Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make your own tree ★!

This year, I've really got my "Martha" on. Though my tree isn't glamorous or nicely smelling like real pine, it is a labor of love. Meaning, about 90% of my ornaments hare hand-made. Even my tree-topper. Here, I'll show you how to make the same one!

Things you'll need:
~ Styrofoam ball (they usually come in packs of two and can be any size depending on how big you want it to be. Keep in mind that the bigger the ball is, the harder it will be to balance it on the tree.) $2-4
~ Shishkabob skewers, the wooden kind. Find these at any grocery store. $2-3
~ Spray paint, any color. I chose gold because it's traditional but I've seen hot pink, silver and even lime green. Knock yourself out. $4ish
~ Spray adhesive, $6ish
~ Glitter, the same color as the spray paint $5

First, stick one skewer in the ball. Keep this the longest one as it will be how you will put it in the tree.

Then, cutting the skewers into different lengths, stick them all over the ball in random patterns. It doesn't have to be symmetrical. We found that breaking the skewers works just as well as cutting them with scissors. When you're happy with the amount of "bursts" from your star, spray paint it all over. This is best done outside so you don't get yours kids high. No, I did not learn this from experience. *cough* Then, spray the adhesive all over and go crazy with the glitter. I mean crazy. It looks better with a thick layer of sparkles all over.

One thing to be careful is the type of styrofoam ball you get, make sure it's solid, like the stuff that gets packed with fragile items. The porous styrofoam won't hold the skewers as well.

This whole craft takes about twenty minutes and can be done for about $10, if you split the costs with a friend. To attach the star to my tree, I wrapped the very top branch around the longest skewer. No rubber-bands or twisty-ties needed. ;-)



Anonymous said...

SO cute.

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