Saturday, February 19, 2011

♫ Toddler Trouble: Episode 987651

Sometimes, having toddlers make me want to act like one. Obtain a mental picture of me stomping around in a gigantic circle, pulling my hair, and huffing as loudly as possible when things don't go my way. It may look silly in your head, but me, I'm winning our little game.

Being a mom of two toddlers, I am blessed to be challenged with something new every single day. I face those challenges with the outlook that I can love them through all of it. There is nothing that a little love can't cure. Of course, sometimes love means punishment, but in our house, that's a rare necessity. I have good kids. The toddler I had you mentally picture above was more me actually, than them. I've never seen them throw a rager like some kids. I'm challenged though, like any other mom. And I've officially become stumped.

I've become stumped over something ridiculously simple, probably. All the more reason for there to be epic comments telling me how silly I'm being, and how to fix this little issue of mine. Call me hysterical if you want, but please help me before I get my huff-face on again.

My girls are five and four. And while I have a goal of us all sitting around the dinner table every night together as a family, our busy schedules rarely allow it. Perhaps the best solution. Regardless of the table, they get dinner every night (I get props for THAT, right?!). And it's rare that they argue about what I put in front of them. Willing to at least try what I've attempted, for fear I'll make them eat it at the next meal, and the next, and the next until they like it (ah hem, thank you Alicia, for THAT brilliance).

BUT...they take AN HOUR AND A HALF to finish anything put in front of them! They get to giggling and carrying on, or crying out of exhausting, that they refuse to eat at a decent pace.

I know I'm not alone in this, and I know it's normal...because I did it. And my parents solved it by putting a timer on the table. When the timer was up, we lost out on dinner. Period. Because I hated that rule SO MUCH when I was small, I'm being stubborn and refusing to try the method. But, times are desperate. I want my kids to have healthy meals, and finish them in a timely manner, and if I have to (*big gulp*), I'll try the timer plan.

First though, what would you do if you were me? If I sat you down with a pair of giggling turtles, and asked you to make them eat at a comfortable would you light the fire? How would you encourage them to get-a-move-on? Or perhaps I'm overreacting, and I should encourage them to eat at their own pace. It's only bedtime and playtime we're putting off, after all. Maybe, just maybe, this is the universe saying "Grow yourself some patience, mama bear."

Frustrated mama.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ever thought of having a blog? Today they’re a dime a dozen and you can find someone’s posted thoughts on any topic ever imagined. Literally. There are some pretty weird blogs out there; there are also some pretty amazing, hilarious, inspiring and creatively unique blogs out there. Here are some tips that Nomz and I have put together for your reference:

Must Love Writing
As said above, blogs are everywhere and almost everyone has tried their hand at blogging. But, we really think it takes someone who really loves writing to have a successful blog. And you can tell when someone who doesn’t really have a personal relationship with their dictionary/thesaurus tries to put their thoughts into words. Yes, yes you can. So, please, love writing. It’s so much more fun that way.

Accept Critique Gracefully
Nomz and I are far from being professional bloggers and Lord knows we have so much to learn (and remember) about this gig; the trick is to pick and choose each bit of advice and criticism that people freely hand over. There has been more than one occasion where a friend or stranger shared their opinion of our posts- sometimes we took it to heart, discussed it or just put it on the shelf to collect pretty particles of dust. The key is to discern whether someone is being genuine or critical in a negative way and then to figure out how to apply it (or not) to your writing. Remember: A blog is personal, but making it too personal can leave you exposed for people to attack.

Ignore the “Anonymous” Nay-Sayers
This one could go for both Life in general and any type of blog you attempt. They’ll always be there with their clouds of doom and negativity. Ignore them. Love your writing, anyway; be passionate, anyway; tell the truth, anyway; stand up for yourself, anyway.

Add Your Own Touch
With how diverse our gorgeous world is, there will never be enough information to cover or too many stories to tell. But, all these things can be told in a boring and blasé way. If you want to blog about your cat, your job or your bad habits then, please, be creative! Or no one will care and no one will read. Don’t be afraid to be different, you're speaking to a really loud room, most saying all the same things- stand out or fail. Our touch? It seems to be Random Thoughts, doesn't it? That sort of just evolved.

There’s a reason why we usually put a picture at the beginning of our posts- they capture imagination and create a mental foundation for the rest of the read.

Keep A Journal, Be Consistent
These two go together, we feel, because they depend on each other. Nomz and I both have scads of journals that we’re constantly scribbling notes, quotes and inspiration in. Without a piece of paper to write your blogging ideas about, you’ll never remember because something else will grab your attention. A journal will allow you to pace your writing and hash out ideas for posts; consistency is important if you want to maintain interest.

Know Your Stuff
Be researched if you plan on *sounding* researched. Chances are somebody is already an expert. Also, it will help to have some HTML knowledge, some technical background will help you rank on Google and get unique visitors to your blog, not just your loyal army of friends and family. <--- This is allll Nomz’s area of specialty. And thank God for her!

Scrap It All
OR, you can ignore everything we've just said and blog for you! If writing helps release anxiety; if you don't really care who reads your stuff or if anyone does at all or if what need to do is write or die... then, by all means, spill your happy heart out! We'll cheer for you and if you send us a link we may read your stuff every now and then!

So, there it is folks! Our little tips on having a blog that you can be proud of. We’re still small news compared to some amazing blogs out there, but we LOVE our Daily Offensive!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

♫ Drought...Watered.

Rumor has it, it's been months since I've blogged. A bit of a word-drought, if you will. And not so much for lack of things to say, but lack of time to be playing on the internet. Don't you worry, I've got an entire notebook full of hand-written blogs waiting to be posted for your lovely eyes.

So. Here we are, a fairly peaceful Friday afternoon. I'm sick, my oldest daughter is sick, my boxer puppy is sleeping next to me (snoring ferociously), and my sister is on her way with icecream to help us all feel better. My house is so clean, my ceiling fan has been bleached and my carpets are standing on end. The afternoon sun is cuddling up with us in my living room, promising to stick around for the next five days or so.

Trust me w hen I say my lack of time on the internet isn't personal. Well, I mean it's not offensive. It's definitely personal. My personal life is severely interfering with my internet life. Listed below, is just a glimpse of my "right now"...

*My girls are at a point in their life where their personalities are fighting to prove themselves unique. Sassyfrass and looptyloo have been recent nicknames for them, both constantly making me laugh, reminding me to be grateful for what I've got, and how fast life happens. I have yet to hit a stage of their little ages that I can't love them through, and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings us.

*My guy. I could mush all day about him, but Sazaran recently gushed and I don't want the blog to throw up from overexposure. Let's just say this...Brandon couldn't be a better man for my girls to admire, a better life partner for me to stand next to, or a more honest, harder working man, pushing us all to be a better version of ourselves. He is my strength lately, nursing us all back to health, and my best friend.

*My friends. I moved fairly recently, and miss most of my friends sorely. I have yet to bond with anybody down here like I did at home, and there are days it pangs me not to be there any longer. That being said, it proves that we are the best kind of friends, because even with the longer distance between us, we're growing stronger, finding opportunities to bust out the camera or spontaneous road trip, chickflick'ing our way through the weekends, and emailing/texting/using technology every hour of every day. It's a lot harder to keep relationships up from a distance, but it's absolutely worth the growth that happens because of it.

*My job. Like any normal job, there are good days and bad days. But I couldn't have been luckier finding coworkers that understand that, and a boss that is flexible around me having kids, a life outside of work, and stresses of life that are out of my control. I do work for an accountant though, and it's tax season, so don't expect the blogs to pick up too much. Also note: don't piss off your accountant ever. But if you do, don't make it during tax season.Bribery is also suggested.

*My family. My family consists of a lot of people. Blood related, and love related. I'm learning, still, that family isn't just the ones that have your DNA, but also the ones that will jump at a moment's notice to save you, your kids, your dogs, or your house (from you, obv). The ones that call regularly, and email when you send out an SOS tweet or text. Family matters more than anything in the world, and I can't stress enough how grateful I am that you're all in my life.

Speaking of, my lovely sister just strode into my home, icecream in hand. Gorgeous as always, and just getting off babysitting duty, she attempted to remove a banana from my shirt forgetting that I'm not the one year old she's been attending all week. For the record, I do not have a banana on my shirt, it's just a decoration. But if I were one, I'd be taken care of. See? Family. <3

Yours Truly,

Monday, February 7, 2011

♥ Me+Him

Remember, a while back, when I provided a list of requirements for all potential applicants of Mr. Right? Just as soon as that blog was posted, I immediately folded up the invisible paper, stained with invisible words, and shoved it into the deepest part of the smallest drawer in the back of my heart. It was there, I could feel it, but I always thought, "This is a nice little list. Too bad I'll probably have to settle to be as close to happy as I dream of being."

And I'm sure God heard my little heart-sigh and had to give a chuckle. If only I knew who He had in mind for my very near future. 379 days into the future, to be exact, Mr. Right himself took center-stage of my life. This love of mine has not only pin-pointed every requirement, he has gone beyond into the "hoped for but not spoken" requests that had added themselves to my list.

I can tell you that I have never felt this loved, protected and cherished by any one person in my 26 years of living. I've never been held so close in such a respectful and honored way. I have never felt loved enough to be able to share even the parts of myself that I'm not proud of.

Enter thought: God does waaaaay better than any online dating service ever could.
There has not been one day that he has not made me crack up over and over.
He talks me through even the muckiest of feelings.
His small notes and texts of sweet nothings are such effective ways of saying, "I'm still thinking about you."
Can you see his heart from where you are? It's seriously that big.

Little thoughts flutter in and out of my heart each day. Thoughts like, "That love song totally fits us." or "I'm so glad it's him. No one else could've been perfect enough." And I know that these thoughts will continue to invade my thinking-space, because I know we'll always put each other and this love we're cultivating before any earthly thing.

And each time you see me post a HAPPYSIGH, you'll know that he is solely responsible for my new home called Cloud Ten.


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