Wednesday, December 30, 2009

♫ My 2009, a Look Back...and Forward too.

I posted a status on Facebook today, and I meant it. ”Dear 2009, don't let the door hit you on the way out.”

It’s been quite the year. And, with New Years Eve tomorrow, I figured some time looking back at it would be time well spent. Of course, my life has been pretty mellow compared to some both around me, and in the celebrity world. Let’s start with the buzz, and move on to a bit more personal, shall we?

The Buzz.

America elects its first African American president.
American Idol has its first homosexual star.
The Swine Flu pandemic reaches from coast to coast, twitter to Facebook, friend to friend, and turns out not to be all that bad.
Twilight becomes the new Harry Potter, smashing book selling and box office records.
Brittany Murphy dies; possibly a drug overdose.
Chris Henry from the Cincinatti Bengals goes through a rough streak, then falls out of a pickup, and sadly, passes away.
Heath Ledger passed away after a stunning act as the Joker in the latest Batman movie, cause: suicide.
Michael Jackson passes away. It’s still a mystery why, as far as I know. Some say he’s still alive, partying with Elvis.
Jessica Simpson got dumped in an IHOP. Go Tony Romo.
Taylor Swift gets interrupted by the King of Fail: Kanye West. Then, she tops charts and becomes entertainer of the year. Wait a minute…
Everybody hates Facebook. Everybody gets a Facebook.
Everybody is confused about Twitter. Everybody gets a Twitter; remains confused…and now excellent at stalkng.
The 80’s came back with a revenge, from skinny jeans, to boy-cut hair, and denim.

The American Hero…lands a plane IN A RIVER. All survive, and he was the last to leave to make sure every single person was carried to safety.

Let’s face it, it’s officially impossible for me to name everything that happened this year. It’s been a HUGE year. Let me know what I’ve missed! This will be a great blog to look back on and remember!

My 2009.

Like I said above, while it feels like it’s been a tough year in some ways, I know it doesn’t even compare to some. This blog isn’t meant to sound gripe-y. I’m very blessed to have the friends and family that I do, and that they love me and my girls entirely regardless of my circumstances or choices. That being said, let’s review.

I left my past lifestyle in October/November of 2008, so 2009 was my new beginning. A second try, if you will. I’ve managed to:

Continue writing (Lucky for you).
Find new music.
Discover indoor lacrosse.
Find out what a good guy feels like. Meet his family. Fall in love with boy and family.
Experience Nascar with said boy and family.
Meet North Carolina.
Realize airports really are as fun as they’re cracked up to be.
Eat at the Melting Pot.
Get my girls in gymnastics.
Make Kyanne grow her hair even longer, despite her want for short boy hair like her sister.
Watch Kyanne literally lose her first tooth, during a fabulous trip “home”. Go through excruciating pain watching Kyanne get her lip sewed up, and un-sewed, and her teeth examined. FOUR TIMES.

Watch Kyanne go from cute, to beautiful, overnight.

Watch Leyna grow. And shine. And bounce. And get brilliant. And no matter how hard I was watching, realized I missed so much.

Get baby envy. Never want babies again.
Realize what real friends are.
See a Denver Bronco’s game.
Reconnect with friends from my past, and realize they belong in my future too.
Blog some more.
Stress over money.
Realize money is necessary…but not everything.
Learn Social Marketing, and rock it.
Found that soul-charging is the perfect word for certain people in life, and realize that they’re a necessity.
Tell myself over and over again that no matter how hard I wish I could control somebody’s happiness, it depends completely on their own actions.
Remember to thank God every single night.
Teach my girls to talk to God.
Go to church…and remember why I no longer go to church.
Talk to God some more.
Find time to read.
Find time to read to my girls.
Realize that every time I send them to their room because they’re driving me crazy, that I’m missing time with them.
Tomatoes still cause cancer.
Chocolate isn’t as bad as I thought, especially on the right occasion.
Forgive myself.

New Year’s Resolutions!

Be a better friend, even when it feels like I’m completely out of time, money, and control.
Be more patient when things don’t go the way I want.
Learn to drive a tractor-a real big one.
Learn to drive a semi.
Find time for myself…more time. Like a day a month, for just me. No kids, no boy, no phone.
I WONT feel guilty for crying the entire day that Kyanne is at her first day of Kindergarten. Yes, that happens this year.
When it feels impossible, just break it down in to possibilities and get it done.
When I feel like I’ve been knocked to my knees, remember that I’m in the perfect position to pray-and that up is the only direction to go.
Love more. Laugh more. Forgive more.

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Yes it was quite a year for the world, and for YOU!!

Between the awesome song, the sincere words and thoughts and the 'way great' selection of 2009 brought me to tears!

I think it's time for me to take catalog of my 2009 and dream, desires and goals for 2010.

Anonymous said...

To one of the most insperational peaple I know. I will always remember 2009 as being the year our family became complete. You have added the missing piece that we needed. You have made my son the happest I have ever seen him. You and your wonderful girls bring a ray of sunshine and hope to a family that needed it. I thank you for becoming my friend even though your my sons baby girl, and many girlfriends or daughter in laws dont like or get along with the mom of there man we do. And I say thank you for sharing your girls with Darrell and I, we never realy thought we would have grandchildren so it has been a wonderful treat to get to play grandparents. Your a wonderful mom, friend, girl friend, and most important a wonderful person. To all of this I raise a fish bowl glass of ornge wine.(wink) and tell you I love you just like a daughter and friend.
To the best year of your life to come. P/s you will learn to drive the BIG tractor, and Semi, because if I have to you have to. Smiles, Hugs, Kisses and Love from Paridise.
CJ said...

Kyanne-dergarten is going to be SO much fun! Can we plan now to go have lunch with her little face?

& can I tell you how blessed and thrilled I am to have been in your life (and the picture recap) this past year? Super-amen.

Here’s to your 2010 & all that’s to come from the beautiful foundation you’ve built; because, really, my sweetheart... that's one brilliant start already.

<3 you big with sprinkles on top!

Andrea said...

Just a warning that no matter how hard you try you WILL cry on Kyanne's first day of Kindergarten because doesn't every good country song talk about walking your child down the aisle to get married when just yesterday you walked them through the door for their first day of Kindergarten?!? In my mind I had my daughter going to school and getting married all in the same week because I suppose when you look back it really does go that fast. For right now though, I am just enjoying every minute of her little Kindergarten life and trying to cherish every day. 2009 was a doozy but awesome all at the same time. AND after you spend all day on Kyanne's first day of school in TEARS you too will pick her up and she will be beaming ear to ear and announce school is pretty awesome and fast forward two months is bringing home the "Student of the Month" award! Yep moments to cherish for SURE! Thanks for the great blog today and yes, I too had a few tears while reading.

Sazaran said...

I ♥ you and your willingness to give life chance after chance. Let's make 2010 the besssst ever!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, and your life is so awesome! Lets hang out more this next year love ya!


Harley Bahama said...

Hang on to the dude. Looks like a good guy. Good deserves good.


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