Monday, August 31, 2009

♫ ...And That's What She Said!

For those of you that know me well, you know that for the best oh, seven months or so, I have been spending nearly every weekend down in "paradise". Or, Colorado. For those curious of mind, this blog is to let you know what I’ve been up to!

Fact: Until recently, I hated Colorado. I did. There are entirely too many people in a fairly small area. Not only are there a lot of people, but the variety of people is huge. Don’t get me wrong, this makes for stellar people watching, but also creates some less than awesome road rage, rude people in the shopping malls, and pushy people on the street corners. Last time I was Cheesecake-Factory bound, I was verbally assaulted (slight dramatization) by a guy in a organic green outfit telling me how to save trees. Thanks, I just want cheesecake.

Realization: I was, and am, uncultured. Because we don’t have a large variety of people here in the good ol’ state of Wyoming, when I was taken off guard by diversity, I was quick to judge that it meant Colorado-ans were insane. I’ve learned, that with the exception of a few communities, most Colorado people are actually quite normal. They just need to work on their driving skillz. Sorry folks, I will always have road rage

So, the question proposed is:

Nomz, what do you do every weekend???


I laugh. A lot.

Those of you faithful blog readers know about the boy, the boy’s family, my sister, my sisters Scooby (seen here: Uncle Scooby), all my boys awesome friends, etc. I don’t need to cover that again today. Instead, what this fabulous Colorado clan does...every weekend.

Little did I know, that Colorado was filled with so many photography opportunities! Old buildings, big history, and beautiful mountains! Seriously, every weekend I come home with a crap ton of pictures (for those of you that don’t know, a crap ton is a lot).

Also, we tend to eat at a different place, every.single.weekend. True story. My favorite so far? The Hibachi Grill! It’s one of those amazing places where the cooks are both awesome at cooking, and they are entertainers, right in front of your table.

Everything down there is Super. Super Walmart. Super Target. Super Kmart. Super Sears. Super Cosco. They all have their own name for super, but literally every store is BIG. We experiment on the grill, because in our group, there happens to be three grill masters. We go to movies. We go mini golfing. We go go-kart racing. We go four-wheeling. We go to Comedy Works. We go to indoor lacrosse she says as she takes a moment to reflect back on first date and say awwwwww. My man’s cousin happens to be a mascot for the Colorado lacrosse team, so it’s a favorite...and will continue to be. Sporting events, concerts, galleries, shopping malls, and car shoes. Truck Pulls! (future blog coming for those less redneck than we)

The point is, every weekend we stay jam-packed busy. We rarely drink, we always eat, and it’s never dull. Why do I go to Colorado every weekend? Wouldn’t you if you were surrounded by amazing people, and endless things to do?

The punch line of the title of this blog:

In our core group of four (my man, sister and Scooby), we have a few things that are, well, defects…we’ll call them.

My sister says stupid things.
(I know, it’s not nice...but I said that once on accident, and it stuck. Besides, I didn’t say she was actually stupid). Thus, why she got her name, French Fry (see why: French Fry)

Scooby: The man of many nicknames, is the quiet one of the group, giving us plenty of opportunity to tease.

My Man: The most outgoing of us, has a tendency to slip and say things that he shouldn’t. You know, like "we were never girlfriends!"

Me: For whatever reason, I have this strange ability to say things that come out completely wrong, giving my sister full opportunity to say ..."And that’s what SHE said!". Example. Yesterday, we were standing in line at the boat bumping water park thing, and I was getting sprayed with water, while in line. I said: "Ah! I’m all wet and we haven’t even started!". ...That’s what she said. You get it.

Yours Truly,


Ashley! said...

I'm SO sad I missed that amazing "that's what she said" opportunity. Really, the world offers too too few ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much 'clean', busy, and non-stop fun! Enjoy your weekends!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're expanding your horizons, but... Colorado? Diverse? Ohhh, honey, have you got life lessons still to learn, and other beautiful places to experience as well. Enjoy the journey, keep spanding your horizons, and think outside those two boxes... (weird how they're both shaped that way -- Wyoming & Colorado)

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