experiences with girls, I’ve managed to spend the better part of my life avoiding them like the plague, assuming they were all so un-cool. Ive found recently though, if you look hard enough, some girls actually rock. Even in packs. Like, just because some crowds of girls are constantly clawing each other with all above said qualities, there are actually ladies that can handle themselves in a uncompetitive, unbiased, group.

The blasts from my past:

**Disclaimer: pre-juinior high doesn’t count. The drama was at a minimum, and at that point, nobody even looked like girls, much less acted like them. So Beth (my best-est best friend from elementary school), you rock dear. Thanks for being my first tom-boy girlfriend, I miss you so much).

Ah hem. Junior High.

Life found me in Cody, Wyoming. Sixth grade. Brand new town, new Junior High School, NO friends. I hated my parents for pulling me away from my perfect little home in the middle of the biggest time of my life (totally was then, you know). Little did I know, that no matter where life took me in the future, they were moving me to my home. Cody is still home for me. Sixth grade is a cruel time anyway, much less when you’re brand new. There is no way I could name every girl that has come in to my life, especially the ones filled with awesome in Cody. Among all of them though, are two that stand out more than any.

Ashley, and Sarah. There aren’t enough words to tell you two how much you’ve meant to me. It’s been years, and I still miss you so much my heart hurts, and I love you and all our memories, as if they all happened yesterday.

These girls were tough. I mean, like, Sarah used to play chicken with me, walk the man-killing great danes in the snow, chase the cowboys that broke our hearts, and protected me with everything in her. Ashley and I rode our bikes to work (about 20 miles/day), cleaned hotel rooms (this takes guts and stomachs of steel by the way), and held my hand when things fell apart and life became real.

Fast forward:

Parents moved me right before my 16th birthday to Cheyenne, WY. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wyoming, and I love the people I’ve met in Cheyenne, but I do not love Cheyenne. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Two girls again:

Bex. And Kara. Becky brought out the girl in me for the first time. We hated each other when we both lived near paradise, and have always had plenty in common, but it took moving and our parents forcing us to get along to get us to connect. She showed me the love of God though, and cut my hair, and made me laugh. To this day, nobody can make me laugh like her. Her smile, forever contagious. Kara, is the toughest girl I’ve ever met. If there were soul mates out there for friends, she’s it for me. Side by side, we’ve had our battles. We’ve made each other stronger, shared milestones, and put each other back together after finding the other in pieces.

Fast forward again:


Yuck. Im an adult. Officially. And I still have all of these girls in my life, and then some. The three (you know who you are, and if you don’t, Im gonna wack you upside the head with my new shoes) I’ve met and got close to at work, and my beautiful friend I had to leave behind recently wayyyy outside of town. They all have something in common. All these girls. They’re always there for me. For the first time, Im surrounded by girls that want my happiness over nothing else. They’ve shown me that they accept me, regardless of the bad or good choices I make, how boy I try to be, how bad of a shopping companion I’ve proven to be. I learn something new from every single one of them every day. They make me laugh. They hold me up.

My sister. Lady, we have been down quite the road, and will continue to travel it together. The world will always spin around us, and Im glad that we're so close. I love that we've tripled the size of our family with cool people (Hi, Lori!). I love you, with a big chunk of my heart. You get prettier by the day-quiddit.

And my adopted moms. There are a few that I call mom out there, and more in the making I think. The women that are older than me, and continue to fill me up with the stories, advice, and puzzles of life they’ve figured out and are willing to share. They’re proof, that no matter what curves life throws at you, you’ll make it. These ladies are the elite of the world. ♥

For the first time in my life, both itty bitty, short, strong, bold, shy, random, girly, and beautiful, I am surrounded by girls. I cant get enough of you.

This is a sappier, probably more boring, blog than I usually write. The point is, regardless of gender, make sure you surround yourself with people that will be there for you when it feels like the world has walked out on you. You’ll be surprised where they pop up I think.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
-- Albert Camus

A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
-- Anonymous

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. ~Jeffrey Levy

Yours Truly,

PS-if you werent mentioned by name, I promise I didnt forget you. I just wanted to give a shout-out to my girls that have played a huge roll in my life recently.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you did forget the one really exceptional one. I'm gonna have to stop reading your blogs.

Your adopted mom! ;) said...

Awwww...what an awesome write!! Good job young lady!

Naomi you just get better by the day, prettier by the minute and more mature by the second! I blush with huge proud eyes, that I've know you since you were..."younger than I am" (and you always will be dang it!

For some reason I've always been drawn to you, to watch over you, take care of you mentally and to be your positive re-enforcement or back up girl. I am so glad we've re-connected and are sharing all our life experiences, secret stories, successes, failures...and I know we will have much more to come our way and share/bond with in the future!

Loves and Hugs to you girl! I'm so proud of you each and every single day!

Sazaran said...

Maybe you, "Anonymous", should (instead of being offended and self-rightesous) should re-evaluate your relationship with Nomz and ask, "How can I help her?" or "What can I do to strengthen our relationship so that I stand out among the other people in her life?"

That might help more than not reading our blog- I doubt that will change anything.

Once again, our blog has proved its name! Woot! ;)

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