Saturday, August 1, 2009

L♥ve Lets Live

This is a sensitive subject, I know. It has been on my heart- to blog- for a long time and even closer to my heart as something that needs to be revolutionized since I learned what abortion entails. Yes, you read that right. This blog will be about abortion; or, rather, the reason not to abort. So, either keep yourself ignorant and click that little "x" button to find another, happier blog. Or stay. Educate yourself. Take a stand. Locate your moral compass. Be a voice for those who have none.

Abortion, according to the medical dictionary is: the premature exit of the products of conception (the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta) from the uterus.

"Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, but the average person knows almost nothing of its gruesome reality. Year after year, it lurks in the shadows, quietly destroying almost 4,000 innocent human beings a day in the U.S. and 130,000 a day worldwide. In the U.S., this is happening because seven Supreme Court Justices decided that abortion was a constitutionally protected act. Without a vote, without public debate, abortion came in through the back door, never having to bear up under the weight of significant public scrutiny. Today, abortion is a billion-dollar industry which enjoys the support of very influential people in very high places. High schools and universities go to great lengths to graphically expose the dangers of smoking, drunk-driving and STD’s, but take a pass when it comes to abortion."

In my opinion, abortion is: murder.

Whilst reading through articles from (from where I got most of the following facts and the excerpt, above), I'm becoming a bit riled up at the total and complete unjustice of abortion- in more ways than one. Why kill an innocent child? Why not educate women (and men) about the procedures, realities and consequences of such a violent choice?

Primum non nocere! This Latin phrase meaning "First, do no harm" is one of the principal precepts guiding all medical intervention. Like the Hippocratic Oath, which also vows to "never do harm", it is a reminder that the physician's role is to heal, not to harm. While many surgical procedures carry the risk of harm, their intent is to provide healing for the patient. The explicit intent of abortion, however, is to harm the embryo or fetus to death.

What I really want to do is list out the main procedures, here, for you to read. However, they are so extensive that I do not want to make this blog too busy and, thus, discourage readers from taking in all of the valuable lessons. So, please, go here and see for yourself. If you can watch horror movies, or even the news, you can stomach this. Though pictures of aborted embryos and fetuses are shocking, they are no more shocking than the act of abortion itself. Until you see what abortion does, you will never accurately understand what abortion is. There are some things for which words alone fail to accurately communicate their brutality. Lets see how your heart can handle it- mine is still breaking.

I realize that this blog doesn't directly answer questions or highlight objections and responses- I am tempted, but ultimately want to direct people to read for themselves, from websites that are dedicated to getting the truth out there. We live in a world where love has grown cold; it is evident on tv, in movies and magazines, and in our every day lives. However, this is an area that we must not drop the ball on. Lives depend on our tenacity and pursuit of this truth.

If you're pregnant: help is around the corner.
If you've alreadya borted: recovery is possible.
If you perform abortions: it's not too late to walk away.
If you doubt that life even matters: look to the stars.

To learn more about abortion and the real issue at hand: the value of life, please visit the above referenced website. OR, I will personally accept and answer any emails regarding this issue. I fully welcome anyone's opinion, suggestion, testimony or the like. Please email me at



Anonymous said...

Please be aware that you are referring people to a politically-slanted website, full of propaganda. Many things stated as fact are simply NOT true. Why not refer to a more objective website also? Most abortions are performed when the fetus is under 8 weeks, and does not have arms, or legs..or the ability to survive. Nobody likes abortion. Sometimes it's an only choice for a person. You should respect that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog Sarazan.

I wish personally I had been more educated myself when I was young...I myself still regret a decision I made when I was 26 years old. The decision was mostly made out of immaturity, my soon to be husband's greedy attitude and my own personal guilt (more about what my parents would have said if they found out I was pregnant and not married). Well now I have more guilt than I would ever share...because that child, would have been my only child.

I wish my parents had talked to me, educated me etc....saving a life is more important than having a child out of wedlock....but I am the only one to blame. I have confessed to God and feel that I'm ok now...but my child never leaves my mind....ever.

Anonymous said...

snappies to you for tackling such a crazy, controversial subject! i am pro-choice--and i base this decision on life experiences and the pure belief that everyone has a choice to make for themselves. if you can't trust someone with a CHOICE, i don't see how you can trust them with a child. one of the main reasons that i am pro-choice is this: a friend was raped in college and she found out soonthereafter that she was carrying the criminal's baby. she chose to get an abortion, and we all fully understood. if you put yourself in her shoes, which is very difficult, i think she had every darn right in the world to make that decision.

i will also agree that you are referring people to extremely biased websites! if you think about it, most people who are pro-choice are left-wingers. we all know you are a very religious person, but some of us are NOT. we base our decisions on facts--and there are a lot of 'fake facts' on those websites. if you want to make an impact and get through to these folks, you must stick to facts.

Nomz said...

Great blog!

My thoughts:

The site is a little phishy.
I agree with the snappies comment, it's tough to tackle this one.
Tis a sad blog, about a sad thing.

I am anti-abortion, for myself, but I believe it's something that each woman has to choose for herself. It's a personal choice. I dont know that there is a justified reason to ever doing it--but that's from where I am standing.

There are so many parents out there that cant have children, that would swoop up that unwanted baby in a heartbeat.

I do not support those that use it as a form of birth control, those who choose to do it after finding out that it may have a stressful disease-now that we have the testing to see that, or those that do it past a certain time frame. I would much rather see some responsibility taken...have a good form of birth control, and be prepared for the consequences.

I think this is a fine's hard to say "birth control" is ok, because it stops it before it happens...and abortion is not. Tough call, one that is a personal choice between you and God.


Sazaran said...

First, I'd like to rebut the comment that implies a fetus of eight weeks does not have arms or legs ("is under 8 weeks, and does not have arms, or legs..."). I'd encourage you to Google the image of a fetus at eight weeks and you will see that the baby does in fact have all of it's limbs- not only that, but it has been proven that a baby can feel pain as soon as it has brainwaves, which is about SIX weeks.

Do you have proof (or other medical documentation)that shows that the facts provided on are false?

Any other site I would have referred you to would have been either competely pro-life or completely pro-choice. Most pro-choice websites do not touch on the medical side of an abortion, just the side of the freedom to use your choice. Also, I may be a Christian; but, the site I refer to does not use that as a source of it's convictions. Jesus, religious organizations or even a hint of a faith-based company aren't provided on their home page.

Here is a link for an article written by a democrat/left-wing man who is por-life. He brings up some very valid points, some I agree with and some I don't:

It is interesting that some of the "reasons" for justifying abortion are the very reasons I have beenreading up on. Just to touch on a few:

I have no been raped so I cannot fathom the emotional, physical or mental torment of the victim. However, I do know that one victim does not need to create another. No matter what the circumstances are regarding the baby's conception, he is a human being with a right to life that cannot be taken away from him. If you want to read a couple testimonies from women who were raped, go here:

Imagine, for a minute, the healing process that could take place if a woman were to give another human being a chance at filling the world with love- rather than punishing it for an act of violence that it was not responsible for. A side note: less than 1% of abortions are a result of rape.

My dear Anonomyous who previously had an abortion. Remember this one thing above all others: you have been forgiven. Also, remember this second thing: your little baby is alive and singing in the arms of Jesus.

Nomz said...

Awesome rebuttal my dear, pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

Very good and tough blog to write. My views on abortion have always been the same. I am a man, it is not my decision on what a women does to her own body or self. I am not here to judge what she does as a right or wrong thing. I can never be in her shoes to know what she may be thinking to come to this conclusion.

I do believe that abortion should be legal for one reason only, and that is safty. When abortion was illegal women would still seek out abortion and often times at risk of their own health and safty. Making abortion illegal WILL NEVER stop this from occuring.

Only way to stop this from happening is by education and discussion, like this blog points out. Violence against doctors and abortion clinics are never the answer.

Sazaran said...

I completely agree with you, on some points. Unfortunately, I am not an idealist who believes that we will be able to rid our world of abortion once and for all. However, I do blieve (and hope) that we can significantly decrease the numbers by educating women of the real- emotional, physcial and mental- effects of abortion.

Regarding judgement- I have said before that this quickly used excuse is nothing more than that: an excuse to get someone off of your back. If a woman gave birth to a baby and then after a few days decided she didn't want it anymore and killed it, would we be so quick to defend her actions by saying, "Who are we to judge?" absolutely not. We would hold her accountable for the living human being whose life she stole. In my opinion, abortion is not different from this.

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