Wednesday, July 29, 2009

♫ Why Women Love Flowers!

I’ve decided, that your favorite flower can tell a whole story about you. Screw horoscopes and signs, and ask somebody their favorite flower. Then, bust out your latest, ever so fashionable, phone, and google it.


My favoritest favorite flower is the Calla Lilly. It stands for majestic beauty. A close second is Dahlia, which means good taste. Third would be the sunflower, meaning homage (respectable) and devotion.

I am not full of majestic beauty, but I must say, I am good at finding beauty in all things. I do have good taste, most of the time, which is why I have the friends, job, and boy, that I do. Or, perhaps, I’m just that lucky. Either way, I plan on being respectively devoted to every single one of you.

I’ve always agreed with most men in saying flowers are a waste of money. Until I get them, of course. *wink* But, now that I am doing a bit of research, not only am I finding that they have an incredible power of making somebody’s mood exponentially better, but they are also good for your mental health!

It’s a sign of affection to send/receive flowers. It’s a way of saying “I thought about you this much today. It triggers all kinds of healthy sparks in the emotional part of your brain, and your mood is almost always, immediately lifted.

Some flowers have been proven to relieve headaches or even speed up healing in a wound, just by the smell. The comfort feeling can be brought on by certain scents, including lavender and vanilla, which is why they’re the best selling aromatic scents in the stores! Wild strawberry leaves give out a scent that is supposedly exhilarating.

By popular vote, and some serious sniffing research, the best flowers to have around for your aromatic pleasure are Jasmine, Gardenias, and Roses. First thing in the morning will give you the best scent.

So…do tell, so that I can tell you someday that I am thinking of you this much, what is your favorite flower?

Yours Truly,



Ashley! said...

I've always loved orchids, which, according to our dear friends at ProFlowers, has something to do with "wealth, love and beauty."

I mostly just love that they have such an elegant curve and attitude, which obviously speaks volumes about how refined I am. "Oooh, buy me those! They're curvy!"

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Gerber Daisey. Not sure what they mean but maybe someday you will tell. I love you madame.

Anonymous said...

I dont have a favorite flower I actually do not like getting flowers because they die to quickly. Therefore I perfer a card or a handwritten note to say I am thinking of you today.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you Naomi....because you truly ARE a majestic beauty - perfectly & wonderfully made by our heavenly Father. You will always be the "lily" of my eye. Loving you always. Your Pal.

Sazaran said...

Kathleen Kelly: I love daisies.

Joe Fox: You told me.

Kathleen Kelly: They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

And Google tells me: Daisies are durable - surviors. Traml them one season and they come right back the next. They are 'adaptable' . According to a Native American friend, daisy is also slang for 'excellence'.

A site giving the meaning of gerbera daisies cites their meaning as dentong beauty and cheer.

So, needless to say, I heart daisies. :)

Lilacs are up there on my list, too. But, they have a totally irrelevant meaning- something to do with Greek mythology. Psh. ;-)

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