Monday, August 3, 2009

Bless This House

Ahhhh, we're finally moved in! YAY! You know, there is something about having a place to call "home" that, though life can be pretty tough, makes the burden a little lighter. But, not until I have each one of my favorite pictures, in my favorite frames, hung in very specific spaces on every wall will I be totally at peace with my new place. That is the icing on my cake. I love being surrounded by precious memories and the very thought of how much more I can hang just makes me sigh in happiness. I don't even worry about the hundreds of holes I'll have to fill in when/if we move.

Some factage about our abode:

* It was built in 1966, the very same year that the Batman TV series debuted on ABC.

* It is 1,000 square feet and costs us under $600 a month.

* The kitchen has 18, count 'em, 18 cabinets and 11 drawers. Serious room, people.

* The walls are lined with, gulp, lead paint. However, the whole place has been inspected and is safe to live in because there are, like, 50 layers of paint over the lead-filled stuff. S'era lawyer in teh house- in case I need legal counsel regarding this little detail?? ;-)

* Our neighbor's driveway is lined with bowling balls. No joke. And he has random works of bowling-ball-art all over his yard. We're going to be great friends, I just know it.

* Our house is exactly one to two miles from: the zoo, a dollar theater, Discovery Zone, the airport (HINT HINT), our church, McD's (sweeeet tea, anyone?)and the prettiest rose park I have ever seeeen!

Now, all I have to do is get my craft on :)

Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms. ~William J. Bennett

He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world. ~George Washington


Nomz said...

I love that the little boy has obviously unpacked and decorated his room too! And it appears he's teaching himself karate in that last shot?!

CUTE abode my dear, I cant wait to see it in person!


Ashley! said...

OMG EPIC SARAH HOUSE POST! *fangirl scream*

(1) Bedding love! I'm so glad it's finally out and showing off its splendor.

(2) LOVE your big living room window!

(3) The pictures on your picture-wall-in-progress are all so gorgeous!

Keep taking pictures as you get your Suzy Homemaker on! <3

Sazaran said...

P.S. I'm *totally* hanging up a 5x7 of our jumping zoo picture. Just so you know. :)

Anonymous said...


PLEASE ask, if not demand, that your landlord provide proof of a lead hazard inspection and verify the inspector was certified.

Children under 6 are dangerously at risk to lead hazards. Just because the lead paint was painted over doesn't remove the risk. Nailholes (for pictures, for example), bumps in door frames, mopboard (baseboard) gouges, chips, cracks, peeling, on and on and on, all allow lead dust to penetrate the interior of your home.

Does Malachi crawl on the floor, does he put things in his mouth, does he gnaw or chew on things he finds interesting, in other words, is he a normal kid? I bet he is, and that kind of normal behavior at his age makes his risk to ingesting lead dust all the more likely when a house contains paint. It's not the chips, dear, it's the dust.

The dirt outside your house may be contaminated from exterior painting (if the inside's got lead paint, what do you think they painted the outside with?). Does he play in the yard, in the dirt, does he dig?

Whatever you might get from a lawsuit will NEVER make up for what could happen to your child from lead poisoning.

Read the information on this link and do further research on the risks before you decide to stay there.

- Concerned

Sazaran said...

Concerned, thank you for your advice! I will certainly act on it and have already talked to my husband about getting real proof from our landlords about the house inspection. Malachi is a normal boy that chews on everything (minus the walls, but I know that doesn't make a difference). To put your mind at ease, our house is made of bricks on the outside, so I'm not sure it has lead there.

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