Thursday, August 6, 2009

** Child Abuse Casts a shadow

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-Nomz and Sazaran

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.”

Herbert Ward

It breaks my heart every single day to know that at least 4 children in America have died from child abuse. What a selfish act to hurt an innocent child, toddler, or infant. The most disturbing part for me to swallow is most of the abusers are either a Mother or a Father to these children. These are the people children are suppose to be able to run to when they need comfort, love, attention, and support. Instead they raise their hands at them and think thats a better to take care of the situation. What are we doing as a society to help? Most of us seem to look the other way and never report it. A call to the police could change a child’s life, even save a life.

CPS is a place I feel needs to re-educate their staffing. So many times Mothers with post partum depression are let off the hook with a slap on the wrist. Then later they have abused their children or even kill them. If these workers would just take a minute to actually do their job more lives would be saved. If someone is sitting there saying I think my child belongs with God you shouldn’t just shrug that off. That’s a direct threat to the child.

I also strongly believe that foster parents need to be evaluated just a tad bit more. I read a case where a foster parent had a child in her care for less then a few hours and struck a blow to a six year olds head and killed him. To me it’s so simple if you don’t want to look after children as a foster parent then don’t become one. These children need a safe place to go, and just putting them right back in danger really gets my blood to boil. Maybe if the state would put cameras in their home it wouldn’t even cross their mind to hurt a child.

Where is the justice for these concrete angels? So many of the abusers are walking free as of right now! How is that justice? You can get more time for killing a cow or a dog than a child? We need to step up and open our eyes. We need to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves! We go to great lengths to protect other countries but look at what is happening right under our noses.

Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters, and grandparents if you feel so much stress or anger towards a child call help. Put the child in a safe place while you take a ten minute break to collect your thoughts. It only takes 3 seconds to shake a baby so hard they will be handicapped or killed. Remember that a baby never died from crying, but a baby can die from blunt force!

You can call me Junbzee.

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If you suspect child abuse, please call (in the USA):

1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453).

For more information regarding child abuse, please visit this site.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad readers are so open to sharing their views, and I hope no one opposes this post on child abuse!

However, the writer states some strong facts... and there's no attribution! How can we, the readers, take this blogger seriously (on such a serious subject too!) if we don't know where she got the statistics on how many children die, and what CPS is?

Please don't be so vague! If you're truly as passionate about this subject, you'll make it as transparent as possible for readers so we can help in some way!


Sazaran said...

I believe, in this context, CPS is Child Protective Services.

Thank you for your constructive criticism! We appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I found my stats on the yearly child abuse chart. Although it was from a year ago. They don't have this years posted yet. If you need more information on this I would send it your way!


Anonymous said...

I believe, as do most people in this country, that child abuse is a horrific crime. However, I have had some experience with child protective services and have found them to be an excellent resource with extensively trained staff. I do believe that they are under funded (as are most important agencies in this country) and are not able to keep up with the volume of cases referred to them. Also everyone has a different opinion on child abuse. Some consider spanking a child to be abusive while others consider it discipline. I do think child abuse is a horrific crime that often goes unreported, but I think there are more compounding factors tot he issue than what was layed out in the blog.

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