Friday, February 11, 2011

♫ Drought...Watered.

Rumor has it, it's been months since I've blogged. A bit of a word-drought, if you will. And not so much for lack of things to say, but lack of time to be playing on the internet. Don't you worry, I've got an entire notebook full of hand-written blogs waiting to be posted for your lovely eyes.

So. Here we are, a fairly peaceful Friday afternoon. I'm sick, my oldest daughter is sick, my boxer puppy is sleeping next to me (snoring ferociously), and my sister is on her way with icecream to help us all feel better. My house is so clean, my ceiling fan has been bleached and my carpets are standing on end. The afternoon sun is cuddling up with us in my living room, promising to stick around for the next five days or so.

Trust me w hen I say my lack of time on the internet isn't personal. Well, I mean it's not offensive. It's definitely personal. My personal life is severely interfering with my internet life. Listed below, is just a glimpse of my "right now"...

*My girls are at a point in their life where their personalities are fighting to prove themselves unique. Sassyfrass and looptyloo have been recent nicknames for them, both constantly making me laugh, reminding me to be grateful for what I've got, and how fast life happens. I have yet to hit a stage of their little ages that I can't love them through, and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings us.

*My guy. I could mush all day about him, but Sazaran recently gushed and I don't want the blog to throw up from overexposure. Let's just say this...Brandon couldn't be a better man for my girls to admire, a better life partner for me to stand next to, or a more honest, harder working man, pushing us all to be a better version of ourselves. He is my strength lately, nursing us all back to health, and my best friend.

*My friends. I moved fairly recently, and miss most of my friends sorely. I have yet to bond with anybody down here like I did at home, and there are days it pangs me not to be there any longer. That being said, it proves that we are the best kind of friends, because even with the longer distance between us, we're growing stronger, finding opportunities to bust out the camera or spontaneous road trip, chickflick'ing our way through the weekends, and emailing/texting/using technology every hour of every day. It's a lot harder to keep relationships up from a distance, but it's absolutely worth the growth that happens because of it.

*My job. Like any normal job, there are good days and bad days. But I couldn't have been luckier finding coworkers that understand that, and a boss that is flexible around me having kids, a life outside of work, and stresses of life that are out of my control. I do work for an accountant though, and it's tax season, so don't expect the blogs to pick up too much. Also note: don't piss off your accountant ever. But if you do, don't make it during tax season.Bribery is also suggested.

*My family. My family consists of a lot of people. Blood related, and love related. I'm learning, still, that family isn't just the ones that have your DNA, but also the ones that will jump at a moment's notice to save you, your kids, your dogs, or your house (from you, obv). The ones that call regularly, and email when you send out an SOS tweet or text. Family matters more than anything in the world, and I can't stress enough how grateful I am that you're all in my life.

Speaking of, my lovely sister just strode into my home, icecream in hand. Gorgeous as always, and just getting off babysitting duty, she attempted to remove a banana from my shirt forgetting that I'm not the one year old she's been attending all week. For the record, I do not have a banana on my shirt, it's just a decoration. But if I were one, I'd be taken care of. See? Family. <3

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

FINALLY! We have missed you Nomz!!

Great blog! All seems well with you and your new home, wonderful man and everything in between. I am VERY happy for you!

Also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the family paragraph. Sometimes it helps to have extended family beyond the DNA, just to keep us sane.

Enjoy the ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Family down the road.
I honestly can say I LOVE WATCHING your family grow and watching each of you find your own place in your home... I am grateful to be just down the road, and be able to help you all in a pinch. I love that you let me help you and feel usefull.. Means more then you could ever know. I am always here to lend a hand, deliver dinner, or pitch in were ever needed..

Anonymous said...

I love my (your) girls. I love my Scooter. I love my Pal. I love Grampa Days. So I guess that means I love this blog! :) I love you, Nomz. Always. And praying for a "get well" quick for you both. ~Dad

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