Tuesday, June 23, 2009

♫ This part of my life... this part right here?

An update. First though, an apology. Im sorry that this writer has such a block lately. I’ve gotten a few letters of hate for not getting things posted daily. I do apologize for my lack of blog. I will get it back on soon, I promise.

So, for lack of better things to write about, you get to hear more about my life. And not so much in the "here’s the third person perspective, now relate it back to you" way, more just the "listen if you want to, this is how it’s been" way.

This part of my life... this part right here? This is called "happyness." (spelled wrong because I stole it from a movie)

I feel like Im floating. Like Im on a high called life. Like a normal person, I still have bad days. But when I look around at everything going on, or the things I have to be grateful, they tend to outweigh the things that drag me down...and that, is a first in a long time.

#1. My sister.

This girl, whether she knows it or not, is being a lifesaver right now. She’s a built in army in my little house. She slumbers in my bed while living between college and work and play. She laughs me to sleep every night. She loves my angels like nobody else. She puts up with my whining. She is sympathetic to my past. She understands every move I make, and if she doesn’t, she supports me anyway. This relationship is growing, and at top notch speeds. She found this boy, that makes her laugh like I’ve never seen her laugh. And the best part (from my perspective of course), is that he is friends with my boy. So we get to be inseparable, as often as needed.

AND...she had this mission to bring out the girl in me. And is succeeding. We got stuck in this little crepe’ store in a mall during a tornado a few weeks ago, and I managed to get so stressed out that my OCD so nicely kicked in to over-drive, and she helped me compulsively buy a skirt, a shirt, and high heels. This shopping virgin, is de-virginized.

#2. My girls.

They are growing like weeds. Not the weeds that you want to hack down with wireless weed eaters either. No. The kind of weeds you actually pay for and plant and nurture and grow. The sunflower kind of weeds. Yes. My girls are my sunflowers. I hear nightmare stories about terrible 2’s and 3’s...and so far, they are 4 and almost 3, and neither have ever been terrible. Of course, they have their moments of independence...and it’s generally first thing in the morning when I can’t tolerate it, but they are never kicking the floor, biting my leg, screaming at a spine-chilling level, or deserving of the term "brats" (not brats, like the things you eat, braaaats.) Thank God. These girls, are my reason for living.

Kyanne: My 4 year old, is now up to the average 3 year old height, that's right, she's catching up folks. According to the doctors, she'll stand at a tall 5'2. She played her first T Ball game yesterday like a pro, well, someday pro with her best friend, and one of mine. She also puts herself up to the task of getting me out of bed every morning, and getting her sister dressed. Im telling you, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't make it to work at all.

Leyna: is a firecracker. Finding her independence, she challenges me every single day. Lately, her favorite thing to do is look at worms from a really far distance then scream like a girl (who's kid is this?!), and "shake her booty". (Picture Below) Her least favorite thing to do is go to bed, especially, when everybody else is having a party out in the living room without her.

#3. My man.

I gotta say...he continues to throw me through these unexpected loops. He’s stronger than anybody I know, more sensitive than he’ll ever admit, and don’t tell anybody, seriously growing on me. He calls me "Baby Girl". And I cant get enough of it. Him, and his amazing family, continue to support us, take care of us, love us, and accept us, and everything we bring to the table, regardless of what we throw at them. They so kindly share their homes, pack all of us in to tight quarters to sleep and shop, gather around their tables, and share their mosquito’s (kidding, kidding, though...the one bite on my elbow that is the size of a golfball, is definitely not Wyoming-made).

#4. Home.

They say home is where the heart is. Well, my heart is either massive, or very talented, because it’s spread all over the place.

Part of it, is in Cody, Wyoming. Thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected, or been able to grow and keep friendships alive from this homeland...and...big yay!, I get to go HOME next week. (thank you Linda for opening your home, setting us up, and spoiling us rotten) I get to see my friends, both close and long-lost. I get to see the mountains. I get to breathe it all in. AND I get to share it with my man, and my girls.

Another chunk of it, is right here. Not so much Cheyenne WY, I gotta say, I’ve never felt at home here, but wherever my girls are, and my family, and my bestest best friend is, will always be home. Though I plan on dragging both my girls, and my bestest best friend with me, wherever I land next.

My job. Sick, right?! I love my job so much, that I would consider it part of my home. I mean really, I spend 40 hours plus there a week, it’s a good chunk of time. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little discouraged lately. But I really do have the coolest boss ever, the best co-workers, a fabulous walking buddy that I’m getting seriously attached to, a top notch espresso barista, and a superb chat buddy.

This girl, is happy. For lack of any better word. And I owe every single one of you for it. Thank you for making me realize, that right here right now, I am right where I belong.

Yours Truly,


Sazaran said...

Awww, I *draws giant heart in the air* that picture of you and Brandit! So glad the sun is starting to shine on ya, sista. You deserve it. :)

Linda in Cody! said...

Good to hear your happy thoughts Naomi!

You deserve great happ'Y'ness, love and a life created by yourself and for yourself! Keep smiling...and see you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Aaahhhh your family in paridise loves you,your girls and french fry. You have put a new ray of sun shine in our lives. Finding you has been a blessing for our family. P/S thanks for sharing your angels with me I love you all big, and most of all thanks for making my boy happier then he has ever been.

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