Thursday, July 2, 2009

A penny, please.

*It's been a great transition from Cheyenne to Idaho. Really, the confidence I blogged about and the Providence that has been proved in our lives as not faltered. Rase is still in Boise looking for a j-o-b. He did have one opportunity and even a promised position. Unfortunately, though, people of this day are fickle and not trustworthy. Without so much as a text or call, the "manager" for the job Rase thought he had... completely blew him off. So, he hit the streets again, with more fervor to begin interviewing. I am confident that doors which are supposed to be closed will be shut tight and doors which we are supposed to enter will be wide open.

*You know, it amazes me- this huge chasm that has opened itself up between me and those friends of mine that do not have children. I haven't noticed it, before. But, down here, there is no opportunity (or, desire, really) for clubbing, bar-hopping or staying out late. I have another life that I am in charge of. I do love those childless friends, dearly and envy their independence at times. But, it's as if that chapter of life has been closed and I don't desire to relive it.

*So, this weekend is the big 233 for America. I loooooove spending this holiday in Hailey. It's so small townish. Even as I write this, I can hear "practice" fireworks being lit off in the streets. Hello, people, don't you want to save them for when you can actually see them?? Speakin' of... Bruce Willis (yes, you read that right) used to pay for our annual fireworks show. It was amazing- since out little town is set in a valley, the boom-boom-boom of each show of glitter in the sky is nearly just as impressive.

*After a lifetime of waiting and waiting with my video recorder, I finally got the perfect funny moment to send to America's Funniest Videos! I hope we win teh $100,000! Here it is:

*Thanks to much encouragement from all my loverly friends, I have decided to sell my work! Only my best and most recent pictures will be available (if you want a print I don't have available, just ask me for it) at this site:


P.S. I promise I will add more... this is just a start. :)

P.P.S. If you have suggestions about which picture I should include to sell, let me know!!!


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