Monday, September 14, 2009

♫ Transition to Fall

This looks nothing like the Wyoming Autumn's, I envy those of you that get this scene. You can envy our massive winters and mountains if you want, though!

Fall is here. Well, it feels like it’s here. Technically, the first day of Autumn, isn’t until next Tuesday-I believe?

For some reason, my internal clock feels fall, and gets all responsible. Every year ever since forever. My to-do list starts growing and making me feel accomplished. I thought I’d share what I’ve got on it this year, and maybe motivate you to do the same:

#1. Doc checks before I need one. So…I get a physical before I catch something, I get my girly yearly, I get my eyes checked before I have to drive in the snow, I get my hair colored in winter form, I get my teeth checked and ready for hot, hot chocolate, etc.

#2. I clean. Like a mad-woman. I don’t spring clean, I winter clean. Something to do with the fact that I feel like I might be spending months on end indoors, and want it to be sparkly so it feels warmer, probably.

#3. I stock up on the firewood. We’ve had three homes with fireplaces, and I generally find way to get enough wood for three winters. I’ll never own a home without one.

#4. My car goes to the doctor before it needs one. I check all my fluids, rotate and check the tires, check and triple check the brakes to prepare for ice, and this year, make sure my defroster works. I had to use it a whole four times this summer, and it didn’t work well. In the summer, the windows down provides excellent defrogging power. Not so great in the winter with kids in the back seat. Etc. Etc. Full internal clock checkup.

#5. I stock up on food. Something in me tells me someday I might be stranded without green beans. Before the snow flies, my cubbards are stocked up to survive for months. Plus, for some reason, I LOVE to cook in the winter. In the summer, you’ll rarely find me in the kitchen. But winter…I bust out teh skillz.

#6. All of my things need to smell fresh in my home. I clean the curtains, bedding, furniture and carpets. Summer, stays alive at home…with a cozy affect.

I think that’s it. My to-do list, that, apparently needs to hurry up and start getting checked. We didn’t get much of a summer in Wyoming. It feels like Fall is very much upon us, with brisk mornings, cold nights, and breezy, cool afternoons. It’s by far my favorite season though. Football, cornmazes, haunted houses, my birthday, the perfect weather and scenery for pictures, etc. For some reason, Fall always feels like a new beginning. More than Spring, to me anyway. I’m ready to get all cozy-ed up in front of a fire in a clean sparkly house smelling of cooking…with my uber-safe car sitting right outside. How ‘bout you??

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Want to come help me! :) I love your to do list! I do almost the same every fall. It is also my favorite time of year. It's not to cold and it's not to warm. Thanks for this blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow....I feel lazy and want to vacation when the fall comes upon us. You are amazing!

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