Monday, December 14, 2009

♥The List

For those of you who've seen P.S. I Love You, you will be familiar with the following qualities Denise kept to when searching for Mr. Right:

Denise Hennessey: Are you single?
Guy with Clipboard: Yes.
Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?
Guy with Clipboard: Yes.
[Denise walks away]
Denise Hennessey: [a few frames later] Are you single?
Ted: Yes.
Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?
Ted: No.
Denise Hennessey: Are you working?
Ted: No.
[she walks away]

In fact, there are several movies in which the starry-eyed girl holds a piece of paper to her heart and prays that her list will personify in the form of tall, dark and handsome.

Years ago, in my virginal pre-teen era, I had a list of qualities that I wanted in my "future husband". I can't remember every detail, but I know the list was pretty ridiculously picky. Then, a friend of mine said to me, "Sarah, you'll never find someone if you can't give 'em a little slack." So I tore up the list and, well, fast-forward 10 years and we all know how that chapter ended.

Just this minute, I read a friend's list and felt that little spark re-light in my heart. Why don't I deserve every detail I want, dangit?! Of course, there is no such thing as perfection, but I've learned which characteristics are priority and which are not. It might take a little longer for this person to take their cue and enter my main stage of life, but why settle for less than what the heart yearns for?

Here it is:

* You must be a Christian. A passionate Christian. All luke-warm applicants will be denied.
* You must accept my son as your own and also want to have more children- with me. Duh.
* Please be taller than me (easy to do, I know). However, I need to cut it off at six feet.
* You must be able to balance your work life, social life and home life with skill. Any one cannot take precedence over the other.

* Romance, dear, and affection.. 'Nuf said.

* Humor. You will have me wrapped around your pinky if you can get me to laugh frequently.

* If you do drugs (this includes cigarettes), you will be booted out the door by my pointy pink pumps.

* A kind heart; I do not do well with someone who makes fun of others for sport. In fact, if your sense of humor is cutting, don't even talk to me.

Brownie Points for the following:

* Coinciding political views. I am Conservative. Beware.

* Love of traveling.

* A degree in any area which will allow you to provide for your family.

* You take pride in your appearance and hygiene.

* A firm handshake says alot about a person.

* My friends like you and vice versa. Double brownie points, for this one.

There ya go. Looking over this, I'd say I'm pretty easy-going. No requirements that resemble Edward Cullen. Now... all I need is a little patience.



Sara said...

Howdy... KEEP to your list missy and you'll get there!

I had a list, a rather different one but a list and found someone who met all qualities required... Mind you don't go checking things off right out of the gate, things lower down on the list but do give them time to show themselves... Mother-in-law was a big one and it took several months to learn that my current husband's mother wasn't his be all end all...not that I couldn't tell by looking of course...

ANYWAY... GOOD LUCK!!! I'm rootin' for ya!

Cherry Brown said...

Lists are great sometimes God answers our prayers in weird ways that we wouldn't expect.
I had a list and my Jamie measured up pretty good.
1.tall,dark and handsome- my man is all these,although I think I should have been a little more specific; by dark I only meant hair! (just a joke obviously I am not a racist)
2.Completely 100% sold out for and in love with Jesus-He's a work in progress as are we all and we've been through some stuff but he loves God and puts Him above all else.
3. Completely in love with me- he tells me all the time.
4. Wants babies- yep we got 1 so far
5.Good dresser- his love of clothes and shoes has put a serious hole in our bank balance at times!
6.Very tall- I may be only 5"1 but I asked for a man between 6ft and
6"5.Jamie's 6"2 so it works for us!
God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, not perfect people but the one that fits with us and makes us happy :)
ps. I <3 your blogs

Reese said...

I love the list. And you aren't being specific at all...

Actually... it's a pretty easy-going one. You're looking for a nice guy, that will treat you right and has the some morals/beliefs you do.

Period. He's out there :)

And btw... its totally 100x brownie points if he sparkles.

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