Monday, April 27, 2009

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Bloggers block has hit, and a bad case of it.

I think, it’s more due to recent ac
tivity, than lack of things to write about. It’s all too easy to point fingers at the world around us, and blame them for our crappy emotions, our lack of productivity, our bad moods. It’s easy to take somebody’s words to heart and turn them from what was written, to what you heard. It’s easy to take somebody’s pain, and blame yourself. It’s all too simple to react loudly, and dramatically, so you have an army of people feeling the same way you do. It seems easier to shout to the world your misery, than to point out things that make us happy. Our moods are heavily contagious, especially when shouted to the world through emails, "private" messages, text messages, and Facebook/MySpace/Twitter updates. Why aren’t we so willing to literally share laughter, as willing as we are to share anger and sadness?

I had a hard time getting started on a blog today. Heavy hearted mostly. Then, thanks to some inspiration from two of my favorites ladies (thank you Facebook!), I was told to realize that people will move on with their feelings, or they wont. And, kindness, is the best way to heal brokenness. Then, my daily dose of Om came in. For those of you that love
horoscopes, books, music, and all things good for mind and spirit, you should really sign up for your daily dose of Om. Im not huge in to horoscopes, but this site has a way of emailing me at the right time of day, and instead of saying crap like "you will soon be rich and happy", it encourages me to look a different direction, listen to a different song, or point out ways to better my walk of life. We’ll call them, inspirational. Check it out here: Daily Om

Today’s Scorpio horoscope, said quit looking
at everyone, and everything else around you, and reflect on you. And to quote exactly: "Your insights can then provide you with a template with which you can deduce how you will react in situations that have not come to pass".... Ah. All too grand. So, in order to try and get a new outlook on things, im going to blog about happy. Things in my life that make me happy...or...things that have recently made me sad, but im forcing to turn around for the better:

#1. My angels.
Probably a given, but really, I don’t know where I would be without them. Sometimes, a lot of times even, I criticize my ability to be a mom. I look around at all these other moms that should get awards for being so amazing. I wonder, why God would put m
e in charge of two amazing little beings, and let me have the ability to ruin, or bless their little lives. I get discouraged, thinking my way of living, is affecting theirs in a negative way. And then, I realize, that God has control of their hearts, and in the physical realm, im doing the best I can with what I’ve got to work with. I cant believe how many times a day they make me, and the people closest to me, smile and laugh.

Quotes from this month alone:

"Mamma, you're my puppycake". -Leyna

Mamma: "Kyanne dont fall down the stairs." Kyanne: "im dont'n". -Kyanne

I mean, who can stay
angry or disheartened at this face:

Or have any state of boredom with this mischievous-ness (which is a word):

#2. My sister.

This girl and I, couldn’t stand each other growing up. We got pretty close right after I moved out of high school, and then she moved away. And then she came back, and due to some life trauma in my personal life, we had a hard time getting close. Lately though, man we’re growing. I cant get enough of this girl! She’s up for anything, she’s a shoulder to cry on, she’s willing to use mine. She’s inspirational, a high achiever, a
nd always good for a laugh. You will never ever meet somebody with such a contagious smile. Plus, she’s the best auntie ever. She’s pictured here, with the coolest brother ever. None of us were planned kids. Not a single one. We were all great big "OOOPS’s". But who could have ever invented such great siblings (duh. Awesome parents.)?! I couldn’t picture my life without either of them::

#3. Brand-it .

Actually, his name is Brandon. And, he came in to my life when I wasn’t expecting him to. Dead-set against men in general, he came in and took charge, changed my perspective...he’s good at that. Im not going to go on and on, for fear of blushing in public, but I will tell you that he’s growing on me. ;) That’s right. I admitted it. Not only does
he have every ability to make me smile when I need it most, but he can wrap me up like nobody can. He is willing to step up to the challenge of this life, and my life. He’s the strongest person I know, for oh so many reasons. Plus, he lets me drive his truck. Correction. He let me drive his truck once. Which, for those of you that don’t know him, is a big deal . And he has the cutest puppy ever. Brandon, wont let me get a picture of him...and even if I had a few (don’t tell him, please?!), he’d kill me for posting them. So, you get one of the cutest puppy ever instead:

I know I left people out. Again. This blog, isn’t who is or is not in it though. None of them are, really. The point is, when it seems like life is getting you down, stop looking directly at what is getting you down, and realize how many things surround you that can help you make the best of it. We all find ourselves in moments of weakness, places that we don’t feel good enough, or even the one behind the finger pointing at everybody else’s flaws. We sure need to learn to smile more, realize that one person, no matter how hard they try, can never be the end of the world.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Here here! (or is it hear hear?). You've listed the three best things in the world to list and shouldn't even put a second thought into anything else!

My favorite line? "he's growing on me". You deserve every single bit of that and I hope you know it deep down :)

You're amazing Nam! Couldn't have asked for a more amazing person to enter my life, even if it is right before I leave for grad school ;)

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