Monday, June 8, 2009

♫ Jalapeño Weekend

Ok, so we’ve been over how much I hate when two pieces of food have a party on my plate, or in my mouth, and touch each other prior to consumption. I know it all goes to the same place, but I like to taste it all separately. I have my theories on this oddity, but we wont go in to that, for fear of offensive material.

I tried two things this weekend:

Jalapeño’s stuffed with peanut butter. As far as I know, this is an original recipe by one of the coolest uncles ever. Not my uncle. Just an uncle. And a great uncle. And a grandpa of one of the cutest little girls in history. And a speed racer. All in one. This package deal, is properly named "Rocket", and can be seen below.

Ah hem. The point is, he makes these amazing little treats called "Peanut Butter Jalapeño’s". Yes. I bet you never would have guessed?! Anyway. Party in my mouth, but one that I actually enjoyed. I do apologize, I do not have a picture. It’s pretty basic though. You buy these Jalapeño’s, and you cut them in half, and you spread peanut butter everywhere, and you put them on a plate, and you devour.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. Not only were they made by one super cool chick, they were actually enjoyable even with all those little ingredients on one toothpick. Similar to above, these tasty little treats are jalepeno’s cut in half, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and grilled. Holy goodness. The picture, thanks to the lovely orange plate, gives them no justice. But they also, are a must-try. Even for you other OCD eaters. Surely my sister and I are not alone in this strange fetish.

One thing I will never try again:

Fish flavored crackers stuffed with gummy.

This girl, regardless of her quirks, will try anything once. Especially if dared. So when my boss so nicely said "hey, this is really gross, you should try it", I did. Duh. These oriental (which we are calling burnt fish flavored) crackers, sandwiched with a red gummy bear did not have a good party in my mouth. In fact, they through the kind of party that people start watching the grass grow, pianos tune, and fish swim. The kind of party, where only illegal treats have the ability to come in and rescue it. Which is why, the party ended before it was actually over. No, I don’t have a picture of that either. Sorry. I thought about taking one of my trashcan, and then I remembered that I probably love most of my readers.

Happy Monday!

Yours Truly,


Sista! said...

yeah. the peanut butter jalepenos did have a different kinda party in my mouth too. different. and still just pondering that party.
but the bacon wrapped jalepeno party will be happening again soon if i have anything to say about it! yummmmmmmmmy!

Sazaran said...

I *dare* you to eat strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar. AND write a blog about how amazing it is. ;)

Nomz said...

Ha. Make it for me and I will. ;)

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