Tuesday, September 29, 2009

♫ Cowgirl does not equal Farmer.

A Guy with Tractor

I have one of those. Not a tractor, but one with a tractor. Several actually.

I rarely blog about us. Mostly because for the first time in my life, I decided that I would do things right from the very beginning and 1)take my time and 2)keep it private. I plan on continuing to do so. BUT, for the sake of happy blogs, and to keep those interested in my sappy private life happy, I want to tell you a story.

I know very little about tractors, farming, semi’s, corn, wheat, etc., etc.. So little, that I frustrate the heck out of him pretty often. Luckily though, he is a genius at all of the above, and happens to also be a grand teacher. Last weekend, he even taught my four year old how to drive a bailer (the tractor that pulls the thing that bails hay/straw/sudex/etc.. Ok, well she doesn’t drive it necessarily, but she’s a great lap-sitter and steer-er. I’ve officially, after a long summer, spent hours in several tractors. We learned pretty quickly which ones I fit in and which ones I didn’t. We realized that when things get heated, that no matter how large the tractor, the cab suddenly shrinks. On the bright side though, when you’re in the middle of a field, the chances of you bailing on a tough conversation are not good-so we had some heart to hearts that I’ve avoided in almost every relationship.

He’s the most responsible guy I know. I mean how many twenty some-things do you know that have a plan for the rest of their life? Not only what they want to do, but how they are going to get there, what they have to work with, and already found a balance to work and play? I bet you know very few.

So, just to throw a fun spin on a mushy blog…things I’ve learned from tractor riding:

~The cab can shrink and grow, depending on how awkward the conversation, the position in which you’re sitting, and the longevity of the both the field-and the ride
~Some things are worth slowing down for.
~Sunsets and sunrises are even prettier when accompanied by the smell of dirt or hay, or good company.
~Cowgirl and Farmer are nowhere near the same thing.
~Bailing hay at 3am is not for sissies.
~Every tractor comes with a radio, and a seat. Rarely does it come with two of either.
~Some tractors have a ledge on one side so you can check out certain parts of the tractor that you wouldn’t be able to reach from the ground. This ledge, is not called a porch, and I am not allowed to put a lawn chair or an umbrella on it. Ever.
~I thought fresh hay would smell the same as a freshly opened bail. I was wrong. It smells better.
~Thanks to my sister, I now know that a pivot is not only usually a form of sprinkler, but there are several kinds that move in several different directions. Also, don’t stand under them, apparently the water is not typically fresh. It’s like the leftover water from….something else.
~Livestock, sadly, is optional in farming. Horses may eventually be a battle.
~Tractor Tires make for excellent seats for toddlers when the tractor is in halt position, they are also a great scene for a country bumkin picture. See?

~Not all tractors are green. They don’t always even look like tractors. Sometimes, they look like this:

~I have a lot to learn about life. And tractors. And farmers.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww....thanks for sharing! Great blog! Also...good to know the difference between Cowgirl and Farmer...*needed to know*!

Sounds like an awesome...'guy'! Hold on tight girl!

Candy said...

I absolutely love this blog! I grew up between ranching and farming and couldn't have put it better myself :)

Reese said...

oh honey :p the fact that you wrote about putting an umbrella and lawn chair on the "porch"... totally made my day. <3 You're so cute! :p

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