Tuesday, July 14, 2009

♫ Ostrich-Mode

We will deem this week, bloggers block. I do apologize.

Today I posted a status on Twitter and Facebook: Nomz wants to stick her head in the ground and play ostrich for a while.

I have always been really good at sticking my head deep in the sand and pretending reality doesn’t exist for a while. It’s one of my best qualities, and a quality that drives most of the people closest to me, absolutely bonkers. See, my head throws itself involuntarily into the sand when I get pushed completely out of my comfort zone. So, when I get confronted in a strange place, when I get cut deeply emotionally, or when life just gets too overbearing, I go in to “sleep mode”. Similar to a computer, my eyes get all glazed over and a little screen saver pops up and plays while I slumber through the conversation. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Ostrich-mode is more realistic. My head goes in to the sand, and does not come out until the storm blows over.

Now, thanks to about a year of therapy, I can admit these things. These, being that I have ostrich syndrome, and that I have had therapy. *wink

The point is, I am working on it. I am a much more confrontational person now (in a healthy way, I promise). I’ve learned to voice my feelings and concerns healthily.
Unfortunately, when too much of life’s storms pile up at the same time, my head goes back in to the involuntary sand slam. I swear, I will come out soon. Bear with me.

Yours Truly,

PS. Trust me, this isnt me. My cute little behind looks much cuter in thi suit. ;)


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