Friday, April 24, 2009

♫ Doris and the Show-Stoppers

Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is. -Benjamin Franklin

I get the most random blog inspirations. Most of them, come from my good friend Twitter. Like that quote.

Those of you closest to me have met Doris (yes, that's right, Doris the Taurus), my life-saving car. She really is too. She came in to my life at the perfect moment-when the rest of the world was falling apart. My other car decided to bail on me at that point too. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s paid for. She’s been known to talk in her own language, be more stubborn than the average mule, lock people our that I don’t care for-even with her inability to lock, and rumor has it she can do back flips.

That last one isn’t yet proven. I may put it to the test someday.

Doris is officially the oldest (I think?) car I’ve ever driven. As of this morning, she has 237,000 and some miles on her, and continues to get me to Colorado about every other weekend. Im pretty sure that’s only because that’s home to her, and she misses it. She makes an exception for my best friend westward too, but only if I promise to go at least 90, at least once. She’d probably protest if I went any other direction.

The interior of miss Doris is this super awesome red color. The amazing part, is that whoever decided to make her seats red, also thought it would rock to make all the plastic, the dash, the doors, and even the carpet, that love-ly color. She rocks the red though.

The point? I heart Doris. I really do. But Im ready to give her a vacation. I don’t plan on ever getting rid of her, lighting her on fire for the heckof it, or anything of those sorts. She will be around for as long as I can keep her, because she’s huge memorabilia. I just really want something that I can know, beyond a doubt, that my angels are safe in. Though Doris has never left me stranded, im waiting for the day she protests forever.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a blow to the ego, and still can be on some days, to see all my friends in nice cars after just giving up mine. I just keep reminding myself that she has way more personality than yours, and doesn’t cost me a dime (besides the $26 dollars a month in insurance). Plus, she makes my girls happy. See?!

In the mean time, if anybody knows of anything for sale that’s safe, and comes without a large payment, let me know. I don’t want payments, I want to pay outright for it, or at least a few small payments. Something reliable. Four wheel drive would be awesome, but not a requirement. If it could be decked out completely in red too, that would be stellar.

Yours Truly,

PS. For those of you that havent ridden in Doris in the last few days...DISCLAIMER. Her door finally fell off. The one you were worried would, did. You know, the inside panel on the passenger door? So, in order to come play with me, you get granted the mission of sliding across my drivers seat, or sitting between the girls in the back. Because she rocks like that. I think, she prefers i stay entertained, that's all.

*edited to put in the PS for my tortured sister.


Sista! said...

You totally forgot to mention that she has so much personality her door falls off so you get to laugh at the long legged crawling across now. :)

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

I couldnt figure out where to put that part. :)

I'll edit.


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Oh...and...My kids are not show-stoppers...that's a nickname she got somehow right after I got it. Just clarifying. :)

Your adopted mom! ;) said...

Love it!!! I feel so 'connected' to your car now! But will keep my eyes and ears open for something else for you...with doors! :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is hitting a bump, she hops :) I know I give you crap, but I really wish Michelle did that.

Anonymous said...

Tauruses are awesome! We have an old one too (paid off as well) and they are the best! They retain their value well and last forever.

Everytime someone makes fun of me for driving a "grandma" car, I just remind them that mine is paid off and theirs isn't. Ha!

You should check out He is the BEST financial guy EVER! He is the one who inspired us to drive old, paid off vehicles (we have 3!!) and be proud of it!! Yay for Doris! =)


Anonymous said...

What kind of car are you looking for? My grandma (keep reading..dont stop at my is trying to sell a little mini van that's in almost MINT condition without the large amount of miles on it. Think she wants 2k but she'd take 1500ish for you i think! It'd at least get you around and is VERY reliable.

Can always think about it :)

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