Thursday, September 17, 2009

♫ What The Heck is Twitter??

Ahhhhh such a debate.

Twitter, is microblogging. A fancy word, for a site that limits you to exactly 140 characters to be creative, imaginative, informative, nosey…or the ability to provide entirely too much information.

Twitter was designed around a “What are you doing NOW” concept. So that you could Tweet in, and all your friends could see, in one place, what you’re up to! Who knew that’d its population would raise to millions of users?! Now, it’s less about your friends community, and more of a learning place. A “What’s going ON right now??” place.

It’s a great source for news and current events, career related links, gossip, jokes, and other random ways to meet people with a similar interest, out for a similar goal. Some people laugh together, get snarky together, and pass along giggles. Some post only news-worthy information. Some pray together, and link together. Some people are gay together (true story). Some…downright rude, others, intrusive. It’s a great place to get traffic to your personal or professional blogs (the full blown more than 140-character kind), or to find some that interest you. The worst though, are the ones that are actually using Twitter to its original potential. We don’t really neeeeeed to know that you’re on your way to the bathroom, or tying your shoes.

It’s one of those things that you don’t get, until you try. It’s addictive, and annoying at the very same time. In the grand scheme of things…it’s an example of what the direction of our technological future is headed…and you either get on board, or watch it happen. If you’re one of the spectators making fun of Twitter, don’t knock it til’ ya try it. Some people, hate it. Hate it if you want, but not until you’re on it for a bit. It’s definitely not something that’s meant for every person. It is, however, touching every person. It’s all over the radio, TV, movies, magazines, catalogs, blogs, Facebook, websites, etc.

What’s the point?

Guess that depends on the reason you logged in. If you heard about it on the radio, follow your radio folks and watch what their up to. If you’re a blogger or web marketer, drive traffic. If you’re a pastor…have the opportunity to pray over millions. If you’re a laugher by nature: be funny, and find funny.

Log in to Twitter…and prepare yourself for awesome. Or at least….a whole different spin on social media and marketing.

Yours Truly,

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Linda said...

Great blog N! And, yes, I'm new to Twitter myself...and I've tried so hard to write 'properly' and with a bit of humor! Sorry I haven't told you every time I went to the bathroom (cause I'm old and that happens to old ladies!)-but now I'm glad I didn't...*not appropriate*!

Calamity Jill said...

Addictive & annoying.. that about sums it up!

Anonymous said...

4 out of 5 of us you listed secure our much for social

Sazaran said...

Bleah. I'm so over Twitter. Why have it when you have facebook? They're pretty much the same thing- even all the errors they come with. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ditto with the facebook comment. also--why blog about twitter when its been out forever? isn't timeliness missing here?

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...'s only old news that's been around forever, if people are no longer talking about it. Why blog? Well...I was asked "What the Heck is Twitter" by three people last weekend, and told them in a place that answered that question for those interested.

It is similar to Facebook...except that the community is less private, opening it up to be a better source for news and "what's going on" in the world.

Twitter definitely isnt for everybody! No pressure to join :) Thanks for reading!

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