Tuesday, December 29, 2009


True story:

There was a man in the Bible named Job. This man was righteous; so much so that God had built a hedge of protection around him and caused him to be very prosperous. So, Satan challenged God by implying that if his blessings were stripped, he would no longer serve God as he did. God said, "Go for it and watch him prove you wrong." Through a series of unfortunate events, all of Job's children die; his land is destroyed by storms; his cattle are killed off by a plague. All this to show that his faith was not in God, but in things. So, Job's three friends decide to travel to him to provide "encouragement." They end up spending the whole time telling Job that he woes are a direct result of sin. Against God. Horrible sin that he must right in order for his blessing to be restored.

---> making this story short- Satan is proved wrong. Job remains faithful to God. Because of His love for him, God restores his blessing three-fold.

Moral of the story: there will always be that "anonymous" person in life- or a few- that inspire ulcers to make a home in our gut; throwing out all feeling and/or logic when doing so: Job's friends. With each case, I believe that we can make it a good or bad experience for either party. Whether or not those ulcers actually stand a chance is allll how we react. There is the option of taking each attack, back-handed compliment or mean-spirited comment to heart and become a shell of a person by doing so.


By realizing that the person who prefers to remain "Anonymous" is choosing to do so because they are immature and don't want their immaturity to be displayed for all to gawk at, we can take their babble (I love that word, doesn't it describe said person's opinion so well??) with a grain of salt and ignore.it.

First, if "Anonymous" is so important in life, they would not remain so secretive. Their thoughts could be shared with a name tag and all would appreciate their input. This only goes to say that most of the time, no one cares what they think. At least I don't. Obviously, this here blog is inspired by recent events and it may seem that my goat was got. Not true.

I'd like to say a thing or two to that thorn in our side: I reply with vigor because it is my (our) blog and I like to be involved. However, do not think that your comments affect me. You visit Daily Offensive a dozen times a day... so who is affecting whom? My point exactly. You may be hiding behind a convenient little title but your true insides are spilling all over. It's not a pretty sight to behold. I think you will find that our readers will almost always support us and despise you. Glitter-bless those faithful readers.

Dr. Seuss said it best, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


Anonymous said...

you go girl! love this. keep up the good work.

firststarontheleft@gmail.com said...

& believe me, "Anonymous," when I tell you what an excellent example you make of this quote:

"Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities; remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them."

Thanks for making me feel thankful to be me every time I see one of your mean-spirited diatribes!

Lover of your BLOG! said...

Yeah...what they said! If I comment with Anonymous...it's always because my response is private/personal... not an attack on the blogger.

GROW UP mean person (I mean anonymous!)

Anonymous said...

I blog annon because I dont have a google account user tag thingie. However, using the word "thingie" clearly tells you exactly who I am if you know me because I use it all the time. :)

Good blog by the way!

Reese said...

I'm not sure I get this though... weren't you guys the ones that said (not long ago) that you allow anonymous comments for multiple reasons?

And now you're taking them back?

Sorry---slightly confusing to me since me and Naomi had a back and forth about a post I made on my site.

You can't give the ability to write anonymous posts then criticize them. Why not just monitor the posts then? And publish what you like? :(

And btw other anonymous: You don't need a google account. It gives you the option to write a name. Just sayin :x

Sazaran said...

It's our blog, so, pretty much we can do whatever we want for anonymous comments. We allow anonymous comments for said reasons above- to allow people to interact with our blogs in a non-vindictive way. That being said, we will NOT allow attacks to hid behind our graces. Before Naomi posted the blog she did, we had a talk about whether it would be in the best interest of our bloggers to remain able to use Anonymous. We agreed yes- but we're ever watchful of those who abuse the privilege.

Anonymous said...

Really, in my opinion, on the internet people feel "anonymous" means they can be rude & nasty without giving their identity. They feel it gives them freedom to be judgmental, snark, and crude. I guess if you are that kind of person, go for it, practice your freedom of speech, but what kind of person does that make you? Attacking someone anonymously is chicken shit and lowers who you really are, even if your name isn't displayed. Do you REALLY want to be THAT kind of person?

Sazaran said...

^^ Couldn't have said it better myself!!

Anonymous said...

To be anonymous doesn't necessarily make one chicken-shit, it makes one prudent.

Being anonymous AND an @$$-hole I'm guessing touches on some desire on the @$$-hole's part to, well, be an @$$-hole. Kinda like the junior-high stunt of throwing eggs at passing cars.

Being anonymous when you're shy allows you to voice your opinion openly without that fear of attention being drawn to you.

Anonymous postings erase identities and the preconceptions or biases a reader might feel towards the "anonymite", so what they have to say may actually be heard more receptively.

If you (Nomz, Sazaran) really mean it when you say you're not afraid to discuss things that make you squirm, and if you're open to arguments and strong opinions, then you need to show that. It seems a little weak to threaten to pull the plug when you get squirmy or someone counters with a differing strong opinion or engages in an argument.

- Just another Anonymite

Sazaran said...

Anonymite, clearly you didn't read the blog-- or at least you read it with your own ideas in mind. What I was referring to, in this post specifically, is the person who uses the Anonymous name to be a faceless attacker. People who want to be mean-spirited but don't want to get flack for it usually comment without putting their name. Kinda like a terrorist attacks without showing their face. It's all the principle of doing something bad, in the dark, because you don't want to been seen doing it in the light. We have never had a problem with shy people wanting to voice their opinion-- but do you honestly think the horrible comments on this blog are just form "shy people"? I think not.
Being open to a variety of topics, opinions and suggestions is completely different from being open or allowing bitter, rude and cowardice readers to make a fun topic into one of strife.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it wasn't entireley clear you were talking only about "the" anonymous, nor were some of the other responders. Especially the part suggesting that "all would appreciate their input" if they added a "name tag". I would disagree that a name tag is essential to appreciation of thought.

"Lover of your BLOG!", Reese, and the other Anonymite all offered different perspectives of why posting as Anonymous isn't always with hostile intent. I was merely trying to offer differing perspectives as well.

Something to think about also: When you characterize someone's response or thoughts with phrases "clearly you didn't..." or "do you honestly think...", those are confrontational phrases. If you want to have a respectful dialogue, that's not a way to respond respecting another's thoughts, and certainly not a way to encourage polite readers back.

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