Monday, December 7, 2009

♫ December Photo Challenge!

From now on, this contest will be known as DPC, followed by a date.

Here's the deal. I met this great gal via Twitter, who happens to blog, and is also an awesome mamma. Anyway, the point, is that she's doing this "December Photo Challenge" thing, where a bunch of bloggers are posting a photo a an effort to network, get some link juice, AND SHARE AWESOME PICTURES. See? I told you she was brilliant. Or maybe I didn't mention that...but she is.'ll be getting a photo a day from me, or at least I'm going to try, until the end of December. Also, make sure to check her blog daily of pretty pictures, and grand blogging skillz.

Read more about the contest here: December Photo Challenge, and find her main blog homepage here: Thoughts n Stuff

Drum Roll Please....

DPC: December 7th, 2009:

My Leyna Bug. My sister captured this shot...but since it's my kid, my camera, and my backyard, I totally get to use it to kick off this thing.

Check back daily!

Yours Truly,


Meg said...

This photo make me LAUGH! So cute and so so funny.
I am so glad you joined and thanks for all the kind words.
I can't wait to see more pics. I put your link up on my site so you should be getting so DPC traffic soon!

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