Thursday, July 23, 2009

♫ Oh to be a Weed!

Life goal: To be a Weed.

True story. Definition of a weed: an obnoxious growth, thing, or person, something like a weed in detrimental quality ; especially : an animal unfit to breed from.

Why would I want to be a weed you ask? Well, I surely do not want to be obnoxious. I do, however, prefer to be stubborn. Impossible to plow under. And am pretty set on not having any more beautiful little babies, and are therefore unfit to breed. *wink

In all seriousness though…

I didn’t notice weeds until I started dating a farmer. Ok, I noticed them long enough to pull the three stragglers out of my back yard, but not overgrown, obnoxious, reoccurring weeds. My man, cusses them. It’s literally his job to plow them under, wait for them to grow back, and plow them under again.

Why I want to be a weed:

I don’t think it’s wrong to be an individual. I do not think it’s wrong, to stand in your truth. I think it’s grand to be stubborn on what you believe, and strong in your ways. I am not saying that compromise it out of question. It’s actually quite healthy to get plowed under every now and then. My goal, is not to suck life out others around me, like weeds suck nutrition from soil, but it is my goal to stay strong, no matter how many times I have to grow in order to make that happen. There are good weeds, you know? You don’t have to be the kind that kills. You can be the kind that blooms. From my good friend Wikipedia: A Beneficial weed is any of various plants not generally considered domesticated, but which nonetheless has some companion plant effect, or else is edible or somehow beneficial.

I am far from domesticated, I am a companion, I will work on being edible. I... am a beneficial weed. And a stubborn one.

The best thing about weeds? The more that stand together, the stronger they are. Won’t you be my weed? (♫ sings to self, oh won’t you be my neighbor with mister rogers)

Yours Truly,


PS. The picture at the top is my mans worst enemy. I attempted to find a picture of “beneficial weeds”, and only pictures of POT WEED decided to appear. I am not Pot, but will attempt to also naturally have that affect.


Sazaran said...

I'll be a weed with you, Nomz ;-)

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