Thursday, September 10, 2009

♫ This Life Right Here... It's TOO Heavy!

My sister "holding up" a falling building. Touch chick, huh??

Ever feel like you’re holding the world up, all alone? Like everything piles on so fast you cant keep up? Guess what? You’re not alone!. It’s very normal to feel that way…and Im going to give you some assistance in finding a way out from under that weight.

#1. Breathe.

It’s crazy, but you’ll notice, under high stress…your brain actually lets you forget to breathe deeply. It doesn’t take a doctor to figure out that lack of oxygen=lack of blood flow=lack of productivity under the pile of crap that feels all heavy. So, when things get thick, figure out a way to remind yourself to breathe. A few exercises:

Feel your feet touch the floor. As in, concentrate so hard on your feet, that you can feel them on the surface of whatever they are. Sit straight up, or stand straight up, opening your lungs completely, and breathe. Think about things like…what does my knee feel like right now. Sounds nuts but it works! You’ll get all zoned out and immediately relaxed.

#2. Organize.

Find something in your general vicinity that you can organize. Clean out your car, Clorox your desk, arrange your paperclips by color, make a grocery list, make a priority or attack list, on how you’re going to get through your pile. If you aren’t in a place where you can do that, find something to write with, and write down what you want to get done. If you’re in the shower, use the soap and write on the walls! Even if it goes away, your brain will feel all filtered.

#3. Clean!

I am OCD, and a little crazy…but most of my normal friends can confirm that a good cleaning or scrubbing of anything, even something as simple as your nasty grody cell phone that always gets forgotten when you Clorox, will actually lower stress levels!

#4. Find something to help you zone.

For me, it’s music. Or reading. Or riding. Anything to do with words, and my brain immediately shrinks back to normal blood pressure size. Some people it’s exercise (you people are crazy), for some it’s food. Or zoning in front of the TV. Or game console (another crazy breed).

Going to get off track for a sec

Do NOT buy Eric Church’s new CD. I bought it for this song….”Love Your Love the Most”. Amazing song. The rest of the CD. “Meh” is an awesome word to describe it. I hate it when that happens. Anyway. Don’t do it.

Although…Nickelback’s DARK HORSE CD, and the newest Theory of a Deadman CD? Both awesome.

ah hem

Actually, now that I’m all side-tracked, I think that’s all I had to say anyway. The point is, the weight of the world, really isn’t that heavy when you get it in the right order…especially if you have people around you to help you hold it up!

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Heh, heh...nice way to get sidetracked! With the word "Nickelback", I float into another world as well...LOVE EM!

Anonymous said...

nickelback, ugh.

Sazaran said...

JOURNALING- is an excellent way to help get your thoughts lined up, cleared up and out of your brain where they usually get all discombobulated. I've recently picked up a pen (they still have those?!) to journal. Best thing I've done for my sanity since... well, since the last time I journaled!

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