Tuesday, August 11, 2009

♫ Happy Day Leyna Bug

Oooooh my Leyna Bug, my Angel. I cant believe that you are three today!

Honestly, because the last few years have been such a rollercoaster, I’ve lost time completely. And you’ve hung on anyway.

You, since the day you were born, have been my rock. You’ve had a light in your eyes that is unmatched. A smile that cannot be brighter. And a sparkle of life, that lights a fire under everybody you touch. Something about you, is absolutely contagious (all moods, darling girl, remember that).

Leyna Evelyn was born August 11th. Three years ago. She weighed exactly half an ounce more than her older sister, and was half an inch longer, and has always been within reach of every step Kyanne makes.

I am a firm believer that the amount of work it takes to bring them in the world, will be how much work it takes to keep them here.

Leyna, was literally painful from my fourth month of pregnancy. A challenge, to keep her in…full contractions, for 5.5 months. Then long labor. A refusal to come out, after trying so hard to get here. And she hit the ground running, and continues to challenge me, both good and bad. Her passion for life is already shining, and I cant wait to see her grab ahold of life and show us how it’s done.

She is the ultimate girl. She came out looking amazing in purple, and to this day it’s her favorite. Although she swears it’s blue. Because for the first two years of her life, everything was blue. I swear, she is my sister reincarnated. She has this insane ability to make you laugh, already. She loves the camera, and the camera loves her. Rarely shy, and always glowing, this girl…you watch, is going to change the world.

Leyna, means bright and shining light (Russian), and Little Angel (Old German). Honestly, to pick her name, I googled the meaning first. And out came my bright and shining angel. Don’t believe me?


(Very Leyna inspired)

(Her thoughts on the dentist)

(Being mamma's strength during her sisters crisis)

Happy Birthday Angel. I cant wait to watch that light of yours change the world, and everyone elses. I love you THIS much (you know how much that is)

Yours Truly,


Sazaran said...

Leyna, you little blessing, you ARE a light! Happy birthday pretty girl! :)

You adopted mom! ;) said...

Leyna...HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one!!! You are a beautiful girl and have an even more beautiful mother! Thank you Naomi for bringing such sunshine into this world with your Leyna...you are an amazing mother!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love you my beautiful bug. Always. Gpa.

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