Monday, August 24, 2009

♫ Google is my friend…and my safety net.

Confession: I’ve googled you.

Well, most likely, anyway. Along with my address, neighbors, kids, etc. Maybe it’s the cops daughter in me. Perhaps in the internet queen I am. Who knows. The point is, I feel safer if I know everything about my closest friends, people I date, and especially, people dating my friends. It’s a free background search, can you blame me? It’s not creepy. Believe me, if I found anything interesting about you, you’d be the first to know.

I’d like you to move from the notion of thinking I am a creep, to taking my advice and doing it. Start with your own name. If your name happens to be generic, type in a general location too. “First Name Last Name Chicago Illinois” , for example. See what you see.

Ladies, please heed my advice and google your man before you go falling head over heels. I have no horror stories to back this up, but I have found some deal breakers for other people. Go four pages deep.

Also, go to this website-every six months or so: It’s the law for felons, including sex offenders, to register. And this site not only tracks them, but tells you the exact location, year they were convicted, and why.

Google is a free tool. Use it. Protect yourself, and keep up on your own person. ;) Google sometimes knows more about you than you do.

Yours Truly,


**edited to tell you:

Apparently it is not the law for felons to register, my apologies. It is, however, for sex offenders. And regardless of that false fact (sorry!), I really encourage you to keep an eye on that website, and google. :)


Anonymous said...

Heh heh. When I google myself I come up with three pages of me, then a lady wanted in Nebraska for cocaine possession and a tranny in England. Schweet.

Sazaran said...

What the h-e-l-l does "Performing Minor" mean? There's a guy who lives a few streets down... he's 17. I'm so confused. Should I be scared??

Anonymous said...

It's not the law for felons to register. I challenge you to find it in the state statutes. Sex offenders, yes, but regular felons no.

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