Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love my ASSETS

God's gift to women was Sara Blakely. Sara's gift to women is Spanx. The amazing, flattering, ego-boosting body wear. That costs anywhere from $30 to $300. Okay, so Sara's gift to rich women is Spanx.


What do they doooo?

ASSEST were born for the everyday, every paycheck woman who needs a little help. Let's just put it all out there. Any woman that doesn't have the number of her platsic surgeon on speed dial needs help. It doesn't matter if you're size 2 or size 12. I'm a petite petal and I wear my shapewear nearly every day.

Okay, so to the point. ASSETS allow you to wear your skinny-mini dresses, sleek business pants or cutesie clubbing tops without lines or unforgiving *uninvited* rolls that show off here and there. Whereas Spanx does the same thing, ASSETS does it for less. You can get them at Target for around $20. They're worth every penny.

Really, despite the obnoxious exaggeration between my before and after poses, the way I feel couldn't be any less dramatic. Malachi did a number on my stomach and if my pants or shirt show that problem area to any degree, my whole groove is thrown off. But, I put on my slimwear and I can strut with sex appeal.

Just sayin'...



Anonymous said...

Wow. The way I see it, you are amazingly beautiful. In both pix, with or without ASSETS. Just the way I created you. Wonderfully made. Inside & out. A masterpiece. Perfect. ~God

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