Thursday, December 31, 2009

** The Daycare from Hell.

**Guest Blogging time! Please lend our ghost writer, and her blog, your thoughts!** Sazaran and Nomz

One of the hardest things in my life has popped up. The decision to work and place my kids in daycare. I love to be a stay at home Mom but when a job comes around when you really really need it sometimes you just have to take it up. I started my quest on looking for a great daycare through google. A nice fancy page may not be all it's cut out to be. I felt like I found the a pretty good place for the kiddos. So, got up at 5:30 a.m. to get us all ready for my first day of work and the kid's first day of school. When I dropped them off I couldn't help but shed a few tears because they didn't even seem to notice that I was leaving. I called throughout the day and I was told my babies where fine and not to worry. But, picking them up was a different story. It felt like it took forever to get across town to pick them up. I hurried up to the door and to my freaking amazement here stands a almost 6 or 7 year old pushing my daughter who is only 3. Not only this a boy was jumping in front of her and screaming. I've never seen my little girl so pissed off. Her face was red and she was completely trying to defend herself to these bullies. I turn to look at the "daycare provider" and she was standing there laughing. She says to me "um so yea you owe us $500.00 for the week and we need your payment right now!" I was in total shock, I mean I couldn't even get out well, what the hell are you doing not even taking care of my kids??? Or, Why does my son have snot all over his face, or why in the hell was my infant only change ONE freaking time in a 9 hour period????? I gathered my kids and their things. I popped us in the car and my eyes swell up. I can't believe this has happened. I couldn't even fall asleep the night before because I was scared to leave them with anyone let alone a daycare. I decided that I wasn't going to take that crap, so I drove back and wrote a check for 110 bucks for one day to a crappy daycare. When I got my kids home they where so thirsty they drank 4 glasses of juice! That right there means they probably didn't eat anything or drink anything. I wish I could tell every single parent that takes their kids to this place not to anymore. They don't give a damn about babies or children just a head count on how much money they are making.

On a lighter note, I did find a wonderful daycare a day later. This place is awesome and they also say bible verses! I'm thrilled to be able to work and contribute to our family. It's also a nice break from being a stay at home Mom. But here is to saying good bye to debt and Thank the Lord for finding me a daycare that is best for my kids!


An edit from our Guest Blogger: First Steps Preschool is evil! The awesome one they are in now is called Kiddie Korral. :)


Anonymous said...

First glance reading this,... I think it should have been edited. For my eyes---can we please put more breaks in the lines? More paragraphs?

Also, I understand something like this is troubling, and can cause some serious angst. But to make this help readers more.... instead of writing it when you are upset or pissed off... let it simmer a few days, write it, let it simmer a few more days, then revise it.

Truly this isn't much help to me because you were so emotionally upset. Did you try contacting the daycare to talk about them? Did you research the daycare before you put your kids there?

What happened when you contacted them those times?

How did you find the new place?

I was about to give you kuddos for not mentioning the place in name, but then you threw it in at the very end. Please try to realize that you CAN help others, but need to calm down first!

Andrea said...

I appreciate the blog and the info on where NOT to send my kids. Obviously the anonymous commenter does not have children or they would know how heart wrenching leaving your children in someone else's care really is let alone the fact that they were not taken care of like they should have been. I am a working mom myself and finding the 'perfect' daycare is like finding the 'perfect' mate. They pretty much don't exist since no one will ever care for your children like YOU would but there are REALLY good daycares and REALLY bad ones so thanks for letting us know which ones to avoid!

Hang in there you are a good mom and good luck to the anonymous commenter who thinks a mother will EVER calm down and 'get over it' when their child(ren) have been hurt or not well cared for! K to the arma (if you know what I mean)

Nomz said...

Andrea-you're'd be nearly impossible to EVER calm down after a bad experience. It's good to hear about local day cares that should *not* be taking care of my children.

Grammatically speaking, our anonymous commenter is right. All of us can use more tips on becoming better writers for our readers-and we appreciate them taking the time to offer up constructive criticism.

Thanks for both of your comments!

Sazaran said...

Actually, Anonymous, we decided to have our guest blogger add the name of the daycare so that the moms reading our blog would know what places to avoid. I can tell you that this mama-writer DID wait a few days to write said blog. However, this is something you don't just dismiss. The decision to have another person raise your children, even for a short time, is hard. Now, imagine finding out that their very security, safety and health were put at risk- Here is where I ask you to be a little sensitive and not point out such pittiful "errors".

Anonymous said...

Couple hours, days, months, years! Wouldn't be enough time in my life to "calm down"! I think this writer did a wonderful job at informing and sharing her story. My heart goes out to her. I can only imagine her emotions!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous number 1, LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU k.

For your first question:Did you try contacting the daycare to talk about them? Did you research the daycare before you put your kids there?
Answer- I'm pretty freaking sure I got my point across when I said um, yea here is your check your daycare isn't up to my standards. YES i did research this daycare! go to their website it looks awesome, but a web page as I stated before isn't everything. Yes I did go there before I took my kids there and it was nap time, it seemed nice enough.
Question Number TWO-What happened when you contacted them those times? They told me my kids where fine and that they where getting along just great with the other children. I never heard any screaming or whatnot in the background. Question number three-How did you find the new place? I called down to the reference place in Cheyenne and they gave me a list of daycares that are in the Cheyenne area that are great child care referrals. I also prayed alot I mean ALOT.

By the way, do you have children? If so you would understand why I wrote this the way I did. If you don't have children you just won't understand EVER. Oh and honey, emotions are a part of every woman's life there is no escape from it. It's not like this is my novel that I'm going to write to make money off of. It's a blog to get my emotions out. And yes I have to say just reading my blog again pisses me right the efff off. Cause I am like a momma bear and I'm like protecting my cubs do you get that????


Reese said...

Let's leave the bitch at home ladies. Please. For the sake of the blog.

I'll agree with Anonymous and I honestly don't have kids. But why are you making this for moms only? Why not future moms to be? Aren't all women that at least?

It sounds like the author has a lot of issues though, that we can all learn from.

1) her kids are her kids. No one is going to care for them like she is. That said, she can realize no one is perfect.
2) Her kid could be the "snotty" kid. There's always one. Sorry, but I don't expect anyone to walk around with a tissue 24/7. If the kid was outside, then its cold. Snot happens.
3) Bullies are life. I will admit someone could have stepped in, but your kid also needs to learn forgiveness and patience.
4) Ever think the kids could have been running around and gotten thirsty?
5) Web sites should not be the only thing to determine a great place to send your kids. Visiting at nap time is not the time to visit. Drop your kids off, and go visit on your lunch break. more than once. Know someone else who goes there.
6) You worried like freaking crazy. Already you can tell you were going to find SOMETHING wrong. This was the kiddos first time away, your first time back at work. It was going to be a bad experience.
7) Don't go off on your readers. Or you're bound to lose some. There was no need to get pissed off and angry with the comments. You didn't answer the questions they were wondering about. Honest as that.

Btw: How dare you accuse people of not having kids and not understanding? Do you think you are holier than all those without kids? There's definitely more than one way to talk/explain/learn in this sense.

Btwx2: Praying does some good for you, but less good for others. Understand not everyone is christian.

kelly said...

When you are a mom, you follow your gut. If your gut (your motherly instinct) says, "dont leave your kids there again", then dont do it. You did the right thing!

Often, my own daughter will ask me advice about her children and [I hope/I try] the first thing I say to her is, "These are your children, you know what is best, what does your instinct tell you?" (right Naomi?). If she then says, "I dont know, I cant hear it this time," I give my advice. She is a great mother and she knows what is best for her own kids. Even if they were in the most prestigious daycare in town, if her gut told her to keep them home, she should.

As far as the comments about grammar, etc., if you don't like it, stop reading here. Go away. Spend your time on your own perfect blog. Feel free to blog about the blogs you hate.

Anonymous said...

Yo, by "leaving the bitch at home" would that mean leaving that Reese person at home? Because that's what needs to happen. Haha.

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