Wednesday, June 24, 2009

♫ Because we DON'T ♥ Mosquitoes

I hate mosquito bites. And for some reason, it seems they are generally drawn to me, more than others. So, out of sheer curiosity, I went on the hunt, to find any website that tells me what they are drawn to...whether it matters if you are male or female, pretty or ugly, pregnant or non, perfumed or dirty, etc.

So, thanks to being covered in the annoyance, twittering about it, and having such a cool knowledgeable boss (no, I am not a kiss-ass), I did some research. I’ll name some facts, for every one you already knew, you get a point. Let’s see how knowledgeable you are about these annoying little creatures:

#1. Mosquitoes are an insect!

Not just an insect, but one with a history. The little bugs have been bugging for 30 million plus years. Honing their sensors on what tastes sweet, they’ve matured from plain ol’ "bugs" to downright "pests".

#2. They are drawn to Carbon Dioxide, Visual Sensors, and Heat Sensors.

Their chemical sensors work up to 100 feet away. Quite the distance for having such a little nose, eh? Part of our breathing, and also certain chemicals in sweat, can draw them in. Don’t wear clothing that contrasts with a natural background. They’ll see you, and stalk you. They also have little heat sensors, letting them know that something is alive and blood-suck-worthy, and not dead and a waste of time.

Moral of the story: Wear camouflage, while holding your breath, and avoiding work. For best results: Live in Antarctica.

#3. They have three main body parts.

The head, the thorax, and the abdomen. For all that boring goodness, visit one of the websites I post for source information.

#4. Their bites itch, as a minor allergic reaction.

The irritating itch and swelling of bites, does not come from the size of the mosquito. It’s actually different depending on the person, and how their immune system reacts. The mosquitoes insert saliva while sucking (doesn’t that just sound lovely?). Our immune system reacts to the protein in their saliva, and has an allergic reaction (raised annoying little unattractive bumps).

#5. Don’t scratch the bites!

This should be a given, but we just can’t resist! It makes it feel so much better! Oh wait. It really doesn’t, does it?

So...(here is where the really cool boss comes in to play), I was given a list of at-home, at-work, at-play, remedies. I will list my favorites, and give you the link to play with on your own time.

A. Rub a bar of soap over the bites
B. Put a piece of scotch tape over them. Not only will it stop the itch, but if you do scratch it, it will only scratch the tape, and not spread it all over your skin.
C. Ice Cube!
D. HOT Water
E. Nail Polish, Because, let’s face it, everybody wants to look all pink striped all day long.
F. Toothepaste
G. Tea Use a hot tea bag and place it on the bites. Does tea cure everything?

List is long enough...check out this link:

Annoying Bite Relief

This concludes my mosquito lesson. Please let me know how you scored, your own remedies, etc. I spared you the pictures of my elephant sized one, I prefer you show the same courtesy.

Yours Truly,

Sources of knowledgeable information:

Wikipedia Mosquito Page
How Stuff Works
Coolest Boss Ever's Twitter Page


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