Sunday, September 27, 2009

I feel stabby. Just kidding.

This is going to be one of those blogs where I just have to write whatever comes to mind- hopefully forcing out some sparkly inspiration. Or funny thoughts.

*A FB status, I recently posted, that I feel the need to re-post here: They must let the crazy lady out for her nightly smoke. At our last meeting, she muttered something that sounded like a cross between Elfin and a mathematical equation. Note to self: change.walking.time.

*Ever get one of those "sores" on the tip of your tongue- usually from eating something citrus-y or sour? Anyone know where they come from or what they're called? I happen to have not one, not two but FIVE on mine. I think I'm allergic to the new toothpaste I bought. This doesn't qualify as TMI, does it?! :)

*It's apparent you're a parent when:

-----> Four of the five DVD slots that could house thriller, romance or comedy instead have, on a consistent basis, Baby Einstein, Signing Time and Baby Pro.

-----> You hear a scream and immediately try to discern if it's your kid's scream or not. Your kid could even be sitting on your lap and you'll find yourself making sure he's okay.

-----> Stains don't bother you anymore. In fact, they're quite the accessory.

-----> You refer to your mate as "mommy" or "daddy" rather than "babe".

-----> You look for friends with kids. Rather than friends with cars.

*My summer was filled with a (nearly) daily dose of sweet tea from McDonalds. I ♥ sweet tea and it was only a buck. Now, that promo is over and I have to pay almost two. But, I go to Washington and they still get to pay the former. The hell, McD's?!

*What little faith I had in mankind was shattered and then somewhat rebuilt during my trip to and from Seattle. I was able to take Mal's car seat onto the plane with me. See, I have this little demon that follows me around and gets my luggage lost. I can't afford to lose a car seat. Since I had to carry a car seat, my luggage, my carry on, Malachi and a stroller, I went to customer service and asked if I could have assistance. "Sure," they said. "We'll put you in our system." The time to board comes and I'm called to the desk with my items. To my chagrin, Assistance flat out tells me "You're going to have to carry that yourself." wtf? My somewhat impatient response was, "The whole point in asking for you was so that I wouldn't have to carry these things. Because, obviously" *points to Malachi* "I can't." She stares at me. Finally, a passenger offers to help. From that point on, I had to seek out help from the airline employees but three other passengers offered to help in anyway.

*I just realized this is our 200th post! Yay for Daily Offensive!

*If no one has read The Bloggess' blog about the magical boobie mushroom. I suggest you do.

*Whilst in Washington (I just might go on an on about this visit. It was epic.) Malachi learned a little bit of sign language! Everytime he wants something, I make him sign please (you rub your hand in a circle over your chest)- it has cut back on whining! Check out: Signing Time.

*Here are a couple pictures I took while in said epic state:

Baby Musician
Auntie Jenn & Mal


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