Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comfort Zone

Naomi couldn't have said it better. Cheyenne was a place I hated to love. Hailey, on the other hand, is a place I love to love. It's green, surrounded by mountains and has more trees than we know what to do with.

Still. I feel so... out of my comfort zone. I've been here before- I grew up here. But, I half expect them to be as they used to be ten years ago.

I love this place, but my comfort zone has been tested. My sandbox messed up, if you will. I know what it is. I'm missing all of my lovely peeps that had to stay in the windy city. And it's only been four days!!

So, why is it that we find the best people in the worst places?

*ding- lightbulb!*

I know why. To make those places bearable. My lovies- you made the worst place a haven for me. This is not a "I'm moving on and shall find other lovlies to fill you place and make my new home the best ever" blog. It's giving honor to whom honor is due.

You rock. Because in the desert, you were/are my oasis.


Nomz said...

Awwww how?! did I miss this blog last week?

Awesome picture by the way!

Sazaran said...

Cause living in Cheyenne/STP sucked SO BAD and would have been the death of me if I hadn't had you loverly faces to surround me! :)

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