Wednesday, August 19, 2009

♫ Life is a Tilt-A-Whirly Thing

This last weekend I went to the smallest, oldest county fair I’ve ever been to. I went to watch my man, his family, and some of my favorite guys and gals compete in an ATV competition.

A few pics (black four wheeler-Cody, Yellow four-wheeler-Matt, Yellow shirt/Yellow four wheeler-my man (back off ladies), Lady-miss Cindy):

After all THIS excitement, a group of decided to go to the actual fair. You know, the one with the kajillion rides, smelling of funnel cakes, lemonade, and creepy carny’s. We, as a group, decided to get some of those better-than-ever lemonades, and take our turn on a few rides.

My adorable sister and her boy climbed in to one of those tilt-a-whirl cups, and dared us to follow. And follow we did. Packed in between my man, and his best bud (could be my second favorite guy ever), we spun. And we spun and spun and spun.

If you’ve ever ridden one of these things, you know that they don’t just spin. They spin unpredictably in different directions, at different angles, and at varying speeds. They spin so fast that you lose yourself in it. You lose all track of what direction you are facing, who you’re with, what your limbs are doing.

I remember two things from this ride:

Being packed in to this ride with my man (at 6’6 and strong, he’s not a little guy), and his friend. So, we had some serious gravity fun. Second, I remember the “thud” I heard as my sister landed on the side of her pretty purple spinny cup, as she almost fell out. Of course her hero of a man giggled and saved the day. PS. For the record, they don’t make seatbelts on this ride. Just metal bars that go across your lap. If you’re small, they don’t even touch your lap.


Life is like a Tilt-A-Whirl.

It throws you in different directions, whether you are ready or not. Unpredictability is what keeps it interesting. And even if it seems like your darkest hour, you always live through the ride. Your world may be shaken and spinning, but you’ve found the end, your new beginning. And, if you look on all sides of you, you should find yourself jam packed surrounded by amazing people, whether you can reach them or not, they are there. To help steady your steps, or, in some cases-help you spin faster.

When life throws you through a spin, hold on, and hold on tight. You cant always trust life to hold you in, but you can trust those that surround you. Spin on!

Yours Truly,


PS. Always, always take every opportunity to hop in a bumper car.


Anonymous said...

Holding on girl...holding on! Just like you...don't let go, as this could be the 'ride of your life'! Nothing is gonna stop you now and no matter how fast you spin...we are gonna be right there with you...riding!

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