Thursday, July 16, 2009

♫ Uncle Scooby

I’ve got to say, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen my sister so happy than she is right now. I blame four things.

1.She has, finally, a far from complete compilation of shoes that make her so happy she actually prances when she puts some of them on.
2.She has the cutest nieces ever (yes, I am going to take every opportunity to brag about them), one of them, a little mini-her.
3.Her life goals have finally ironed out. She is going to school for her, not for anybody else. She is half way there. And her car is practically completely and totally hers.
4.She has this boy. This boy we shall deem "Scooby", that makes her laugh with absolutely no effort.

This Scooby, is what I want to talk about today.

Scooby is a mystery. Which is probably what sucked her right in. And this mystery, causes fireworks between them. Which, just like me, happens to be her very favorite holiday, and the only reason to stay with somebody. Some history on "Giggles and Chuckles".

Scooby, happens to be my mans good friend, which, obviously, works out famously for me. Once upon a time, my sister got tired of watching pictures fly up all over the place of my crazy fun loving weekends, and after much begging one day, she drove an hour south on a whim, and joined us. Her first experience with Scooby, well, I don’t really need to go in to it, you can see him here (He is the one crawling quickly out of the sinking cab of the truck, obviously, his friend climbed OVER him to get out, sweetheart):

There weren’t fireworks then. There was laughing. There has been laughing from the very beginning.

Second weekend down, the fireworks started. I am not going to get all lovey dovey sappy on you with them, because they aren’t. I have never seen a couple literally feed off of each other like these two. All they have to do is be within a 100 yards of the other and they start giggling.

Scooby, makes my sister laugh more than anybody I have ever seen (saying something, because she is a seriously happy person, clear down in to her frolicking toes). Plus, he’s the second hardest worker I’ve ever seen (sorry Scooby, you cant have my man’s rank). He owns his own business, he can fix anything and everything that comes his way including but not limited to: fences, houses, dog houses, trucks, cars, four wheelers, roofs (he hates the angled ones, don’t even ask), umbrella polls, yards, and fish tanks (he also carries them with so much awesomeness it’s overwhelming, so I’ve heard). He can also eat more than anybody in the history of eating, he’s lacking on the variety side, but he makes up for it with the amount, so no points lost.

This boy was born to have a country song written about him, I swear. He has one of the coolest dogs ever, that is the biggest chicken I’ve ever seen and tends to run away. His girlfriend lives exactly 88 miles away (add 40 in the fall). His favorite toy (deemed "Slo Truck") was pictured above and has seized completely. Don’t worry though, it has new tires. Ah yes, and his four wheeler is missing a hood. Well, not a hood, Im just calling it that so you know the part I am talking about. Pooooooor Scuby. But he laughs anyway, and better than almost everybody I know. Here are two parts of his country song (chicken dog, and pretty girl that lives too far away):

The point of this blog? To brag about how my awesome sister, has finally found a guy that can match her step for step in finding the joy of life when nobody else can. I love him for making her giggle out of her worst moods, and for letting us call him "Uncle Scooby", and other not-so-awesome nicknames.

Plus, could they be any cuter:

Yours Truly,


Linda in Cody! said...

Thanks for that Naomi! It's nice to get to know "Scooby"...before the rest of us meet him...which we ALL hope is soon!

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