Tuesday, April 7, 2009

♫ Whooopa! My track to getting in "Bikini Shape"!

It seems that when spring time starts finally unburying its pretty face from the drifts of winter, everyone gets motivated to get healthy, tan, fit, bikini or speedo-ready. That time of year is arriving, and I am guilty as charged. That extra boost of motivation to look good came about a month ago, and as much as im not diligent in my habits yet, I already look 3 pound lighter, two shades darker, and more toned by the week. So, in light of the beautiful weather today, I thought I’d try to help you get motivated, give you some fresh ideas for getting fit, share some of my secrets. ;)

#1. Vitamin B.
Vitamin B is loaded with goodness. These little suckers boost immunity (psh. What vitamin doesn’t, right?), they boost LONG TERM energy, so not one of those rinky-dinky energy shots, but actual real energy that lasts all day. They convert our love-ly carbs TO energy. They health-i-size your hair, nails, and skin. And, for you party animals: a huge secret, they reduce, or completely nullify, all hangover symptoms. Take one pill right before you hit your slumber after playing hard, and you will wake up normal.

Any multi-vitamin has Vitamin B in it, and if you are already on a vitamin regiment, check that before adding more to it. You’ll just lose all that money you spent on that extra vitamin b right down the toilet. It’s my favorite vitamin though, at least these days.

#2. Green Tea!
You’ve heard the hype. Im going to reiterate that hype though. Green tea is huge. It’s been proven better for you even, than just water! The benefits:

*Helpful in preventing all types of cancer
*Reduces high cholesterol levels
*Reduces cardiovascular disease (translated: it’s good for your heart, which is what keeps you functioning at the gym)
*Prevents all types of infections
*Helps reduce and prevent tooth decay
*AIDS DIETING. This is the big one for this blog. It’s been shown that people that drink tea over water during high-exercise times (not DURING your workout, but during your life when it become active) actually burn more calories than people drinking soda (obviously), and even water!

#3. ZUMBA!
I’ve officially been to a Zumba class, twice. It is the most awkward form of exercise ever known to man. I cannot guarantee that you will not feel out of place, awkward, huge, uncoordinated, and lacking rhythm. You white folk, will feel WHITE. Rhythm walks out the door when you walk in. Your arms might as well detach they lack so much dancing ability. It’s one of those things, that you have to do more than once, to really appreciate it.

What is Zumba??

It’s a "dance workout". Latin and International dance to be specific. It’s dynamic, exciting, and hugely effective in immediate weight loss and toning. You burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories per one hour class, and don’t even know it! (Ok, well it’s not completely painless, but fun enough you notice the pain less.) You learn the basic steps of the meringue, salsa, cumbia, mambo, samba, flamenco, belly dancing, and more.

What are the benefits? Ah. I thought you’d never ask!

*It’s infectious. You’re exhausted when you’re done but have such a great beat in your head that you cant stop dancing!
*It’s a core workout, targeting all your favorite places that look the worst, and need to look the best!
*Quoting a website because it made me giggle: "Zumba workout provides for a fantastic sweat!" Ha! So true, though, Im not sure about any sweat being fantastic.3
*It’s impossible not to want to say "WhoaOOPA!" at least once. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

Take a friend. Go at least twice before you discount it completely. It really is amazing.

It’s important to stay extremely hydrated during all diet and workout programs. The more you drink, the less hungry you are, the healthier your skin, and the more "fantastic sweat" you’ll produce!

Eating healthy is ridiculously hard. Not only is it usually more expensive, but you convince yourself that you NEED something that tastes better. I learned something fairly recently though. Healthy food tastes good, at least, when you try the right stuff. Find a local healthy smoothie shop or vitamin shop, and check out their recommendations.

For you local folk in Chey-town, you know we have great places to hook you up with super healthy foods to kick your new routine in to high gear and make it taste good. Places like "Shake It Daily" are lurking near the north gyms. The best place in town for great healthy food (and wheat grass if you dare), is Ruby Juice. Check out their website here: Ruby Juice. Not only do they have great food, smoothies, and prices, but amazing service. If you don’t have immediate fun when you step in those doors, something’s wrong with you and you should go slam a cheezyburger at the nearby grease soaked (amazing) burger place.

Ladies and gents, spring is upon us. It’s time to bust out those New Years Revolutions to look fabulous. Im sure I missed plenty, do share your routine too! Im always looking for ways to improve my progress!

Yours Truly,


Ashley! said...

Did you know you burn EXTRA calories at Zumba if you get glared at the entire time by an angry woman in windpants AND also act like a bird?
Because you totally do.

Linda in Cody said...

And....anything you eat while getting ready for bikini season, make sure the PROTEIN content is higher than the SUGAR content!!! Actually...just cut out all white bread, white flour and add tons of protein! Helped me lose 30 lbs in my 40's and worked for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas...just one question..how does one go about preparing the "upper rack" for a bikini top...especially after having kids? ;) Any suggestions??? ;)

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Good question!

#1. Boob job
#2. Deal with it

Not much you can do, especially since when you lose weight, that's the first place it disappears. Guess it's a good thing the top half isnt everything, eh?

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting, appreciated as always!


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