Wednesday, September 30, 2009

**Why I'm an Airhead

For those of you who know me or don't know me. I think it's time to share why I'm such an airhead.

It was a cool evening on September 27th I believe. A group of us where headed on our adventure in bowling. I rode in a lifted explorer behind the driver, his girlfriend in the passenger seat and my ex next to me. This truck was well beyond the legal limit for the lift kit and of course the driver built out the tires on the truck as well. I did have my bowling ball with me in the truck it was placed nicely underneath my ex boyfriends legs. So off we went to meet our group at the alley. So we come to a stop light. It turns red so we stop and we wait to turn right. When our light turns green the driver proceeds to go through the intersection and out of nowhere a mpv van comes screaming at us. Our driver cranks the wheel to just barley miss the T-bone accident only to create one probably worse. As we where flipping on to the right side our Driver is flipping the bird at the car that ran the stop light. It was almost like slow motion. I could hear nothing at all. I don't remember every part. So I wake up and I'm like oh owie my head my ribs. I look down and there was my stupid bowling ball on my ribs. It also knocked me in the head. I was in shock by this moment. I start screaming Oh my God is everyone okay? I could see some blood oh the drivers girlfriend. It still seemed like there was no noise. Then they all started talking at once saying they where okay. I could hear my friend from the group trying to kick out the back glass so we could get out. He thought we where going to blow up because there was gas everywhere. The truck was on it's left side still and we just climbed through the passenger side door. I remember sitting on the cold sidewalk looking at what could have really been something awful. I was lucky to be this alert for that stupid bowling ball smacking me in the head. I felt a little shaken up then I started really wigging out. I couldn't stop my body from shaking. The paramedic told me to come with them because they said they need to check me out. They strapped me down to a table with duck tape. The drivers girlfriend was also there strapped to a table. The paramedics where talking to me I'm guessing to keep me awake. I felt so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. We finally get to the ER. I had to pee so bad by this point, I mean I can't believe my bladder didn't explode on contact. I pleaded for the doctor please let me go pee I'm gonna blow up. So the doc finally checked my bones to make sure I could go to the bathroom. Oh the relief was wonderful. I come back to the ER room the driver's girlfriend was getting her arm put back together. They said it was okay for me to go home but I had to wake up every four hours.

So I go to the doctor the next day. I had a awful headache, and my ribs where very sore. So he took some X-rays and ordered a MRI done. The results showed I had a cracked rib on my left side. But, my MRI showed nothing. This was just the beginning of my migraines. Not only that I couldn't connect my sentences for what I was trying to spit out of my mouth. I had something very wrong with me and these doctors felt I was making it up. One doctor even gave me sugar pills for my headaches. To make a long story short I've never had any luck with my migraines. I do have a annoying headache everyday and every couple of weeks I have about a week of nonstop migraines. All State wouldn't pay for some of my neurological until a year later when my coverage ran out how great for them. I thought insurance was suppose to protect you when you get hurt yea right. I have never received the proper care for my brain injury. I as a person am very different than the way I use to be. I was so up beat ready for life, alive. Now I battle to stay in a good mood through my hurting. It's hard to be happy when all you feel is pain in your brain. I hope this will shed a little bit of light on why I seem a little off course sometimes. It's a battle I will probably have to live with the rest of my life.



Anonymous said...

hi lisa i'm so sorry to hear this. my husband had a brain injury a few years ago- he had to have brain surgery... all due to doctors who didn't believe him when he told them he was sick. they thought he was just a kid- on drugs even.

anyway, i'm really sorry to hear this... keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful, Lisa. I hope that things will get easier for you.

In the meantime, please do me a favor, practice your punctuation. I had a hard time following some of your story.


PrairieD said...

Anonymous #2:

Wow. RUDE. I'm quite the punctuation/grammar/spelling nerd myself, but have found that some people are great at some things that I am not, and they don't criticize me.
Get over yourself. It's about the message and the passion and the freedom of expression here, and if you can't handle a few errors, maybe you're in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

And as an afterthought, Anonymous #2, your punctuation in your comment is incorrect as well.

“In the meantime, please do me a favor, practice your punctuation. I had a hard time following some of your story.”

Your comma after "favor" should be a colon. Look it up.

Sazaran said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! NICE one PrairieD!


$#^$^*$^%#$% :)

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