Tuesday, September 29, 2009

**And then I walked away

We had another argument today. Surprise, surprise. This time, he said "I don't think you love me anymore." I responded with "I don't think you love me anymore". And then I walked away. Sometimes, I wish I could just walk away from this. From my life I have right now. Would I miss it? I would miss my children. I would not miss him.

Why are men such assholes?! Why is it that they feel the need to overpower and dominate?! When a man has a woman's heart, doesn't he know he can break it with the slight of finger twitches? Doesn't he know that he can get her to do anything he wants just by treating her like....... not even like a queen. Just a woman. Men wonder why women all over the world pine for a lust after fictional characters like Edward Cullen and Fabio. It's because they know how to treat a woman! Fictional or not, it's what we need, what makes us tick.

Love, gentleness, selflessness, and yes, chivalry.

When I entertain the idea of leaving him, of starting over with the hopes of finding someone who will love me, cherish me...... I panic. What if no man is truly like that? What if I spoiled my one chance? Did I spoil him? Did it start out right and through some fault of my own, I ruined our marriage?

How do I stay with someone who treats me as if he is better than me. And I am just some object that he has to pay for, like a cell phone, with no other obligations whatsoever.



Anonymous said...

No offense but you are probably partially to blame. Most women when they are dating love men that are overpowering and dominant. Women in the dating process seem to love the "bad boy". Then when you get into a relationship when the person doesn't change you are suprised.

I try to be a gentleman and always treat women well like women, and you know I rarely date.

Men generally don't change so what you see is what you get, sorry to be so blunt but although there are a lot of generalities in my opinion, i am more right than wrong.

Anonymous said...

Have you tired to go to a therapist together? Or maybe you should go separate first then together so you can get all your emotions out. I know for a fact if you are the only one working at the relationship it will never work and you will never be happy. I say if you both have done everything you could to save your marriage and it still didn't work then maybe it is time to move on. Life is way to short to be unhappy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the therapist suggestion. Try everything you can to make it work before you decide to walk away. That way when and if you do decide to walk away you will know for a fact that you tried and it can't be done. There will be no guilt and no feelings of regret or thoughts of going back. I was also in a marriage like that. We are both good people just not good together. We have two children together. It was hard at first but we all made it to the other side as better people. Being a single mom was rather eye opening but totally worth it to know my kids are growing up in a better environment then the one I was in where their dad and I fought all the time.

Also, you CAN find someone that WILL love you for YOU. I am now engaged to a wonderful man. He treats me the way I dreamed and longed to be treated when I was in my miserable marriage. Yes, we have our differences now and then but we choose to work through them because we BOTH want it to work. There is no perfect man just like there is no perfect woman but there is also no reason to be miserable with someone who no longer loves you and you no longer love him. I am sure my fiance's ex wife wonders what I see in him but he and I just work together. Just like my ex will have someone one day that will work better for him than I did.

Stay strong!

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