Wednesday, September 23, 2009

♫ A Day in the Life of a Toddler

Raise your hand if your toddler loves fast food! Scream if your toddler screams through the terrible twos and threes! DO tell, if you’re toddler ever went through a phase of independency. Because I have two. And Im a single mom on a budget. And I’m looking for answers, and good hearted mom to mom speak.

#1. A toddlers eating habits.

I try to cook a healthy meal, several times a week. Due to busy schedules, or pure exhaustion, you can cut that “several times” down by half. It’s just entirely too convenient to hit a drive thru on the way home from daycare after a long day. Or give in to their pleas for their favorite happy meals. Luckily, most food places have made it almost as affordable to feed kids through drive thrus, as it is to feed them from home. Even better, is several places have made it healthy and car friendly too! Taking a moment to get on my soap box about a few, and list my favorites too, in order from favorite, to least favorite:

Burger King

Confession: I am not a fan of Burger King. Though, in a fry contest, they win-second only to Dairy Queen. But food wise, they’re lacking for me. On the other hand, they’ve managed to completely cater to kids. They have apple fries. Apples, that are a bit safer to consume for kids in the car because they are long and skinny like a french fry, plus fun to eat. AND (big one for us), they have macaroni and cheese on the go now. That’s right. Kraft Macaroni at that. Which everyone knows, is the only thing that might be allowed to use as a substitution for Velveeta Mac&Cheese. They offer cute little kids drinks too-from apple juice to chocolate milk, in kid size containers. Burger King FOR THE WIN.


An all time favorite of mine, Chick-Fil-A gladly fills both mommy’s tummy, and toddlers’. From place mats to put on the table to protect them from germs, to “healthy toys” (usually books or flash cards), to actual healthy chicken…Chick-Fil-A is doing their part to improve the kids’ menu, from the time they sit down, to finish. Finger tips, to brain power.


Similar to Burger King, Arby’s strong point is their kid menu, in my opinion. They offer itty bitty little sandwiches filled with whole grain bread, meat, and cheese. A side of fruit, and a juice, and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal for under $4.


My least favorite, which bites, because they’ve really grabbed kids attention and quickly become every kids favorite place to play. It’s the park, and food, at the same place. Granted most people now have play centers, but let’s face it, McDonalds play grounds rock. Food wise, though…all they offer, as far as I know, is greasy cheeseburgers, or chicken nuggets, which still seems to be speculated if the chicken is even chicken, or beef, or both. The offer chunky apples with CARAMEL to dip them in. Caramel? Whoever came up with that one, was not a mom. Caramel+Toddler=Suck. Caramel+Toddler+Car=Big suck. Plus it put whatever was healthy in those apples, right down the drain in sugar. Their restaurants tend to be filthy (at least around here), and their service less than great.

The McDonald’s Rant was actually inspired by my friends blog: Copper Brick Road Please feel free to comment and help her cause!

The good news about all these places though, is they no longer put age restrictions on their menu’s. So, pick your favorite, go be a kid again, and eat for under $4! Plus, I know for sure Chick-Fil-A will let you sub the toy for a larger drink. I think most places will do some bargain like that.

#2. The Terrible Toddlers

Two and Three year olds seem to be infamous for going through a “bad stage”. Neither of mine have been too terrible, especially in public. Thank God. BUT, I’ve seen it. Been a witness in the grocery aisles to tantrum throwing hellions. What do you do??? It’s a stage. One that regardless of how much you do right, probably will eventually happen. Mine, both at the same time (age 4 and 3), have started stomping their feet when they’re mad. Searching for a cure…

In the mean time, I remind myself that it could always be worse. Bribe them with icecream, and thank God that I have toddlers in my life, regardless of current “phases”.

Who knew that something so small could be so emotion-driving though??

#3. Character and Independency

My youngest last night ignored me in the car for a flat half hour last night. When I finally asked her why she wouldn’t respond, she told me, ”Because my name is Stephanie now”. Ladies and gents, her name is not Stephanie. It’s not close to Stephanie. We don’t even know a Stephanie. I played her game…all night long, that was who she was. She woke up this morning, her normal Leyna, self…thank goodness. Just shocks me how they go from not talking, to knowing everything, then changing their name. Sigh.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Great blog Momma! I only take the kids out to eat maybe once a week. I do agree though, it's so much easier to just get some fast food. I feel like I'm always in the kitchen making my kidos something to eat. So it's nice to not do the dishes.
The terrible toddlers, oooo yes, Eli and Miss Felicia are in the "bad stage." I cringe everytime I think we might be going somewhere. Eli, just won't listen he is so different from Felicia. Then Miss Felicia will see something she wants and when I say no no she will freak. Then put a newborn in the mix and it's just one big party hehehe. You have to love the looks some people give you. I just want to say to them hey, we've all done it so get over yourself hehehe. Now on the other hand when Andy is with us they are angels, I have no idea what it is that he does different but so much easier when we are all together. Last night this man told us he was so impressed with our children for being so behaved. Ahh I cherish every second of them growing up, but when all three of them are screaming I can feel the grey hairs popping out.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know that there's so many options for kids these days. But no where in your blog did you post nutritional content. Sorry to say but most of those places arent really "healthy"... and the amount of sodium those kids are ingesting is probably appalling at best.

McDonald's does have caramel apple fries, but you dont have to get the caramel (just pass on it). They also have milk, chocolate milk, applesauce (at least the one by us!), carrots, and reduced fat cookies/crackers.

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