Saturday, August 8, 2009

LOLSpeak 101

Good morning class, please be seated. Today we will skip our scheduled, educated lesson on real English and focus on LOLSpeak. Be prepared to take notes!

According to the Urban Dictionary, LOLSpeak is defined as:

Similar to texting, lolspeak is writing words with different letters (but sound the same) than the original spelling. lolspeak can also be misspelling on purpose.

Okay, so it's slightly juvenile and somewhat silly. Adults aren't supposed to speak like babies and are definitely supposed to know how to spell. Most throw LOLSpeak right out the window because they feel too comfortable in the maturity. Riiiiight.

I, for one, am a little tired of being an adult every. single. hour of the day. So, when I feel like shredding that big girl skin, I play with LOLSpeak. And, here, a tutorial on said grammar and just a few rules:

Basically, there are no rules with LOLSpeak, just just have to ignore all the ones you learned previously. Spell everything wrong and don't be afraid to sound like Yoda.


"The" is always "teh". No matter how much your brain protests, you must never spell it the right way.

"Hi" is "hai": Oh hai, fwend!

"Have" is "haz": Kawfee man, I can haz lawtay, now?

"Cake" is "caek": Is mah birfday, where da caek!?

LOLSpeak is truly appreciated when written down, but speaking it is fun, too. Mostly, the thrill of sounding like a second grader comes when you can add these words to cute pictures of kitties ("kittehz") doing funny stuff. Check out what all the fuzz is about at Icanhazcheeseburger.

Looking at these, you can hardly contain yourself, I know. So, go for it; be a little immature and get your bad grammar on!


ReeseRuiz said...

Oh Sarah, good blog :p Everyone needs to have sum educayshun on propurrr lolspeak!

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